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Prayer For Japan- Major Earthquake Coming

God Said 2017

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As I was Praying I saw a Map of Japan with a red dot in the ocean on its right hand side; meaning east of Japan. I sensed very clearly that this is the epicentre of a major eartgquake hitting Japan. As I prayed I felt it will be in the middle to upper 8 magnitude on the Richterschale. I then saw a Tsunami stike the beach and it just wiped everything out in its path. it seemed that the whole pacific was under Tsunami threat.

 Please Pray for:

  • The Japanese People-Goldy protection- Lives to be spared.
  •  The Tsunami warning systems to be in place and warn people in time.
  • The rest of the pacific for safety against Tsunami


  1. Important Notice: When this warning was originally received we felt it would only happen much further in the future than it did. Therefore we did not originally place it immediately on the Blog on this date as we received it but rather the warning we had concerning People Traveling in South Africa especially as the Soccer world Cup was at hand.

    Afterwards we updated the Blog and placed this Prophecy concerning Japan in as we felt the warning for Those traveling in South Africa during the soccer World cup had passed. Thus the url for this page still says :

    This gives place for confusion and that is not our intention but rather to be exact on the date and correct with the word. Our motives were and still are to call people up to pray strategically concerning serious events the Holy Spirit warns about.

    We want to thank the person who brought this to our attention so we can address it clearly and clear all confusion. In Future we will start a new Blog and refer to the original date.

    Keep Praying


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