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Big media not stifling little press: CaxtonJohannesburg –
Established newspaper outlets are not stifling the growth of smaller upcoming players in the sector, the Print and Digital Media Transformation Task Team (PDMTTT) heard on Thursday.

However, Caxton non-executive chairman Paul Jenkins told the task team’s hearing in Johannesburg that it would be illegal for the established industry to arrange a plan to refrain from a particular market, leaving it for the smaller players.

“The question is what can I do to make that (smaller) newspaper work. With the way the Competition Act is set up … say Media 24 and us (Caxton) sit down at table with the TMG (Times Media Group) and say let’s leave that particular market it sounds like a simple solution.

“If we do that the competition authority is going to say that is collusion. We cannot do that …I won’t come to such a meeting and I won’t even give that thought a wink lest I be accused of conniving. I am already being accused of being in a cartel,” said Jenkins.

He said passing legislation restricting the established players from entering particular communities would be met with opposition.

“Its intention (the legislation) is absolutely noble but as a businessman I will say I have the right to do business where I like. We have this dilemma and it’s like the issue of humility. The minute you know you are humble then you are no longer humble,” he said.

“The minute you tell us that we can’t compete (in a specific area), then that’s exactly what we want to go and do. We can never agree that we can’t.

Prophecy: Smaller publications will pop up in many places; many of them will be digital and will form part of many voices speaking out that cannot be stopped. Diversification will mean that some Christian journalists and Christian publishers will get involved with the mainstream media, changing them from within. Although there are rumours about legislation becoming stricter on the media, the media will continue to flourish albeit in an unconventional manner.

Prophetic Impact


During our time of prayer last year for 2013 the Lord spoke to us concerning changes is the publishing media in South Africa. For the full word please click the link to be directed there below follows an extract from that word. 


“MEDIA- New Integrity

The new emerging style will be blatantly honest reporting taking place. This of course is going to unsettle many people in the country. Up till now sentiment reporting has dominated many a scene – stories written to make someone look good or bad, skewing and not revealing the facts. It feels like the journalistic fraternity is saying that they have had enough of playing around and are ready to get serious.”

NEWS24- Shakeup in SA’s newspapers– Johannesburg – There have been a number of new appointments and changes in South Africa’s newspaper industry recently.

The latest was the appointment of Rachel Jafta as

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