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The prophets gathered in July 2020 the hear God concerning 2021. This prophetic warning was received concerning Thunderstorms.

P. 109 God Said 2021


Level 2 warning for thunderstorms, severe weather conditions in SA

In a statement on Monday, City Power assured Johannesburg residents that there were standby teams on high alert to respond to power interruptions.

The South African Weather Service (Saws) has issued a watch for severe weather conditions expected to hit parts of the country from Monday.

Thunderstorm activity has been observed over northern parts of Gauteng, highveld of Mpumalanga, northern Free State and western North West province from Monday afternoon.

“Severe storms are possible over the central interior from this afternoon [Monday] spreading eastwards during this evening,” it said in a statement.

“Yellow level 2 warning for severe thunderstorms expected over parts of the central and eastern interior today [25 October 2021] which may produce heavy downpours, hail and strong to damaging winds. Storms are expected to develop over North West and Free State spreading east from late afternoon.”

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81 homes damaged as storm lashes Oudtshoorn, displacing at least 100 people



As the prophets gathered and prophesied concerning South Africa the Lord gave this warning regarding attacks on School Teachers.

P.108 GOD SAID 2021


Slain Heinz Park maths teacher’s killing ’planned’

By Okuhle Hlati  Sep 22, 2021

Slain Thulani Manqoyi

CAPE TOWN – The family of slain Heinz Park Primary School teacher Thulani Manqoyi in Philippi believe his killing may have been planned, as the suspects allegedly held security guards at gunpoint before going to his car and shooting him in the head and shoulder.Slain Thulani Manqoyi

Manqoyi’s murder has left the education fraternity, which continues to grapple with the scourge violence, in shock.null

The 53-year-old had pulled into the school’s parking lot at about 7.45am on Tuesday when he was ambushed and shot dead inside his car.

Earlier this month Bloekombos High School’s principal Ntombizandile Goniwe received death threats when a car reportedly following her was seen parked outside the school premises.

Goniwe has been placed on special leave by the Western Cape Department (WCED) and is still at a safe house.

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Condolences Pour In Following Free State Teacher’s Murder By Unknown Suspects

By Charles Molele November 8, 2021 

IMAGE: Reuters An empty classroom at a school.

A 53-year-old principal from Mooifontein Primary School in Zastron, in the Free State, has succumbed to gunshot wounds.

Andile Ketso was shot by unknown suspects in Zastron.

Free State Department of Education said Ketso started the teaching profession in 1992 and was a Physical Science teacher at Lere-La-Thuto Secondary School before he was promoted as a principal.

The Free State Education Department has shared its condolences with the family members, learners and colleagues of a school principal who was gunned down at Zastron in the Free State.

Spokesperson, Howard Ndaba says the Department has lost a dedicated teacher who always strived for quality results.

Ndaba also condemned violence at schools, and called on all management teams, school governing bodies, and learners to strengthen school safety and build relationships with police.

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Prophecy from the God Said 2019

PROPHECY IN FOCUS: Tiny beetle is killing SA’s trees – and nothing can stop it

In 2017 the prophecy above was given.

Tiny beetle is killing SA’s trees – and nothing can stop it

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In 2010 I received the following warning concerning the current fires in Greece.

I saw a serious heat wave and dry spell causing fires in Greece. It seemed like a drought and with that great fires around Athens. In the vision it looked like a mirage you find in the desert over a city which I felt is Athens in Greece. I saw buildings burning and people seemed to be panicked and trying to get out of the way of the blaze. Many of them looked like tourists

I believe that there will be a dry season coming in Greece with serious fire danger. People’s lives will be at extreme risk in this season especially tourists. I saw some badly burnt bodies, some of them beyond recognition. Also that people suffering of heatstroke to the point of losing their lives, especially amongst the elderly. When the dry season comes take care of where you are going.

Pray for:

  • Rain
  • No fires to happen in Greece during the season of this prophecy
  • People be timely warned and prepared
  • Tourists safety


Greece wildfires kill over 70, including 26 huddled near beach outside of Athens

Travis Fedschun By |

Fox News

A firestorm that swept through a seaside resort town near the Greek capital killed at least 70 people, including families with children found clasped in a last embrace near a beach as they tried to flee the flames, officials said.

The two largest wildfires — one 20 miles northeast of Athens near Rafina, the other 30 miles west of the capital in Kineta — broke out Monday during hot, dry summer conditions.

Fanned by gale-force winds that frequently changed direction, the flames spread rapidly into populated seaside towns — too fast for many who were in their cars or homes to flee, fire department spokeswoman Stavroula Malliri said. The Greek fire brigade said the death toll has risen to 74 as of Tuesday.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras declared a three-day national mourning period for those killed in the wildfires, Sky News reported.

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On December 5 2015 I gave this prophetic warning concerning a bombing in Istanbul Turkey.

The Prophecy said the following:

Early this morning while praying I saw a vision of a bombing happening in Istanbul Turkey.

The bombing happened at a place like a compound or consulate with an American flag. I am not sure if it resembles an army compound but it looked like an American instalation. It might also be a well known tourist destination.

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CNN-ISIS member behind deadly Istanbul suicide blast, PM says

By Greg Botelho, Gul Tuysuz and Arwa Damon, CNN January 12, 2016

Istanbul (CNN)The suicide bomber who killed at least 10 foreigners Tuesday in a popular central Istanbul tourist area belonged to ISIS, officials said — an attack that shows the group’s nerve, reach and capacity for terror.

