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Drought, Heatwave And Flooding In India, A Large Storm Destroying Homes

God Said 2017

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The Lord warned about a drought and severe heatwaves that will strike India. I felt that there will first be a drought and deadly heatwaves followed by massive rains and flooding. I believe the north of India will be worst affected, specifically by the drought. The flooding will also be more north bound with some occurences in Central India. One of the side effects of the flooding will be mudslides which will not just cause a loss of life but also destroy many homes.

In a separate vision I saw a major storm hit eastern India, many houses were destoyed. I did not see if many people were injured but many houses were totally flattened.

Please Pray:

  • For soft rains that would not be destuctive nor damaging, causing flooding.
  • For the lives and homes of these families.
  • For the Storm and destruction of peoples homes, godly itntervention.

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    A violent tropical storm has killed at least 116 people and devastated an estimated 100,000 homes in impoverished rural areas of eastern India and Bangladesh.

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