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God Said 2017

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I saw a serious heat wave and dry spell causing fires strike Greece. It seemed like a drought and with that great fires around Athens. In the vision it looked like a mirage you find in the desert over a city which I felt is Athens in Greece. I saw buildings burning and people seemed to be panicked and trying to get out of the way of the blaze. Many of them looked like tourists

I believe that there will be a dry season coming in Greece with serious fire danger. People’s lives will be at extreme risk in this season especialy tourists. Also that people suffering of heatstroke to the point of losing their lives, especially amongst the elderly. When the dry season comes take care of where you are going.

Pray for:

  • Rain
  • No fires to happen in Greece during the season of this prophecy
  • People be timely warned and prepared
  • Tourists safety

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