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We are thrilled to present you with a prophetic word for 2015, comprised of detailed words for specific nations, compiled in August 2014. Those of our esteemed readers who are familiar with the work of the Prophet’s Round Table should be aware that these words have been received in a time of reclusion, concentrated prayer and meditation on the voice of God. The words for 2012, 2013 and 2014 have proven exceptionally correct as you can verify at our members’ online platforms such as, and We ask that you read prayerfully through this document a couple of times. God wants to point us in the right direction regarding business and personal life decisions and warn us of upcoming dangers. You can come back to this document throughout 2015 to intercede for the nations and receive guidance for your personal practical walk with God.





Praise God for a word on our local economy in South Africa. During our time of prayer we felt God said that in 2015 economists will become more vocal and critical towards government and the powers that be. There will be a lot of discussion taking place in the media and public debates will act as attempts to stabilize the economy. There will not be an upward trend but rather a levelling that will take place. Although there will be many endeavours to grow the economy rapidly, it simply will not happen.


A new leader, who will bring planning and organization to a different level, will rise up. The current expansion of infrastructure is going to be enlarged exponentially, far above what the government outlines have been. The black economic empowerment program is going to go into a season of great transformation which will lead to a lot of opportunities for businesses. Where it was once a closed pool, it will now be open. Over all the rand will gain some ground in the coming year and contrary to certain predictions it will not lose much ground against the dollar.


The government will attempt to involve business people in their decision making processes with regard to their role in the economy. Business people will be reluctant because their agenda(s) and the government’s plans regarding the economy do not coincide. Ultimately the government will try to bring everything under one covering, and by so doing, under its control. Business people will distance themselves from what the government is doing in certain aspects of the economy.

Economy and business are two different and separate categories. This can even be perceived in the spirit. Businessmen do not want to speak into the economy. The economy needs solid, sturdy, steady conservative people that will steer the ship and keep it upright, so that decisions regarding the economy can be executed on ground level.


The government has ordered that certain amounts of money have to be spent. Heads of departments, especially regional departments, have been commissioned by the various premiers to make sure the money will be spent on pressing issues such as roads, water and sanitation. Government wants to institute certain demands of the public to still the rioting voices of the people. There is a group of agitators going around the country with the aim to raise awareness of the pressing issues. They are holding the government accountable for not providing essential services.

God showed a vision of bags of money opening up. There are various departments which budgets are going to be used positively in this coming year. There will be relationships between departments in government that will aid the economy. Money will be transferred from one department to another and there will be projects that will be launched together. This will aid the economy as it will have a positive effect on how the country is perceived internationally.

Some of these projects will be purely aimed at building awareness and improving South Africa’s image internationally. The theme will be the upliftment of the people, showing that South Africa is moving ahead. It will seem as if there is instability with regard to putting new plans into effect. This is however God’s plan in action. He will use the plans and available funding to assist the economy. The Lord will use certain role players in departments to re-plan and funds will be moved so that there will be an effective outcome. The economy in general will stabilise, but will not see huge growth very quickly. Plans to change this will emerge. These plans will have an effect in the future and lead to more stability.


There will be a great increase in public service spending. Fast tracking the need for housing, electricity, water and sewage will be seen especially in the more economically active regions. Government will become more serious about the management of municipalities in areas where the economy is really active, focussing on changing first those economically valuable municipalities before tackling the small municipalities that do not have strong economies.


Part of this will be due to the reaction of the strikes that have taken place in South Africa in 2014 and the demands that were made from the people regarding basic services.



There will be a great increase in public service spending, thereby fast tracking the need for housing, electricity, water and sewage, especially in the more economically active regions. Government will become more serious about the management of economically active municipalities, before tackling the smaller and weaker ones.

This will be partly due to the strikes that have taken place in South Africa in 2014 and the demands that were made from the people regarding basic services.


More attention will be placed on new models and systems for public transport. Other countries will be investigated and a lot of attention will be placed on the possibility of solving South Africa’s transport problems by implementing infrastructure and models not yet seen in this country.


A vision was seen of gold coins falling into golden bowls with people waiting to grab them. The vision continued with the gold melting which then becomes difficult to grab. We felt this vision was referring to corruption in this nation. God will put strategies and legislation into place by which corruption will be made more difficult. The Lord then showed a vault with angels standing in front of it, which means that the country’s finance is being protected. The melted gold then turns into bars of gold, being stored in the vault, indicating that the economy will gradually become strong again. We need to pray for Gods protection and strength.

