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Your hour of deliverance is nigh
For the Lord has called you to be a mighty sheep nation.

A nation of justice and truth. A people who know the voice of the Shepherd. Those who follow His will. Those who go where His path leads. Those who lead others to green pastures and still waters.

Arise Beautiful Bride, South Africa.
For the Lord has called you to feed the nations from His abundance.
He has called you to take the homeless poor into your heart.

He has chosen you to love and feed the masses, for He has blessed you to be a blessing.You are a Joseph Storehouse South Africa.

The Lord is releasing wisdom to you. This wisdom brings regional transformation. Winds of Hope are bringing change. Angelic might and power is being released to you.

Seek to know My Name, says the Lord, for I will come to you. I will fill you so you will overflow. You are to be an outpouring of hope and grace.

Remember to always seek My face. To seek My kingdom first. Everything you need will come from Me. Seek My righteousness and I will clothe you in my grace gifts and power.
Humble yourself and I will come to you.
My promises to you are faithful and true.

I have called you be my bread-basket and to be a people of living hope to all of Africa. It’s not just about those who take, but to arise and be those who give and give and give that you might live in the abundance of My life.

I am the plumb line aligning you.
I am the tuning fork fine-tuning you.
I am the fire in this revival that is blowing across this land.
The movement of My heart is this awakening. Don’t quench the fire. I am bringing healing and salvation.

South Africa:  Embrace My ways
            Let Me move in fullness
            Don’t stop the flow or shut off the valve of Holy glory oil and fire.
For I am releasing a river of My presence to wash over this land. My life-giving river will heal every dry place.
This is My desire, an awakening of love.
I will fuel your hearts with faith.
I will cause you to arise on winds of Hope are bringing change.
I am Wisdom, I am at the gate and I am releasing transformation.
I declare it so.

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Ps. 27:4 :”One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek, inquire for, and [insistently] require: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord [in His presence] all the days of my life, to behold and gaze upon the beauty [the sweet attractiveness and the delightful loveliness] of the Lord and to meditate, consider, and inquire in His temple. [Ps. 16:11; 18:6; 65:4; Luke 2:37.] AMP

This has always been one of the most profound scriptures I have ever read in the Bible. Here King David literally says the the One thing he asks of God; the one requeust- the one thing he truly desires, is to be in church all day?

One would think it would be something extroadinary from the Giant slaying king.

The man who led Israel into God’s purpose for forty years. Who conquered kingdoms and the hearts of many a woman- the greatest hero in Israel followed by his mighty men. The man who has been the hero in our childrens Bibles and have been the man after God’s own heart writes this portion and we all read it and wonder.

But David is writing something very profound. He is actually writing about being in the manifest presence of God. There where the Lord’s presence is manifest there is a delight and at His right hand David writes there are pleasures forevermore.

David had experienced above the love of the women in his life (he had 13 wives). Above the ambitions and desire for power and the hidden strive for greatness in man; which he has achieved being king and one of the greatest war heroes in the history of man. There was above everything else this one thing that superseded it- the “sweet attractiveness and delightfull loveliness” of God.

I have experienced this many times in my private prayertimes and sometimes in worship services…there is nothing that truly compares. I have over the years of following Jesus spent countless hours experienced the marvelous presence of God and it never stales. This time spent; many hours tarrying in the Lord’s delightful lovelines are the times in which my life and faith is and has been refreshed in Him and from that my life is constantly renewed.

Here is the times and place wherein my life and heart was and is severly impacted by the Lord’s greatness and grace. This is the life giving times in my relationship with Jesus.

It is here that I receive encouragement, strength and revelation. From here flows the prophetic words of life and from here my soul is restored. It is a hidden place of great joy and power.

King David experienced that and therefore can speak with authority that these are the greatest times of his life and also mine. The delightful love and sweet attractiveness of the Lord supercedes everything else and nothing compares! This relationship with God is available to you today…Jesus is waiting on you.

Today start waiting and spending time with the Lord in His house and presence in you!


joyful-girl1Early this week as I was waiting on the Lord and praying in the Spirit I saw a vision of many people standing in front of a mighty torrent of ugly dirty and murky waters. Apart from the deep and mighty force of the water the abhorrent dirt and murkiness there were several large crocodiles and many other dangerous creatures in the water that had prohibited any to cross.

