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Introducing: The “God Said” Series

God Said 2017

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I am part of the Prophetic Round Table of South Africa who comes together annually for a time of concentrated prayer and meditation on the voice of God .

I am so happy to finally offer you the entire series of the words received since 2011 available on kindle and paperback.

I want to especially recommend God said: The Nations, an exciting book containing Prophetic words for South Africa plus detailed words for many specific nations and continents. Click on the books to get to the amazon website. You can also find them on the amazon sites of your nations whether you are in Europe, Asia, America or Australia.


The words for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014 have proven exceptionally correct. We are excited to present you with a brand new word for 2015 as well!

So if you enjoyed my blog so far, here is your chance to get all the books in a neat format for your reference!

You will be amazed on how clearly the Lord speaks over the nations and the coming season.


A sneak preview of the content of God Said: The Nations. Available as eBook or paperback NOW!

These documents are meant for prayerful consideration. They include warnings of upcoming dangers as well as pointers in the right directions regarding business and personal life decisions.

I am convinced these books will inspire business owners, educators and people who work for governments seeking to be instrumental to establish God’s will in their environment.

We believe that all the words are still brand new and current. While the events described are busy happening right now, you are called upon to pray for the safety of people and for governments and businesses to make the right decision.

You can use these books throughout the next season both intercede for the nations and receive guidance for your personal practical walk with God.

If you want to read further on how to hear God’s voice in your life, I recommend our book: the powerful Impact of a Spirit Led life available both as kindle and paperback.



  1. I lOve it!! Great material you have put together!! This is my personal vision as well, to teach how to hear God in our daily lives, more specifically in business. Congratulations on such needed books!! We were in your nation for 8 months as Missionaries in 1999. Cape Town. Blessings.

  2. The Traveler says:

    Reblogged this on Bridging Worlds and commented:
    Summer! The school has closed, everyone else seems to have gone to the sea, South Africa is in summer holiday mode. We are renovating the church a little and are so happy to have published a few books. Not just our own book about how to hear God’s voice better in your daily Christian walk, but also prophetic words for the coming season. My husband is part of the South African Prophetic round table who meet annually to pray and seek God for inspirational words. I had the privilege to edit and layout their words into two beautiful new booklets, one containing words for the nations and one more specifically for 2015. You can easily order them online at amazon both as print book and ebook. The costs are really low and just cover expenses. We want to get the words out so they inspire as many as possible to pray for South Africa and the nations. Find the links on amazon here:

  3. Lorriane says:

    Pastoor Andries, ek het ‘n e-pos aan, maar die epos het teruggekom. Watter epos adres kan ek gebruik as ek vir jou ‘n boodskap wil stuur??

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