We will see many people being exposed and losing their jobs because of corruption. This will pave the road for leaders with noble, open and honest hearts to come into position. Systems that will be brought into place will start to work. Anti-corruption programs, feedback and check systems will start to function in the local economy. Although this won’t grow in leaps and bounds, it will definitely not decline but continue to be a positive factor.


The regional and rural economies specifically will gain crucial importance. A shift away from the cities has developed over time and will continue to increase for the next couple of years, this will include a return of professional people. We advise people to not be weary of moving to the country, the so-called “Platteland”.

There has been an overemphasis on mining and the Lord is correcting this. The reason we see so many problems in the mining sector is because it has been seen as easy money and it is still very alluring to corrupt people. There are many other aspects of the economy that can be opened for business opportunities, which few are looking at. These aspects have not received the attention they deserve. Many new prospects can be revealed if the people are willing to give attention to the other aspects of the economy. God will address a lot of corrupt people in governmental spheres that have very strong ties with illegal drug trading. They planned to establish a counter parallel economy in rural areas but the Lord is going to address this in serious ways over the next year or two. Please keep this in your prayers.


An Ocean Harvesting Program will be implemented. This program is going to have great regional success in small groupings of the economy, which will help to alleviate poverty. The economy is going to advance in areas that were not open before. The environmental program that the government has been trying to implement will start to come into effect this year.


A soup bowl with people eating out of it was seen; with a hand appearing, indicating that it is enough, this must stop. In this coming year there will be a restructuring and resourcing plan, which will bring many ‘cut back waves’. It will seem like a resurgence of an old regime, but this notion will dissipate.





Over the last years the South African business sector had to become very adaptable to different economic climates. In the next year businesses will flourish in the niches that they have settled themselves into. A lot of new initiatives will come from small businesses, with great advancements being made, that will have a major impact on our country.


Government has made a lot of promises to the business sector in the past without taking the necessary action. During 2015 government will undergo a change in attitude and fulfil their promises. SARS (South African Revenue Services) will make adjustments to meet business people halfway.

Small business is burdened by government. This will be addressed by leadership in government who will be able to discern this burden and have a different perspective than those who led before. They will have a heart to reach out to businesses instead of dictating to them.

Entrepreneurship will increase and encouraging stories will emerge in the media that will inspire even the most disadvantaged person to start their own business. The need from entrepreneurs will be so great that government will have to respond with more support.


Although government has approached businesses to cooperate on their agenda, businesses have not been interested in collaborating with them. However, on the other hand, a group of businessmen have, out of their own initiative, brought something new to the government and requested a relaxing of the rules as they feel there are far too many restrictions.


There are businesses that do not adhere to regulations and some will be caught out with things like not paying customs and other irregularities.

A vision was seen of a big thick book of rules that nobody opens or looks at. On account of this, business people are calling for the simplification of rules. Government will attend to this call.

There is a multi-level business movement that is going to appear in different regions and provinces. This movement will include businesses that in the past worked against each other but will now work together to move boundaries that have been put in place by government.


Regarding smaller businesses God is saying,“Get your act together with regard to tax”. The government looked at the bigger businesses with regard to tax offences but there will be initiative to look at smaller businesses as well. Because of this, smaller businesses will also work together and some will amalgamate and become bigger companies. The words, “Made in Africa” were heard during our time of prayer, indicating that Africa will lead a brand movement. It may not necessarily be branded as “Made in Africa”, but there will be a positive message behind this movement and other African countries will be pulled in as well. The main country where development will take place is in South Africa, but South Africa and some other African nations will work together with regard to business and producing products.


Identifying Your Niche

Small businesses; with a turnover of between half a million up to one million Rand a year, need to identify their niche and keep to it. These small businesses are owned by one, two or three individuals and have very specialised products or services. They should only focus on that. There will be more than enough market share for them. These business people are looking at all kinds of plans to enhance their trades but this is going to lead to a lot of wasted energy. God’s advice to such businesses is: Simply focus on what you are good at, deliver good services and products to your clientele. You are extremely important to the economy of the country, and your region. The importance of innovative small business will become prevalent.


New Ideas

To those people who are sitting on their ideas, God is saying: You have to figure out how to launch these even if you are running them parallel with a business or job you currently have. Start getting these ideas off the ground so that they may be realised.