The faces of the people stanCrocodils_Rivers-610x407ding and needing to cross these waters were somber they looked obviously tired and filled with despair. The land behind them was grey and scorched, it seemed to be impossible to stay and live there. The people were despondent from being stuck in a desperate place with no possibility of escape. Like refugees longing to escape from danger and death they were looking at the land across the river.

It was a totally different picture from where they were; luscious green forests of trees and fruits and vegetation. There were well watered gardens and fields of wheat…a living paradise it seemed.


As I looked at this situation I felt the Lord saying that there are truly many who are facing obstacles to living in His promised abundant life; obstacles that seem impossible to overcome. And they are right. If anyone would try to cross this dirty river they would be swept away by the strong current of the water- these obstacles will not be easily overcome even with a boat it would be risky. As I looked at this picture my heart sank as the obvious seemingly impossibility facing these people.

But then I heard the Lord say to this uncross-able river:”Dry up”.

It was as if immediately this once mighty river with its strong mass torrent of water became a little stream and in the end there was no water left in it. The entire river and all the stench and dirt and water was immediately started disappearing and on seconds were gone and dried up.

The previously somber and exhausted people seemed like they had received new life as they saw the river dissipating right in front of them. They cautiously started over the dry riverbed and then burst out dancing and jumping and singing as they realized the way to the land of plenty were open. They looked like a whole different group of people from what I saw before. Their joy was restored, their health was restored, and their lives were restored. They did not have these dark and distant faces full of the signs of hardship and difficulty anymore but rather looked renewed and refreshed- completely rejuvenated.Joyous-run-930x576

They crossed from the side of dark and gray and slump like area into a valley of life filled with beautiful green and luscious trees and fields, and it was done with such ease and joy, no hard labor or stress was involved for anyone crossing the dry river bed it was almost effortless. The Lord had taken them “through” the murky river on dry land!

Many of us are looking to our promises and future but it seems unobtainable. There is a blockage. A Murky dirty river…whether it be circumstances or fear or sickness; that was not the issue. The issue was that the Lord had a great desire for you and me to get out of the place of death, depression and darkness into the life that He is and has for us! I believe that the Lord is speaking to the barriers in the lives if His people today to dry up! Barriers that keep us in sin, depression and poverty whilst He gas come that we may have life and that life abundantly. So from sickness to health; depression to joy; poverty to wealth and all the promises of God which are yes and amen in Jesus Christ. Jesus has opened the way- He has made it possible to cross– Today the Lord is speaking to the obstacles in your life to move– as we agree with Him we will see a supernatural manifestation of this!

Zech. 4:6-7:” So he said to me, “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty. “What are you, mighty mountain? Before Zerubbabel you will become level ground. Then he will bring out the capstone to shouts of ‘God bless it! God bless it!’” NIV

If you are facing an obstacle today or in this week- speak God’s word to it as Zerubabbel to his obstacle the mighty mountain. God’s Spirit will make the way before you and you will walk in it!

‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty.



As we grow in our knowledge and faith in Christ it is easy to be overcome by all the things we are called to do. Sometimes just daily living and working, raising kids and taking care of our homes which is a lifelong endeavor can become overwhelming. All of this tend to keep us so busy trying to please God and do wjat is right that we tend to try and do more for Jesus and forget about all He has done FOR us!

There is so much that God is doing for us and we sometimes need constant reminding of it.

David encourages us in Ps. 103 not to forget the awesome benefits we have in the Lord! Many people in the world pursues all of these things daily and very few actually get it. We as Christians through faith in Christ havr full access to all that God has for us and must not neglect it!  Lets read what David says.

