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When we, as the children of God, start to focus on His will every day, our lives will start to look like that of Jesus. Jesus never treated one situation the same; no two people are treated alike, and in everything, He first looked to what God was doing and then did that.


Thanks Anita Giovannoni for a great Foreword

We are very grateful for the kind words Anita Giovannoni of Crocus ministries Johannesburg had to say about our new book, The Powerful Impact of a Spirit Led Life.

Anita writes in her Foreword:

“It has been so refreshing to read this publication. Andries and Christiane have managed to clearly explain how the Holy Spirit works within us, in the process clearing up many misconceptions about how God speaks. It is wonderful to have each chapter backed with personal testimonies to cement each gift. This gives us such a clear view of how God works with and through the authors, and potentially with all of us. Andries’s prophetic gift is certainly very sharp. ribbonTo be honest, this book has spurred me on to hear clearer, move quicker and be more useful to the Holy Spirit.

Having known Andries for many years I know that he is always on “spiritual duty”. He evangelizes everywhere and uses his gifts constantly to bring people the realness of the Holy Spirit. This book will minister to you through the pages. Be expectant for God to speak as you read. The gifts of the Holy Spirit have been explained very clearly and simple. You will begin to feel an excitement for the gifts of the Holy Spirit, so be prepared. As you go through the pages and chapters you will find your own gifts being stirred. That is the purpose of a prophetic book.

I have great admiration for Andries as a Pastor and a Prophet. It is not easy to be both but he manages so well. It comes through clearly in the pages of the book. He knows when to be pastoral and when to put on the prophets mantle. This book was certainly written by the prophet and the message is clear and concise.


Anita Giovannoni from Crocus Ministries

It has been such a blessing to know Andries, Christiane and their two beautiful sons, truly a family gifted and blessed. Thank you for your friendship.
Anita Giovannoni, October 2014

Crocus Ministries, Johannesburg, South Africa

If you like, you can get one of the first printed copies here:

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