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ORIGINAL PROPHECY AUGUST 2014- NEW DISCOVERIES New mineral discoveries will take place in the more remote areas of SA, especially in the Northern Cape and Eastern Cape in the next 5 to 10 years. New towns will develop in these areas because of these discoveries. Areas that did not seem to be economically active before will become extremely active due to these new discoveries. The discoveries will open up a whole new era regarding specific mineral and resource deposits found in SA. The rest of the world was previously completely unaware of these
mineral deposits. The new developments will introduce a whole new spectrum of mining that has not been practised in SA to any great extent before. The world’s attention will be on these new rich fields in SA. It seems that a lot of international companies wish to leave SA, but secretly many of them are discovering new mineral and resource possibilities in SA. These international companies are secretly planning to increase their activities in SA. Thus the mining industry will see positive development in SA in the future. There will be a few years of uncertainty. Many of these international companies will make use of this uncertainty to discourage the general population and other companies to become involved with the aim to lead them into letting their resources go and to let go of their involvement in SA, so that the international companies can pick it up in secret.


Vedanta opens new zinc mine in Northern Cape
by Aron Hyman, 28 July 2015

VEDANTA, in conjunction with its subsidiary Zink International, opened its new $782m zinc mining operation in the Northern Cape on Monday with the mine’s first blast on the Gamsberg mountain.

The group plans to turn the Southern African region into one of the most important suppliers of zinc globally through the Gamsberg project, said a Vedanta media statement.

The open pit zinc mine is going to generate 500 jobs for the adjacent mining town of Aggeneys which has a population of 3,000.

The mine is also expected to yield 1.7-million tonnes of hoisted ore per year and another 90kt per annum metal in concentrate, said Zink International CEO Deshnee Naidoo at a lunch after the blasting ceremony attended by the media, government, and stakeholders.


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