A vision was seen of women in their kitchens, manufacturing beauty and hair products. There will emerge a whole new industry of these homemade products for the African market.

It will start as home industries, expanding and reaching across borders. Sales women will go to people’s homes to demonstrate their products. Men will also become involved and the products will go into the homes of other countries as well, especially those bordering South Africa.


Doors of Opportunities

Similar doors of opportunity are opening for small businesses to market their products in South Africa’s neighbouring countries. There will be new product initiatives that will be driven by certain major banks, whereby small to medium businesses will be able to market themselves in other nations.


Small Business Forums

Small business forums will start up from townships to suburbs, where small businesses will come together and become support and investment structures for one another. Gatherings, where discussions will take place about topics like good financial management, will assist young people to start businesses. This will also help other businesses in the community with their finances. The more disadvantaged areas will see these business forums coming to the fore, motivating each other and supporting one another with resources. The government will buy into these forums and start to assist them with further help like education.


A Spiritual Command

There is a spiritual command going out to niche businesses to start writing down the things that worked for them – what they have done right and how to connect with other businesses. These helpful hints will be published in a book. Between the next three to five years books will be published about niche businesses. These “How to” books will go out into the world and help small businesses in other countries, especially in Africa. They will have a unique South African flavour but will be successful throughout Africa. They will also instruct on how to implement and use investment money effectively.



Businesses in the inner cities will be going through some tough times. Some of them will close, and people must be prepared for that. Many businesses will go ‘back to basics’; ideas that were thought outdated will be perceived as good again. They will also go back to traditional, handmade products.



There have been many disputes around labour law which government will re-look in order to come to a place of agreement. There will be some changes that will help employ South Africans again.



Many international businesses will move to South Africa in the next year. A lot of smaller start ups will be run by foreigners. A spark of new ideas is needed amongst the rural people, besides the usual fruit or curio shops. New avenues are opening and God is bringing foreigners in to create these opportunities.



A new initiative is coming particularly for already existing businesses. Home-based businesses will be crossing borders to supply goods to neighbouring countries right from their homes.





Housing models and projects that were successful in SA will be exported to neighbouring countries. Resources for building will be developed in SA. These resources will be exported to neighbouring countries. SA businesses will help develop these countries’ own resources in order to be able to sustain building and housing development in their nations. The building sector in SA will continue to grow locally and abroad. A lot of construction companies will start to build in other nations.



The government will become much more serious about preserving the fishing industry and fishing waters of SA. The value that SA has in its waters will be rediscovered, not only for feeding people but also for export. The government will take strong action against other countries fishing in South African waters. Great focus will be placed on advancing the industry, and stabilising and preserving the water resources.



Manufacturing businesses will rise up again. A vision of clothes being manufactured was seen. There will be a restriction on import in order to allow the clothing industry to move forward again. South African fashion has many people with fabulous skills who will take the world by storm. But these people need better standards in manufacturing in the South African industry. There will be an exchange of expertise between South Africa and neighbouring countries in the cotton and clothing industries. Fashion is drawing the attention of artistic people. More of them will get involved in the local fashion industry.



There will be a growth in the produce industry in 2014-2015. Exports of products like fruits and vegetables will increase and new optimism will return for producers and export businesses in South Africa.



There will be greater pressure on the publishing industry. There is an interim phase where e-platform(s) have to show better growth and where traditional printing and publishing will show a slight decrease. During this process the niche printing publishers have a chance to stabilise and grow into bigger businesses.




A new season is dawning that will become visible to the public in the next season.

The DA and other opposition parties will increasingly complement the ANC on decision making. A lot will be said about the ANC adopting the opposition party’s ideas. This will show a turnabout that is taking place in government. The Freedom Front will also take hands with government to work together in certain sectors.


A change of government attitude towards farmers and their plight will take place. Safety and security of farmers will be on the agenda and there will be a strategy implemented to facilitate a turnaround in the struggle of the farmers.


Government policy on the South African Rand will prepare a platform for strengthening the currency in the future.


The Public Protector’s Office will be lifted up and a new level of respect and honour will come from government towards the Public Protector.


There will be an integration of decision making between the Justice system and Public Protector System which will vindicate decision making and uplift the Public Protector to a place of honour, also in government. Military investment from countries like the USA, France and UK will increase. Out of that SA will start training other African countries with regard to their military. SA will have war games with other African countries to educate and train those military forces in African countries, the same way the South African military forces were trained and educated by the USA, France and the UK.



