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Plane Crash North Africa

God Said 2017

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I saw a vision of a Airplane crashing in the Northern part of Africa. It seemed like the plane was landing and then it just fell and exploded. Many people died in the crash, it looked like it was an African Airline but it was unknown to me. The number 105 seemed significant, I do not know if it is the flight number or the number of people aboard.

Please pray for:

  • The Lives of the people on board the aircraft
  • Wisdom fot the crew of the plane not to make a critical errors in time of crisis.

In a Second vision I saw a small charter plane vanish over Central Africa. I did not see it crash but dissappear. As I saw the vision, I had the notion that the plane carried very wealthy overseas investors and were going to the Congo (DRC) to some kind of mining expedition.

Please pray for:

  • The safety of the people on board this airplane.

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