No group claimed responsibility for the blast, yet Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu pinned blame on the group that calls itself the Islamic State, which has entrenched itself in neighboring Syria and Iraq while proving willing time and again to lash out elsewhere.

Suicide bomber kills 10 people, mainly Germans, in Istanbul.


Syrian bomber suspected in deadly Istanbul blast: Erdogan

By Ayla Jean Yackley

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – A suicide bomber thought to have crossed recently from Syria killed at least 10 people, most of them German tourists, in Istanbul’s historic heart on Tuesday, in an attack Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu blamed on Islamic State.

All of those killed in Sultanahmet square, near the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia – major tourist sites in the center of one of the world’s most visited cities – were foreigners, Davutoglu said. A senior Turkish official said nine were German, while Peru’s foreign ministry said a Peruvian man also died.



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Prophecy August 2014:



News24:New Burkina Faso president vows new beginning. Ouagadougou – Burkina Faso’s president in waiting Roch Marc Kabore vowed a brighter future for the west African country Tuesday after becoming its first newly-elected leader in three decades.

Kabore won 53.49% of ballots in Sunday’s poll, winning victory in the first round of a vote to restore stability after a popular revolt toppled longtime leader Blaise Compaore just over a year go.

“We must get to work immediately,” 58-year-old Kabore, a former Compaore stalwart who served as his prime minister but broke ranks months before his downfall, told several thousand supporters in the early hours of Tuesday.


Please continue to pray for Burkina Faso that God’s purposes for this nation will be revealed!


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God Bless!


Original Prophecy September 2013:

Next year ESKOM will draw a lot of focus and attention in the media again, not so much with the price hike but they will not be able to supply the electricity that is necessary.


Expect the worst load shedding since 2008

Eskom has embarked on unprecedented stage 2 load shedding on Sunday after a silo storing coal at its Majuba power station in Mpumalanga collapsed.


Eskom has embarked on unprecedented stage 2 load shedding on Sunday after a silo storing coal at its Majuba power station in Mpumalanga collapsed (see image above from Chris Yelland).

Stage 2 load shedding requires users to reduce electricity demand by 2000MW. Eskom’s total capacity is around 43 000MW. It is most unusual to have load shedding on a Sunday and the extent of the load reduction is even more unusual.

Eskom has published load shedding schedules. Click here for the schedule for municipal customers and click here for the schedule for Eskom direct costumers.




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In the country of Cameroon a revival will take place resulting in many people coming to the Lord.”

For the full prophecy click this link:

Yaoundé, Cameroon – Day 1December 12, 2013Tonight our Gospel Crusade here in the city of Yaoundé, Cameroon began with a surge! 110,000 people attended the opening service – a striking indication that we are in for a dynamic week.I’ve posted a little video we took with a mobile phone of the people repeating after me the text for tonight’s message, Romans 10:13, “Everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.” You will hear how they shout it with such enthusiasm and fervor.Video>What a joy it is to preach to these precious people. When the “altar call” was given, the response was overwhelming. A mighty harvest took place tonight.Then, after praying for the sick, amazing miracles happened. So many cripples were healed that their crutches and wheel chairs cluttered the platform (have a look at the pictures).

It was such a precious sight, a line of elderly “mamas” who had been healed all danced with me on the stage and gave glory to God. It was a Holy Ghost party!Then the Holy Spirit gave me a word of knowledge about someone who was being healed of throat cancer. When the woman who the Lord told me about came forward we discovered that not only did she have painful throat cancer, but also her legs were paralyzed and she had lumps in her breasts as well! Jesus healed her from head to toe; throat, legs and breasts! What a mighty God we serve!I really believe God is hearing and answering your prayers for us here. Thank you for praying. More to come tomorrow…

Yours in the Gospel,
Evangelist Daniel KolendaTogether with Reinhard Bonnke, CfaN & the whole CfaN team

Major Earthquake In Indonesia And China

Some time ago the Lord spoke and showed an earthquake happening on the western coast of Indonesia which will read 7 ont the Richter scale, following it will be a small floodwave. This happenend the 7th of April when an earthquake of 7.8 on the Richterscale  struck of the coast of Indoinesia causing two small Tsunami’s resulting in minor damage.(See CNN or BBC news.) But in the vision this was only the warning of a major earthquake causing much damage and casuing a large loss of life. After which a huge Tsunami will strike the south western side of Indonesia causing havoc and killing hundreds with a devastating effect.It will even reach to the western Australian coast.

Please Pray for Indonesia;

  • The Disaster to be avoided
  • The people of Indonsesia- Salvation and preparation
  • Wisdom for the leaders of this nation to make the right protective decisions
  • Warning of the Tsunami to be received in time and be adhered to by those in positions of influence so that the people will be ready for it.

    I also saw a vision of a earthquake in China, I saw the ground cracking and bursting almost as if the earthquake struck a desert region. I saw school Children seriously injured and even some dead in streets where no building was left standing. In the vision I felt it is in western China. There seemed to be no roads left as the land moved and the roads were shifted, like a landslide. Many poeple were injured in the earthquake and I feared that many were dead, I had feeling that hundreds had died.

    Please Pray for China;

    • The Lives of people to be spared especially the children
    • The people of this area in China- Salvation and preparation
    • The People who are in leadership potitions to make wise and godly decisions which will spare people’s lives
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