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Pray For Peace- Warships Preparing For War

God Said 2017

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I had a clear vision of an American Warship preparing for battle. The sense I had about this was that a major military conflict,  even full out war was at hand.  There will be a big show of military strength causing a full out conflict.

Between whom the fighting and war will be I do not know as it was not clear. In the vision it seemed like North Africa was the destination, or that was the sense I had. The clear warning I felt was not just between Nations getting into conflict but severe and serious unrest within Nations causing a chain reaction which might go into a faith war; a type of “Jihad”.

I believe we should pray for Israel and the USA, the current conflict in the middle east and also betwee the Northern and Southern Korean States as well as all the Norhetn African countries, especially the muslim conrtolled nations.

Please Pray For;

  •  Israel and the middle east, God’s purpose for these people made known.
  • South and North Korea.
  • North Africa
  • The USA- Godly wisdom and guidance for thse in decsion making positions
  • Peace over the nations of the earth.

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