The South African government is looking for leaders. Leaders cannot be found in the traditional way anymore. Looking for people on the same level of qualification and experience as current leadership is not delivering the leadership needed. This strategy will change. Government will start to go to universities and have discussions with the institutions. They will approach the lectures and professors to name the top students so they can enter sponsorship programs to receive training in the areas of finance, geology and other key areas where there is a huge lack of qualified leadership. The mining industry is also experiencing a lack of expertise. There are not enough geologists, metallurgists and other people to manage the mining resources. The older generation is not considered anymore. Those in their thirties who are confident, well dressed, well-spoken and can represent South Africa accurately, will be considered.

If candidates have three to five years’ experience, it will be seen as sufficient enough. There is a new push to get the young leaders up. The system of bringing friends into position will fade away. The old cadre has come to an end. The wives of the current cadres are not going to be involved anymore.


A total restructuring of advisory positions in government departments will take place.


Many young faces (including white faces) with expertise will appear in government departments. A new excitement will appear in the lower ranks of government – people with a vision, mission, cohesion and cooperation amongst one another. In-house training and lifting the level of skills of current employees, will become very important in government. There will also be a new focus on service quality and service delivery to the public.



There are individuals in government that are perceived as being good, but they are deceptive. People who are ‘calling them out’ will be attacked and criticised. They must stay strong as they are used by God and should not doubt themselves. The resignation of Pallo Jordan will cause the public to place more pressure on government to get rid of officials and individuals that overstepped the line and are being caught out. An increasing number of African graduates will emerge in the public sector. They will differ from the previous generation. Their aim will be productivity and effectiveness. Although they will demand high salaries they will work hard and enjoy what they are doing.


The consultants appearing in media and advising at the boardroom tables will be younger than previously. An increasing number of young doctors and professors will start to surface.



A vision was seen of fifteen high level government officials coming together. These officials did not include Jacob Zuma or Cyril Ramaphosa. The Pallo Jordan incident set an example of the necessity to verify a person’s qualifications in order to avoid any further scandals. The people coming in position will be credible, approved and authentic and have verified qualifications. Some of them have studied abroad and came back with international degrees. These degrees will be desirable because of its superior standard compared to many South African qualifications. The younger generation will be encouraged to enrol in International Business Schools like Harvard Business School. Students will receive sponsorships to study abroad and return to South Africa with the urgently needed skills attained. There will be a push for proper skills in the area of government.

SA will not be announcing to the world that they are a Christian country; but there will be increasing evidence in the nation that South Africa is a Godly country. People will strive to act right in order to honour God and be a witness. This will reflect on the future preparation and plans the government is making. A five year plan was seen on the table that has been rejected. A new plan has been settled upon. The new plan is much smaller and condensed but can be implemented more effectively than the previous one.



Our current president will not be the president for his whole term; Jacob Zuma will be standing back from the presidency in the next season.


The ANC has been looking for a new presidential leader who will be a long term leader. They are looking for someone who is upstanding and with an unquestionable track record. An appropriate candidate was seen: A person with a church background, with a praying mother and a pastor father, a person that veered away from faith during formal education, but the principles are still inside the person.


One of Jacob Zuma’s three younger wives is highly educated and is ambitiously pursuing a seat in parliament. The Lord will use her to stand in the gap for women and bring a good message. She will face resistance but the Lord has called her to be a spokesperson for women in parliament. She has a long term vision. When her husband Zuma exits, she will enter.



The BRICS members will increasingly develop into industrialised countries, distinguished by their large, fast-growing economies and significant influence on regional and global affairs. The impact of BRICS and the integration of those nations, working together will become evident. An increasing number of Brazilians, Russians, Indians and Chinese will be involved in structural components in the South African government. This must not be seen as negative. The relationships between the BRICS countries will strengthen and will be constructive to the development of South Africa and the other countries.


A vision was seen of the South African president crowned and dressed as a king. This could indicate that the new leader, after Jacob Zuma, will be regal in stature.



A vision was seen of rows of benches being removed from parliament. A change is coming with regard to the structures and number of people in parliament. There will also be a new design for the parliament building. The new building will symbolise the leaving behind of the old. The building will have a contemporary amphi-theatre style design resembling the UN’s general assembly hall.