Psalm 103:1-22 NIV

Praise the Lord , my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name. Praise the Lord , my soul, and forget not all his benefits— who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s. The Lord works righteousness and justice for all the oppressed. He made known his ways to Moses, his deeds to the people of Israel: The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love. He will not always accuse, nor will he harbor his anger forever; he does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities. For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his love for those who fear him; as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us. As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him; for he knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust. The life of mortals is like grass, they flourish like a flower of the field; the wind blows over it and it is gone, and its place remembers it no more. But from everlasting to everlasting the Lord ’s love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children’s children— with those who keep his covenant and remember to obey his precepts. The Lord has established his throne in heaven, and his kingdom rules over all. Praise the Lord , you his angels, you mighty ones who do his bidding, who obey his word. Praise the Lord , all his heavenly hosts, you his servants who do his will. Praise the Lord , all his works everywhere in his dominion. Praise the Lord , my soul.

What can we say to all of this…I think Amen and Amen is all!



As we grow in our knowledge and faith in Christ it is easy to be overcome by all the things we are called to do. Sometimes just daily living and working, raising kids and taking care of our homes which is a lifelong endeavor can become overwhelming. All of this tend to keep us so busy trying to please God and do wjat is right that we tend to try and do more for Jesus and forget about all He has done FOR us!

There is so much that God is doing for us and we sometimes need constant reminding of it.

David encourages us in Ps. 103 not to forget the awesome benefits we have in the Lord! Many people in the world pursues all of these things daily and very few actually get it. We as Christians through faith in Christ havr full access to all that God has for us and must not neglect it!  Lets read what David says.

Psalm 103:1-22 NIV

Praise the Lord , my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name. Praise the Lord , my soul, and forget not all his benefits— who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s. The Lord works righteousness and justice for all the oppressed. He made known his ways to Moses, his deeds to the people of Israel: The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love. He will not always accuse, nor will he harbor his anger forever; he does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities. For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his love for those who fear him; as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us. As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him; for he knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust. The life of mortals is like grass, they flourish like a flower of the field; the wind blows over it and it is gone, and its place remembers it no more. But from everlasting to everlasting the Lord ’s love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children’s children— with those who keep his covenant and remember to obey his precepts. The Lord has established his throne in heaven, and his kingdom rules over all. Praise the Lord , you his angels, you mighty ones who do his bidding, who obey his word. Praise the Lord , all his heavenly hosts, you his servants who do his will. Praise the Lord , all his works everywhere in his dominion. Praise the Lord , my soul.

What can we say to all of this…I think Amen and Amen is all!



It’s a privilege to minister to the community of ELIM Chistian Fellowship Vuwani!








Harbour Accidents

Many harbour disasters were seen: Big container ships, entering harbours having foolish accidents as well as anchor’s breaking as they are dropped and crashing into the side of the dock. A ship going sideways into the harbour. A container being lifted off and being dropped on the side of the ship damaging the ship and causing the ship to topple. Large scale neglect in harbour equipment will cause failure in electric motors, chains and ramps leading to loss of life. Safety regulations need to be revised.


Nuclear Threat

There will be a global nuclear threat coming in 2015. Hundreds of thousands even millions of people will be impacted by that nuclear threat or explosion. Intercession against this will be very necessary.



A spirit of suicide was discerned over Gauteng province in South Africa, causing an unnatural amount of suicides. Please pray against this.



There are some terrorist threats which are not being taken seriously. Pray that the authorities will take them serious before it is too late. There is a serious onslaught that is coming and the nation has to be proactive in resisting it, through proactive prayer and measures, it is not like anything that has happened before. The Lord is specifically warning the US in this regard.


Many terrorist attacks and kidnappings will take place in the Middle East and America as a means to get people’s attention.





A vision was seen of a drought in Argentina causing pestilence and loss in the banana and pawpaw crops.



There will be many earthquakes around the world. A chain reaction will be caused: one earthquake will trigger the next earthquake. There will be earthquakes in regions of Africa where they are least expected. These earthquakes will not be intense, but it will be a precursor to bigger earthquakes that will come in later years. In the future tsunamis will cause great damage in major coastal African cities.


An earthquake will occur on the Californian coast that will cause tidal waves.



A lot of rain will occur in South America, causing whole village to disappear under mudslides. The governments of these nations should prepare adequately for this.



A vision was seen of a meteorite heading for earth and bouncing from the atmosphere. The entire earth was white. The meteorite was supposed to hit earth but Gods hand of protection will prevent it.


