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IN the GOD SAID 2018 we published a warning Concerning the strategy to expropriate Farm land in South Africa

P.94 GOD SAID 2018

It was a call for intercession. In the word for 2019 this was received from the Lord;

P. 73 GOD SAID 2019


National Assembly fails to pass constitutional amendment to allow land expropriation without compensation

07 Dec 2021 Jan Gerber


The National Assembly has failed to pass the proposal for land expropriation without compensation.

The National Assembly has failed to pass the proposal for land expropriation without compensation.iStock

  • The National Assembly has not passed a constitutional amendment to allow expropriation without compensation.
  • The ANC failed to muster the required two-thirds majority, as both the DA and EFF voted against the bill.
  • EFF leader Julius Malema encouraged illegal land grabs.

The National Assembly couldn’t pass the amendment to Section 25 of the Constitution to allow for expropriation without compensation.

The ANC failed to muster the required two-thirds majority as neither the DA nor the EFF supported the amendment.

In the end, 204 MPs voted in favour of the bill and 145 against, with no abstentions. A total of 267 votes is required for a two-thirds majority. 

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The prophets gathered in July 2020 the hear God concerning 2021. This prophetic warning was received concerning Thunderstorms.

P. 109 God Said 2021


Level 2 warning for thunderstorms, severe weather conditions in SA

In a statement on Monday, City Power assured Johannesburg residents that there were standby teams on high alert to respond to power interruptions.

The South African Weather Service (Saws) has issued a watch for severe weather conditions expected to hit parts of the country from Monday.

Thunderstorm activity has been observed over northern parts of Gauteng, highveld of Mpumalanga, northern Free State and western North West province from Monday afternoon.

“Severe storms are possible over the central interior from this afternoon [Monday] spreading eastwards during this evening,” it said in a statement.

“Yellow level 2 warning for severe thunderstorms expected over parts of the central and eastern interior today [25 October 2021] which may produce heavy downpours, hail and strong to damaging winds. Storms are expected to develop over North West and Free State spreading east from late afternoon.”

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81 homes damaged as storm lashes Oudtshoorn, displacing at least 100 people



During our time together in 2020 waiting on God for the USA 2021 this warning was received from the Lord.

P. 62 God Said 2021


United States Capitol attack of 2021

riot, Washington, D.C., U.S. [2021]Cite MoreBY Brian Duignan | View Edit History

United States Capitol attack of 2021, storming of the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, by a mob of supporters of Republican Pres. Donald J. Trump.

The attack disrupted a joint session of Congress convened to certify the results of the presidential election of 2020, which Trump had lost to his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden. Because its object was to prevent a legitimate president-elect from assuming office, the attack was widely regarded as an insurrection or attempted coup d’état. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other law-enforcement agencies also considered it an act of domestic terrorism.

For having given a speech before the attack in which he encouraged a large crowd of his supporters near the White House to march to the Capitol and violently resist Congress’s certification of Biden’s victory—which many in the crowd then did—Trump was impeached by the Democratic-led House of Representatives for “incitement of insurrection” (he was subsequently acquitted by the Senate).

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During our time together in July 2020 seeking the Lord for His guidance for the coming year 2021. This is what the Lord said concerning Local Government Elections.

P. 106 GOD SAID 2021

Thank you for praying with us! We know the word happened as prophesied.


South Africa’s top court dismisses bid to postpone local elections

September 3, 2021 9:35 PM SAST Last Updated 3 months ago Africa


Waeeda Salie,  casts her ballot at a polling station, during the South Africa's parliamentary and provincial elections, in Cape Town, South Africa, May 8, 2019. REUTERS/Sumaya Hisham

Waeeda Salie, casts her ballot at a polling station, during the South Africa’s parliamentary and provincial elections, in Cape Town, South Africa, May 8, 2019. REUTERS/Sumaya Hisham

CAPE TOWN, Sept 3 (Reuters) – South Africa’s top court dismissed an application by the Electoral Commission to postpone local elections due on Oct. 27, court documents showed on Friday.

The judgment is a blow to the ruling African National Congress (ANC), which supported a postponement and has struggled to register thousands of councillors expected to contest the municipal elections.null

In 2016 the party was hammered in local government elections, losing cities such as Johannesburg to rival opposition parties in the ANC’s worst faring since sweeping to power in South Africa’s first democratic vote in 1994.

This time the polls will test support for the ANC following the coronavirus pandemic and South Africa’s worst civil unrest in years in July, triggered by the jailing of former President Jacob Zuma after he failed to appear before an anti-corruption inquiry.

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Lord we ask that all demonic and ancestral rituals, offerings, chanting, dancing, singing, sacrifices that was performed, please be cancelled and nullified with the fire of the Holy Spirit, every ancestral spirit called upon, that had a voice, be silenced in the Name of Jesus. We ask You that You will send Your escort angels, to remove every dead human spirit, to the place where you want to take it. Every footprint, voice print in the Spirit be destroyed in Your Name. Where through all of the above caused demonic altars to be established, we ask that all these alters be smashed and destroyed by Your Holy Fire, that the worship be cancelled. We also ask that demonic prophetic words that acted as seeds, they  have a crop failure and that they be stopped from multiplying in any way.
We ask You to close the mouth of every demonic alter speaking out on the earth and in the second heaven, we call forth Your judgement and punishment on these alters, so that the lies and plans of the enemy be stopped in the Name that is above every Name, the name of our Messiah! Father please tear the mantle of every high priest and priestess serving in whatever shape or form at these alters, stripping them of their authority.
Lord will You please release Your angels to remove to the feet of Jesus, every ancestral spirit as well as every other spirit/agent working with Satan.
We ask that every mantle of the spirit of death, destruction, decay and of the bones be torn. We ask that their assignment from the underworld be cancelled, nullified and made of no effect.
Father we petition You that all gateways to the realms of the dead, its kingdom to the underworld be closed and sealed with the Blood of the Lamb, every gatekeeper be arrested, stripped of rank, power and authority, decommissioned of position, its mantles torn and taken to the feet of Jesus! That every demonic portal in the heavens and on earth be sealed with the blood of Jesus and we call the judgement, punishment and annihilation on the power source working against South Africa.
We declare that Yahweh Elohim is the God of South Africa.
Lord protect us against any whiplash, backlash, punishment, tormenting from the side of the enemy.  You will be our shield around us and Your Word that says, -” no weapon formed against  us shall prosper, let it come to pass in any and every circumstance!
Please hoist Your banner of Yahweh Nissi over this nation and country, the banner of  Your Strong Victory and we petition You that every demonic banner be pulled down and burnt by the fire of the Holy Spirit!!
We also declare The Right of the First Claim, over South Africa and that the Mines belong to our God – Yahweh Elohim!! –Lord we declare the rule of the victor!!

Continue to proclaim the blood of protection, the blood of sanctification over your friends, your family and over this nation.
. The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails MUCH!!!!!

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