The next year will see a lot of improvement on local government level; many changes that have been brought in the area of accountability will start to realise. That which has been dysfunctional will start to function properly in the next year. There will be a number of draft policies by several local governments that will be scrapped as leaders will realise that the policies will not work. Heads of regional government will need advice or wait for miracles as they wont know what to do next. Limpopo will lead the way with regard to regional policy. The changes to the Limpopo government will become a blueprint for other local governments.


Focus will be placed on regional government and service delivery during next year. Christian business people and leaders will become unofficial advisers to local government. Those that follow their advice will prosper and lead their regions to prosperity. The counsel of these business people will gradually emerge in the Limpopo government in particular and will bring relief to the citizens. This process will not take place in all regions of the country or be widely published.




Limpopo is an important province to watch because, contrary to most people’s beliefs, it will create a pace and momentum for progress. Deep-seated innovation that has never been revealed before will come out of that province.


The rural economy in this province is going to develop to a great extent and have a life of its own. It is not going to be pampered by government, but stand sturdily on its own feet. Something very important is going to come out of this province in terms of government in future.



The power regulator ESCOM will be in the news a lot. People will not so easily accept the new approved higher rates. This will become a debate. Concessions will be made by the government, especially to local business in this regard.



In 2015 the prophecy of 2014 that a higher budget will be allocated for the military, will start to become apparent. There will be great improvements in the South African military. Government will focus on raising the military to a whole new level. National pride in the military will feature on television, with the aim to encourage young people to get involved in the military. Employment will increase in this sector of government. Conscription service to the army will be reviewed, over the next year or two, re-evaluating the possibility of compulsory military service for young men in the future.



SARS is adjusting its public relations image from antagonist to friend. Legislation is being considered with the aim to help businesses to be productive. A whole new model being developed to modernise the tax structure within the next five years will receive a lot of public attention.






Because of major focus by government, the national strategy on access to water on district level will bear fruit in this next year. Many more people will have access to basic levels of sanitation as was often promised.



The low level employee is concerned about the strife present in top level government and how it will affect their work environment. The government is, however, reluctantly implementing a new system, at high cost that will assist the basic workers in their duties. This new system will be cost effective in the long run. It will solve many queuing problems in government facilities. At first people will assume that the system was developed by an international company. It will, in fact, be a young South African that is responsible for the new system.





Despite the public outcry against the minister of education, Angie Motshekga, a system of oversight has been put in place by her to insure better accountability of the leaders in education in addressing poor performance. Schools will have to be accountable to one another. Teachers and principals will have initiatives amongst themselves to hold one another responsible and adhere to high standards. Increased controls and cooperation will take place between schools.



A new education strategy will slowly be implemented, on a small scale. The strategy has already been tested in some pre-schools and will first be implemented in pre-school and grades 1 and 2. Outcomes based education has been fairly successful in some areas. More training and equipping will be on the agenda and more resources will be made available to rural schools that have been struggling.


There will be a greater focus on blended learning. Electronic products for education and different methods of education will be developed. Small research groups will focus on new methods like e-learning, new ways of teaching, interaction and transferring knowledge in classes. Research will first focus on further education before it will influence the traditional types of learning models of the education department.


Senior learners will participate in a mentoring program for younger learners, assisting in their training. Educators will listen to the suggestions of students in order to adapt the educational system to a new way of teaching and training. The young people in education will have a great influence on higher education first before it will spread to the junior levels.



A new distribution system will be used to deliver books via commercial couriers to schools. Even in holiday periods the deliveries will happen. Teachers will be on duty during school holidays to coordinate book deliveries and prepare for the following year. 2015 will see a huge improvement in education and in available resources. Parents will be much more involved than before in assisting their schools with basic resources and other initiatives.



The government is allowing home schools to continue without interference. Although there is opposition in some circles towards home schooling, any attempt at stopping it through legislation will not succeed.



The old model C-schools will be under greater pressure to perform. These schools are trying to uphold the standards and will find a new way of doing the necessary. There are specialists developing a new way of teaching in model C-schools.


Investment Into Education

Business Involvement

A vision of a group of business people was received. These business people have taken it on themselves to make sure all the rural schools have proper toilets. In the vision they visit schools to evaluate them and determine sponsorship needs for bathrooms, toilets and shower. Teams are sent to install these facilities. Instead of waiting for the department of education to fulfil the needs of schools, private individuals will be moved by the Lord to provide for what is needed.