Many pests and insect plagues will occur during the next year. Locusts plagues, hornets and wild bees attacking people will be in the news. Diseases associated with plagues and insects like malaria and bubonic fever will increase.

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Christians Need to Get Involved

Although there is a strong Muslim influence in Algeria, the Christians of the country should not fear getting involved in the politics of their nation. The leadership of the nation has manipulated the law to stay in power. God will reveal this. The hearts of the young people will revolt against the regime that professes to be democratic but is not.


Change of Leadership

Troops are massing at the borders with war in their hearts. The local population will once again be the people who suffer. The Lord is bringing a change in the leadership of Algeria. The present leaders are arrogant and shouting for war but God will not allow it.


A lot of movement will take place across the borders of Algeria in the next 6 months. Factions within the country are receiving guns and ammunition from an unknown country in the Middle East, to stir up war. These shipments of weapons will be intercepted and sent to a harbour in Europe and destroyed. Thus the war in Algeria will fizzle out.


Cleansing the Land

Initially there might be an uprising and conflict, and leadership will be ousted. But then rain will come and wash the land and cleanse the country. The people in Algeria became numb, but God is awakening the nation. International funds will be released into Algeria for education and literacy in areas where there was no education before.


Economic Focus

The focus of the economy is on oil and gas exports but the Lord will redirect the focus to other sources also to improve the economy. A future growth in the tourism industry will further improve the economy. A vision was seen of different coloured cloths symbolising an increase in trade.


The Favour of God

Because of the many refugees Algeria is receiving, God will give the country favour.


Two Halves

The northern parts of Algeria will have turmoil. In the southern parts there are tribal groups that do not feel part of the rest of Algeria. They feel disconnected to what is happening in the north. They want to go on with life and not be involved in the northern conflict. It is important to include these tribes in nation building and representation. There might be the possibility that, if there is no integration, a similar demand for southern autonomy could happen in Algeria as did with Sudan and southern Sudan.


Women Praying

A vision was seen of women praying for the children of a barren portion of land. Their prayers will cause crops to grow again. There will be a settling towards the second half of 2015. People will again begin to grow the crops to sustain themselves in Algeria. There will be fewer deaths from hunger as they will sustain themselves with their own food.



A vision was seen of Burkina Faso as a diamond, there is a special light that is over the country. God’s cross was seen over it signifying a strong base in Christianity in the country. Not a lot of attention is given to this nation as God has hidden it for a special purpose.


Although Burkina Faso has not been in the spotlight because of the the Ebola outbreak, its proximity to the outbreak will cause more international attention on this nation, and bring more foreign help to Burkina Faso. Pressure will be placed on government to change their ways. God is calling in a new stability and responsible governance into Burkina Faso. Rural development will increase because of outside help especially in agriculture and farming.


Education and health will also receive a lot more aid. The hearts of the people are being prepared to receive outside help, not to depend on it but to use it to position themselves to develop themselves in years to come. The people of Burkina Faso will become an example to other African countries on how to empower your people and how to make use of foreign countries and foreign aid to start up a new economic self-growth and development.


A Safe haven

Burkina Faso is in a region that is surrounded by nations with a spirit of ethnic violence and they have been called by the Lord to be a safe haven for those who are in need. The Lord wants to give this little nation a strategy to be able to dismantle the power of the warring spirit in that region, as it has to be addressed by the people that live under the oppression.


Economic Vision

Though Burkina Faso has the lowest literacy rate in the world, in the coming years there will be major technological advancements. Companies from eastern island nations (perhaps Malaysia or Philippines) will build a technology factory that will manufacture cell phones or iPads. Burkina Faso will export this product to the other African nations. The learned people of Burkina Faso people have received their education in foreign nations. They love their country and they will use what they have learned in their own homeland.


Prayer Movement

There seems to be a large Christian women prayer movement in Burkina Faso. Congregating in these prayer groups has been restricted to a maximum of groups of five. They don’t want to draw attention to themselves. The women are praying for their families and their nation. Because of their prayers the Lord is sending angels to bring a new level of prosperity to the people of Burkina Faso. Surrounding nations will want to learn from them.


