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We’re corruption-busters, says Zuma

ZUMAPretoria – The fight against crime was more intense in South Africa than it was in many other countries, President Jacob Zuma said on Saturday.

“Fellow South Africans, I must underline here that of all the countries that I know of, very few compare to South Africa in the effort to fight corruption,” Zuma said.

“In other countries nobody talks about [fighting] corruption. We fight corruption here. We are more in the media because we fight corruption. We declared war against corruption and we are making progress.”

He said corruption will not be allowed to steal the fruits of freedom.”

Anti-corruption bureau to fast track cases against public servants

  Anti-corruption bureau to fast track cases against public servants

Cape Town – An anti-corruption bureau will be set up to fast track disciplinary cases in the public sector, the Minister of Public Service and Administration Lindiwe Sisulu has announced.

Speaking at a breakfast media briefing on Thursday, Sisulu said the bureau would form part of amendments to the Public Service Act, which she expects to come before Parliament in June.

The amendments also include banning all public servants from doing business with the government.

South Africa: Twenty-Two Thousand Public Servants Charged for Corruption – Public Service Commission

Twenty-two thousand public servants across the country were charged with misconduct for corrupt activities and R300 million recovered from perpetrators, the National Public Service Commission revealed in Potchefstroom on Thursday.

Speaking on the first day of the two-day workshop to empower coordinators of National Anti-Corruption Hotline (NACH) cases within North West provincial government departments, Public Service Commissioner James Mudau urged departments to improve coordination of investigation of cases for their speedy resolution.

Commissioner Modau said that if departments could put more effort into speedily finalising investigation of reported corruption cases, the hotline will play a crucial role in the fight against corruption in the country.


PROPHECY GODSAID2013: “Government themselves will be getting more fed-up with corruption. God is exposing corrupt hearts but He is still busy in a process of giving opportunities for correction. A vision showed a hand facing down and then suddenly facing up. There is a change in government coming as God is busy exposing things. Do not grow despondent, but actually be happy about God’s process of healing the wound – for that is His aim. ”



Prophetic Impact


Isa. 59:19;’ When the enemy comes in like a flood,
The Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.” NKJV

During our time of prayer and waiting on God for te nations in 2013 we received this word regarding CORRUPTION. For the complete word click the link below. 


A vision was seen of a geyser valve blowing signifying that corruption is at boiling point in South Africa. This is going to put the current president and government under a lot of pressure at the end of the year. Corruption will play a major role and deciding factor in the next election for the presidency.

The exposing of corruption will rise to unbearable levels. People will be so saturated with news of corruption that it will cause two things: some people will get aggressive on the one hand and on the other a new…

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