Many churches will establish their own schools resulting in more involvement from businesses supporting church based schools. There will also be moral initiatives from churches going into schools. Churches will use local media and create educational, upliftment and holiday programs. Christian programs will help provide children with food over the holidays who usually received meals at school.



Community and business will become an important factor of investments into SA schools. Education will become a focal point in the social upliftment programs. Big companies will start investing specifically in schools through their social development programs. Selected schools, especially rural schools, will be used to pilot new programs and ideas by the education department. School transport programs will be developed to ensure a better and more effective system for school children across the country; the taxi industry might get involved in this program. The health department and the education department will take hands to address issues like teen pregnancies, drug abuse etc. in schools. Health clinics will be placed in or next to public schools to assist in this program and project. University mentorship for teachers and schools will start to take place. Different departments of universities will make their lecturers available to help to further train teachers in their different subjects, especially via holiday programs for teachers.


Feeding Schemes

Communities will join with business and government to develop sustainable feeding programs in schools. Vegetable gardens are developed in communities to feed school children. NGOs and entrepreneurs have already pioneered this in other areas of the country, but the education department will learn from these projects and multiply them. There will be strong Christian student movements in schools in SA over the next season; these Christian student movements will become actively involved and verbal about social issues in their schools and surroundings.



A lot more money will be pumped into education, especially with regard to students in the process of graduating. Graduates are currently struggling to find jobs. The board of education is coming together to see how they can make provision for them in the future by educating the youth in areas where skills are needed, also with regard to providing a skills focused tertiary education.


There is going to be a major buy-in from government into infrastructure for schools, not only with regard to the building of new schools but also regarding the provision of equipment. Through the bulk purchasing of school equipment, schools will be upgraded and mobile laboratories will become available.



Popular sports like soccer will be promoted in very simple and easy ways especially in schools that did not have access to sport facilities in the past. Social programs as well as investment of sport bodies and sportsmen will create an easy way of training, educating and equipping students in sports like soccer. In areas where students do not have access to facilities like soccer fields mobile equipment will be produced, that can be used in smaller areas other than a big soccer field. This will give the opportunity for use and practice of soccer skills. Extraordinary soccer events will be held – not normal soccer field type of events. This will be a pre-cursor to train and develop students in soccer so that in future they will be able to move on to the real types of soccer tournaments and events.


As with soccer, cricket nets will be set up as well. There is a push, especially in junior schools, to get children to exercise. Businessmen will sponsor and manage the equipment, because previously they gave the equipment to schools and it simply disappeared. Busses and caravans will come with equipment locked inside. These caravans will be serving multiple schools.



Because of the large number of indigenous South African languages, the issue of which language to use in schools is being discussed. Parents will push towards the use of the English language and request that English stays a predominant language in schools although it is a new language to a many children.



There will be great investment taking place in libraries and in providing access to literature, even at rural schools. This access to literature and libraries includes access to the internet which will be a focus of foreign investment coming into SA. Rural children will be provided with access to literature and the internet. This will be a twofold process. Firstly physical books will be made available and secondly, digital literature via internet and e-books will be made available. Mobile libraries will go around and mobile internet and computer sites will travel around, making books available not only to schools, but also to communities. Books and material that was only available to universities ten and twenty years ago, will be easily accessed by members of the rural community. This will bring about great change in education in rural areas.



God’s grace is being released into the school structures in the next season. The Lord is placing His hands on the children, specifically in schools. The Lord sends out a warning that there is going to be a lot of violence. The enemy’s strategy is to release violence into the schools and the Lord is calling us to prayer and intercession for children in schools.






Parents will demand a better quality of educational standards .The bar will be raised, not from the top but from the bottom. The system previously lowered pass rates, which resulted in demotivating students and lowering the standard of education altogether. This will be exposed to the public resulting in demand for changes which will take place. There is a call to parents to become involved and provide solutions on how to better schools.


Pride will be restored in the education system over a period of time. Teachers identified as being non-committal and just plain lazy will find that their work in the education system will be cut short.



A new solution is coming for Mathematics, Science and Biology teaching. A unique way of teaching will be implemented which will result in a lower dropout rate in these subjects.



The Department of Education will take a strong stance against the teachers union’s unrealistic demands. The public will take the education departments side on this stance against the unions and put pressure on the unions and the teachers to let go of unrealistic demands and step up their performance and be the teachers they are supposed to be.


