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The delivery model for missions is changing. Older models will not be removed but rather, the Lord is adding to an initial model. The model is going to be redefined and emerge as a model of combining missions with business and investment. This method will also give the gospel access to nations in the Middle East and other regions that are antagonistic to the gospel. The purpose is economic upliftment and training of the people. Where we previously had mission stations that were purely focused on going into the bush and trying to preach the gospel, they are now, through business and investment, bringing employment, entrepreneurship, business and investment opportunities to the local people. Through this the gospel, whether it is in hidden form or being allowed to be preached openly, will be funded in those nations. This will happen because of mindset changes in the foreign sending nations. The traditional countries that have been sending missionaries for many decades are going to re-evaluate due to their own problems at home. Their own churches are struggling for survival in the present model. A whole generation is going to emerge that will be affected on a greater level through the combination of the business and church model.


 The United Arab Emirates will experience another financial shaking that will cause them to clamp down and hold the reserves, putting the world into a place where it is manipulated to buy oil at their price. Wisdom will be needed to side step that.

There is a summit coming together from the Middle Eastern countries, like a United Nations. The Arab Nations will be coming together to strengthen their countries. They want more economical power. A vision of a fuel tank was seen. It seems these nations are uniting and this banding together becomes a noose around the neck of other nations. Increased control over the fuel distribution to other nations will not pan out to their benefits because other nations will be going to Africa. It will make the nations turn to other areas to seek alternative oil resources.



A vision was seen of the hand of the Lord over Israel and His protection resting on them. There is a lot of protection over Israel even with the turmoil and things happening in Egypt. God will expose potential dangers.

There is an armament happening around Israel, although the dialogues are all scaling down there is rearmament happening in the surrounding nations. The Middle East crisis will continue to be a crisis which will not be solved so quickly. The whole situation around Israel will remain to be a thorn in the flesh of the Arabs causing them a lot more anger.


 Jordan is going to become much more vocal in the politics than they have been in the past. God is going to raise up leaders that will not stay quiet and go along with everything like it happened in the past, but be very outspoken concerning injustices and specific regional issues. Jordan will take a stance in regards to Syria, the Gaza strip, Israel and the current instabilities in Egypt. They will be much more vocal and thus bring balance in Muslim conflicts. This will benefit the whole region. A person who has been an authority in Jordan for a long time will now stand up and start voicing that authority for the betterment of the nation.


 Turkey is going to experience a visitation from God. The result of this visitation will be a new sense of awareness in the community their own assets and in return the world will take note of Turkey. The nation will see a turn around and even in the leadership people will turn to the Lord. Through this there will be a strengthening of the church in Turkey.


God is sending many missionaries to Yemen. Previously many women have gone out to prepare the fields and have done an excellent job and now God will be sending many men. Much prayer over Yemen is soon to be answered. God is also sending angels to physically appear to influencers who are not necessarily leaders, whose hearts have hardened in this country. There will be an uprising of women which will cause blood to flow in the streets. This first wave will be a horrendous sight which will bring exposure and awareness. A second uprising will start to bring about the necessary changes. God has been speaking to the country, but it does not hear because of pride. Those who are hearing God’s voice are the women who have very little pride in their hearts.


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