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 The pacific islands, Australia and New Zealand, have strong bonds that are going to strengthen even more. There is an admiration within the Australian and New Zealand population for the Pacific Island citizens and these guys are gospel power houses. The Lord has raised them up for a special task. The people from these small insignificant islands will sweep across these nations with the power of the gospel. They have been especially designed by the Lord in this way to be able to influence these nations. It is not going to be a little trickle, but it is going to be a tsunami that will continually wash over them. I see these Islanders already having a vision and mission in their hearts as far as Australia and New Zealand are concerned. It is a massive vision and mission that will affect every single corner of these nations.


The Lord speaks about Australia and New Zealand as a slumbering giant in terms of Christianity and the gospel. There are far too few Australians on the mission field as the Australians somehow stayed confined to their own nations, not entering the mission field. In the coming year God is going to start addressing this and we will start seeing Australians on the mission field where we haven’t seen them before. We are going to see their impact on pioneering. It is going to be coarse and rough but it is going to be effective. This is because they are an essentially strong nation and God is going to use that to open up areas that nobody else can open. They need to heed this call to mission.


In the coming years we will see a new, strong youth movement which is coming up in the churches of Australia and New Zealand, with new music coming from the youth. A new group of young, trained youth ministers are coming to the front that has been exposed to bible training and the ministry since childhood. Some of them are 18 now and others are even younger. God is calling and releasing them into the ministry. They know what they are doing and God has planted knowledge in them. Other countries will be able to learn a lot from Australia by the way youth ministry is done.

A vision was seen of a lot of youth missionaries going out of Australia to other areas and universities. Some people in the business sector in Australia and even in New Zealand will sponsor some of these students to study in other countries in order to go and do missionary work.


In the coming year there is going to be a sense of economic doom for Australia and New Zealand as things are not working out the way they should. A degree of fear will grip the nation because the economy is not lighting up again, but it is going to be very short lived. There will be improvement coming again. It is just a dip that they are going to go through. It is a very necessary dip because it is going to make the nation, the whole industry and the people take stock as to where they are going. Then, a second wave will let them gather their breath enabling them to move on again. The Lord has sent very creative people to Australia and New Zealand. They have been restricted by the legal system and politics. It is as though this slump in the economy will make them come to the fore again and now the government and legislation will look favorably on them because they now need the new approaches and technology they are bringing in.


A warning is spoken to the leaders about the populist movement in Australia and New Zealand; the Lord wants to say to them that He did not put them in position to be popular; He put them there to lead. Even though their perceived leadership season may be very short lived, they must see to it that they stick to the clearly defined mandate that brought their ascend to the leadership podium. They must not worry about the persecution and the popular opinion which will remove them from their seats. They are there to do their job. Get done what must be done; it won’t be easy; it is not something that will be popular. It is something that needs to be done for the good of the entire community and even the entire nations that they are serving



 The people in Australia are known for ruggedness, there will be a redefinition of the nation. It is almost as if the fineness and the sophistication of the nation have been hidden by the rugged environment. The Lord is going to bring the hidden potential and value within the nation to the foreground. The Australian people is going to come to the front the as a blessing to the world.


A vision was seen of taps being closed in Australia speaking of a closing in the flow of resources but also of drought. This is going to cause many in the nation to look to the Lord for help and rain. God will stir a desire for Him in the nation.

Huge advancement into ship building will become prevalent, and it will become a globally known fact that if you want a good boat Australia has got a great manufacturing company.

The TV industry in Australia will prosper. Local entertainment will become more popular and even be more successful than Hollywood or US productions.

The Government

The nation of Australia acts modern and open to everything but they are not. They have many rules within themselves. They are a controlling state that has put restrictions on people. Too many rules are infringing on people’s freedom. The nation desires a return of the freedom that they have lost. The founding spirit of Australia is entrepreneurial. This spirit has been crushed too much regulations. The government will revisit their constitution which is going to cause a worldwide uproar. Some of the very strict rules will be relaxed which will especially benefit the launching of new businesses, giving people more freedom to be creative and inventive.

The Australian government is going to take more ownership over their country through change in regulations. The government has made controversial decisions regarding immigrants in 2013. Even more regulations will change for the benefit of the country itself, sometime to the frustration of other nations.

A division in the government will become evident and there will be some resignations that will leave people reeling a little bit, unexpectedly but ultimately it will be necessary for those people to leave. Australia will become more effective, economically stronger. Australia and New Zealand will be teaming up and become a very powerful panel.

Change in land Legislation

Too much of their land has been given to foreigners. There is a lot of murmuring in Australia about this. People are expressing a lot of dissatisfaction about the amount of land that belongs to foreigners. Rules will be enforced regarding property purchases by foreigners, stipulating and limiting the amount of property that can be purchased. The Australians are going to claim back their land.

The Church

Australian changes in government will be accompanied by a new freedom in the spirit. I see the church booming in Australia. New developments in church practice and fresh ideas will draw many people of other countries in search of “the new”, even having world conferences.