The political wrangling within teachers unions will come to the fore and be exposed. It is not conducive to any improvement in schools or teaching, and much will be said in the media concerning this.


A vacuum between the ministry and the schools are being filled. It is not a departmental structure. This structure will be suggested by the unions to advise the department and bring consensus on the implementation of the national strategy. The national strategy is correct but there are problems with implementation. The ministry will receive the support that it currently lacks.


A vision was seen of somebody bringing a presentation to the education department for solar energy in the schools, providing in needs like lighting, heating and internet access. Solar panels were seen on the roofs of schools. The department of education is listening and realising the value of this. It will not be an expensive system. This solar project needs the backing of the government for it to realise.


Education will be the measuring stick for solar power usefulness in the public sector. Places with school-going children or students will be preferred for the provision of solar power.


Cell phone towers will be erected on school premises to provide access to wireless internet for schools as well as for the community. There will be some controversy regarding that in some communities concerning the effect of wireless transmissions on children’s brains and development.




Mining will be less dominant but take on its rightful place within the economy. It’s volume contribution will not decrease but it’s role will be more sober. Much restructuring will take place with the strategy to cut the mining cake into smaller, diversified units. There is a huge opportunity for contractors, both old and new, to service these mining areas. There will be less bulk employment by an entity – employment will be spread over a number of contracting entities in a bid to minimise the effect of strikes shutting down the entire mine. The unions are at present clambering for their survival as their power-base is being eroded. Their relevance and credibility will be increasingly questioned. Financial mismanagement issues are going to come to the fore.


Mining industries (specially the platinum mines) will expand in the next year. Many new stakeholders – not only the mines, government and unions, but a lot of different people – will get involved in mining. Even the suppliers to mines will become more involved in conversation around mining.



People are worried about China being involved in South Africa’s mining industry. China is perceived as a threat in mining. God says they will not be a threat. If there is any involvement from China it will be controlled. The advisory companies in the mining industry will continue to grow. They went through a difficult season, but things will turn around and they will start to grow again.



Churches and church leaders will get involved in mines incidents. Community prayer meetings will start up. There will be a call in the mining community to turn to God, to pray and for peace to prevail. A head-on collision between the needs of the people versus the spirit of greed of leadership and people in political positions will play itself out in the media and public domain. This will bring a change and a turn in the mining union member’s perception of what the unions’ role and function is supposed to be. Government will have to step into the process to regulate the union space and prevent union monopolies in the future. Smaller unions will come to the fore that in future will become stronger. These smaller unions will be run by the younger generation.


At first it will seem as if they are incapable of fulfilling their mandate but, as time progress, they will make wise decisions and serve the people instead of succumbing to greed. These unions will have a positive effect on South Africa.



There has been an overemphasis on one or two mines, including Anglo American although there are other companies that also have a lot of authority in the mining sector. Many mines are closing under false pretences mere to open up new mines elsewhere. Thus the company overheads and income will not change. These closures are used to write off profits and benefit from tax write-offs. Some of the companies want to leave SA but they have been persuaded to stay.

Increased automation will occur in the mining sector. There will be a stronger focus on re-evaluating processes to make them more streamlined.



South African’s knowledgeable mining people will start to go elsewhere. God is going to sow expertise and people into Africa, establishing new mining training institutions. South Africans will lead the way.



New mineral discoveries will take place in the more remote areas of SA, especially in the Northern Cape and Eastern Cape in the next 5 to 10 years. New towns will develop in these areas because of these discoveries. Areas that did not seem to be economically active before will become extremely active due to these new discoveries. The discoveries will open up a whole new era regarding specific mineral and resource deposits found in SA. The rest of the world was previously completely unaware of these mineral deposits. The new developments will introduce a whole new spectrum of mining that has not been practised in SA to any great extent before. The world’s attention will be on these new rich fields in SA. It seems that a lot of international companies wish to leave SA, but secretly many of them are discovering new mineral and resource possibilities in SA. These international companies are secretly planning to increase their activities in SA. Thus the mining industry will see positive development in SA in the future. There will be a few years of uncertainty. Many of these international companies will make use of this uncertainty to discourage the general population and other companies to become involved with the aim to lead them into letting their resources go and to let go of their involvement in SA, so that the international companies can pick it up in secret.


There are great reserves of oil in the country. Oil mining will start and over time many people will be employed for the mining of oil. Better packages will be provided for the miners and workers will be happier.