The light is going grow brighter and God will release more and more in different places. A lot of the foreigners from the islands surrounding Australia who live within Australia will start going home having a major gospel impact in those areas, especially in addressing the spirit of witchcraft. The Lord has given the Australian Church the ability to speak the word and resist witchcraft, and that will become a major move of the Spirit into the smaller islands all around Australia.


 The mining industry, especially the coal mining industry, will have a fall. It will seem that exports are waning. This will awaken fear in the people regarding their future. But the fear will quickly be displaced by action. They will make decisions that in the past they were not willing to make. They will not look for answers through what other countries are doing but find their answers and ideas inside their own country.

There will be cooperation between mining in Africa and Australia on an operational and investment level. This will start in Australia because of new developments in mining there and not necessarily pan out on governmental levels.

The central part of Australia is almost barren, but is dotted with mines. There will be a rock fall in one of the mines. The rest of the world will rush to try and rescue the miners; it is going to be a rather serious disaster, which will need worldwide expertise and help. They will need a lot more than the resources and expertise that they have presently. Help will come particularly from America. They will help to rescue the people. This disaster will have some workers underground for a while, but not many lives will be lost.


A bigger strive for excellence with regard to education will come. New educational systems will be developed in the schools. Schools will be getting together and saying: “We are going to do it this way in this area and we will try another way in another area.” Out of that new educational systems will develop that can be reproduced in other countries.

A creative spirit will arise in universities and educational institutions that will develop new ideas which will be implemented in the economy in Australia. Many will try to copy and implement these new ideas in other countries but with limited effect. What works for Australians will not necessarily be successful in other countries or cultures. Many regard the Australian mindset as similar to the US, New Zealand and other English countries. But increasingly Australia will define itself separate from the other English countries, developing their own identity.

Racial tensions

Cultural differences in Australia are coming to the foreground in 2014. In the past these problems were pushed to the background and ignored but now it is time to face and resolve the issues.


There will be a focus on returning to agriculture in the nation, old family farms that were abandoned with all the implements still on the farms will be reused. People will be moving back from the cities to agriculture developments.

There will be a disease crisis in the sheep industry in Australia but people will group together and sort it out. The result will be a slump in the industry which will recover.


Australia will make a major investment into their military capacity in the next few years. They are going to gear up their military strength. The Lord has given Australia a mandate to play a role in the military world globally. The new leadership of Australia is going to pick up on that.

The business environment in Australia has been very hard and very tough and people found it difficult but the government will create initiatives for the people to help establish themselves in the current market.

A Pacific Policing Force

Australia will be raising up a Pacific police force targeting human trafficking, and we will hear a lot of human trafficking policing coming from that area of the world. It will be close to the heart of the new leader in Australia. We will soon be hearing of successes in the area of human trafficking being targeted.


The Lord has hidden New Zealand from the eye of the world for a season. A lot of ministers and ministries are going to come out from New Zealand and impact the region. Their impact will be felt in the Philippines, and some of these smaller islands Fiji, Tonga and Samoa. There is going to be a major influence into those island nations with a lot of testimonies coming out. A lot of youth ministries and other ministries will flow out of that which will also influence other parts of the world.

Farming will continue to be very fruitful in this nation and exports to other nations will increase.

In New Zealand quite a big home schooling movement will come to the fore with new innovative ideas coming from there as well. New ways of teaching are being developed in primary schools specifically – from the basic levels up to children of the age of 13

A vision was seen of the island of New Zealand with cracks going through the island. This might signify that earthquakes will still continue to happen. People will settle within these shifts and changes and not be moved by fear anymore. This constant shaking is removing all fear. This moving and shaking will result in a great and enduring stability in the people and in the country


 In 2014 Papua New Guinea will receive more media attention because of deforestation and the importance of its natural habitat.


A serious natural disaster will hit the Philippines, there will be a lot of people suffering, and they will be picking themselves up after that and starting from scratch. The Lord has shown a green bean, the coffee bean. There will be restoration in growth and exporting of coffee, which will lead to the people building them up, but they are first going to go through a very trying time.


 Building Ships

This nation will begin construction of ships but not big ship liners. They are going to take orders to build yachts and smaller boats. They seem to have already begun building smaller boats and ocean liners and the industry will increase. The harbour in Hobart is where some ships will be built. The Tasmanian people are a skilled sea fearing nation with an understanding of the sea and the products that need to be built. There is one innovative family picking up on this; they will expand and have a large quantity of exports.

Arts and Culture

Arts and culture will be developing more and more in this nation. There is a unique character to the Tasmanian people that is going to come out in their arts. A new form of music, a new sound, is developing. The new sound will flow over into the Christian community and it is going to be incorporated into their Gospel music

New products

Tasmania is a small island but it’s got great products being developed there that will fill the niche markets across the world. Tasmanian products and especially food products will increasingly be associated with quality and exclusivity and will become popular in Europe and other markets. A new pride will emerge in Tasmanians. In the past inhabitants were ashamed to tell anybody that they are from Tasmania. This will change. There will be great pride in calling yourself a Tasmanian. God has blessed this island with wealth in their great soil.


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