Another big diamond will be discovered. This event will be covered by a lot of press and will draw attention to SA. This diamond will be sold abroad.



Much will be said about mining in South African oceans in the next season to come. The public will become more aware of the potential of resources in the ocean. Overseas companies will become more involved in ocean mining ventures in SA. This arena was unknown for a long time to the public and general population of SA. South Africans will become more aware of ocean mining. The borders of SA do not stop at the shoreline but extend into the ocean where there are a lot of resources to be found.



A certain degree of discontent will arise regarding government regulations towards mining and mining companies in SA. At the same time there will be new legislation that will make certain mining ventures possible and much easier than in the past. Currently many people are leaving SA to mine somewhere else. But gradually people working in the mining industry that left SA will return for good job opportunities in the local mining industry and bring the expertise and the understanding and wisdom that they have learned while they were abroad back into SA. While many international companies will be functioning in SA in the mining industry, in the future many of the top positions will be taken up by South Africans.


With the purchase of mines the government will try to step into the process. Quite a few mines that belonged to big companies will be sold off and other companies will buy these mines. In this buying process the government will get involved and regulate some of the requirements. This will partly be done because government will try to prevent situations like the Marikana incident. There will be regulations on protracted strikes against mining companies, profit sharing and how mining companies treat their workers.



There will be a lot of problems with illegal miners. We saw a warning against the collapse of a mine in the Barberton area where a lot of lives may be lost. Please pray that God will warn the people before this happens. The government is going to take stronger and stricter measures and will close off certain areas. These mines had been abandoned. Fences are gone and the holes are open, therefore unauthorised people were able to get in. The entrances are going to be covered up effectively so that the illegal miners will not be able to go in, thus averting a crisis that would have received international attention. It is believed that the ones doing the illegal mining are doing so to alleviate poverty, but it is actually greed driving them.


Stricter measures by government will be implemented, which will naturally cost more money. This is going to cause mines to close down, or try to close down, because of financial issues. Some of them will try to bypass these stricter measures. To do that will cause a lot of damage.


A vision of a tremor was seen causing an underground collapse. This seemed to happen at night without a lot of injuries.



A concerted effort will be made to level the playing fields in terms of labour. The mining industry will put its foot down against legislation and the unions. They will even threaten the closure of their mines if their offer in negotiations is not accepted. This will force legislation to become more conducive towards mining in SA. The fights amongst unions themselves will become a major problem this year. There will be many deaths because of this conflict.


There is going to be a great shake up and scandal in the leadership of mining unions. It will be a shock to the nation and even union members will be shocked about what is going on. There will be a huge spiritual involvement in the unions, with a clash involving witchcraft. Please pray against the forces of witchcraft, superstition and manipulation in this regard.



The Lord is saying there are too many women venturing into the mining industry, which is going to crush them. The Lord is advising women to stay away from this field because it is tough and the negotiators are tough. It is changing the whole makeup of women who choose to get involved. It is a field that women should generally avoid and stay away from.


Too many towns have focussed on mining. They need to diversify, and allow other industries and factories to come in. Allowing diversity to come into mining towns provides alternative means of income for a community in times of trouble at the mines, preventing the shutdown of whole towns.



The word received over agriculture is: lifestyle. This has far more to do with an emotive connection than an economic one. Innovation will come from the deep, distant, difficult to reach rural areas. Due to this emotive connection the popularity of farms will increase dramatically, which will open up a lot of other business opportunities that were not seen as linked to farming previously. Affluent people will be buying farms, even though it does not seem to make any economic or political sense. These people’s presence will affect the areas surrounding them.


Opportunities will be created, not only in eco-tourism, but also in “lifestyle” tourism on running farms. There will be a new desire by farmers to open their farms to outsiders due to this interest in understanding and experiencing farms. Farmers, who traditionally would not consider the option, will have the desire to expose more people to what they are doing on their farms. This will have a settling effect on the agricultural market. Farming will transform into a lifestyle economy despite the predictions of doomsayers.



A Vision was seen of a father, son and grandson on the same farm who have put many years into the farm because of their love of the land. The Lord wants people to love the land because then they will love the country – God is going to bless these family farms.



A heritage label will be added to farming as a lifestyle. This will not be driven by government but by the public. There will be a desire to preserve this in as many forms as possible and it will cause an influx of capital from the business sector.



Farmers have been coming together for discussions because they don’t know the way forward. The future is vague and they are insecure.

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