A Hidden Leader

It seem to the people of this country that they do not have a choice with regard to leadership. But there is a hidden leader that God has been preparing. When the leader comes into power many changes will take place in government. This new leader might not come into power in the upcoming elections but the next.



Botswana is a model of African development. The people and government are very close together. It is a far richer nation than anyone anticipates – an oasis in the desert. It is a very important platform for southern African development and for launching into other southern African nations. A vision was seen of the Lord as the Lion of Judah that has stepped into this nation and make it flourish.

Previously, the nation did everything in their own strength, but God will change that. He has placed Botswana strategically so they can help the nations around them.


Botswana Banks

Illegal trading will be exposed Botswana banks. They will stop this by implementing new policies. Business people from other nations in southern Africa are hiding their money in the countries’ banks.



A vision was seen of high rise buildings going up signifying growth in the country and increased investments and business ventures.


A car building factory will be put up in Botswana. Heads of German companies are deliberating the advantages of constructing a factory in Botswana. This new factory will not be located in a big city. The Botswana economy will be diversifying to more than just diamonds and mining in order to employ the population and thus alleviate poverty and decrease state dependence. Investment in the country will be simplified. A diverse range of factories will arise; from car factories, bottling plants and boxing factories etc.


Mining and power generation will increase. Infrastructure will develop much faster in Botswana than the countries around them.


Green field energy projects like wind power will be expanded. A vision of wind turbines covering the landscape was seen.



Developments in media and telecommunications will take place in Botswana. There will be great investment in cell phone technologies developing new services in the industry.


A Tertiary Hub

Intellectuals and well educated individuals will emerge in Botswana. The Lord is setting Botswana as a new tertiary educational hub in southern Africa. Economic development will continue.



Most of Cameroon’s huge oil reserves have not yet been documented or seen. The Lord is keeping His hand over this nation and its oil reserves because He wants it to be discovered by the people that He designated it to. Nothing will be found until the right person or the right groupings come along.



A big emphasis is placed on the agriculture and the export of produce from Cameroon. Good trade will take place between Cameroon and the European Union that will open up the export market for produce. High production of maize will come from the fields.


Fashion industry

Growth in the fashion industry and its export will occur. New fabrics and fabric patterns will be developed that is unique to the country. The country has been underestimated. God is ushering in a new season of prosperity. He will place His creativity and uniqueness on the people.


Cameroon has had a turnaround policy which will bear major fruit in their nation. The economy of this country has been downplayed. But God will bless the Cameroonian economy to be an example to Africa. Development and foreign investments will increase significantly in the years to come. Gods heart for Cameroon is to make it a hub for stability in the region.

The small and informal businesses will become prosperous. Informal shops and stores will move into solid structures. Well educated people will be produced by Cameroon.



Stability is coming in the government. God is placing His servants in key places and key roles in this country. Very stable economic development will take place over the next few years that will go unnoticed by many other countries. God is protective over foreign businesses that are allowed into Cameroon. New mining ventures will open up. The government will handle mining investments with wisdom for the benefit of the people of Cameroon.


Intercession for the unborn babies

The church has to pray for the protection of unborn babies, babies and children.



Sport development will take place in Cameroon. Sports training facilities will be built to attract European sport clubs. International athletes and especially soccer players will make use of newly built facilities, stadiums and sports venues. A prominent tennis player will come out of Cameroon. He will have a multi-coloured background and attract a diverse following. This sports star will restore the pride of Cameroon.



Hopelessness has settled over Libya. New laws will be written to restore hope to the people. Heads of state will come together and discuss a new constitution. But implementation of the new constitution will take time.


There was a lot of potential for progress and change after the old government was taken out in Libya. Many people were excited and full of hope, but it seems that the opposite is happening from what everybody had hoped would occur.


Many dissatisfied groups, who were living under fear and could not voice their demands and needs, have now, for the first time, taken the courage to speak out and make their needs known and fight for their right and position in the country.


A new equilibrium amongst the people groups in Libya and a new spirit of nation building needs to come forth. This will happen through dialogue between the different groupings. They need to understand their position in the country and their relation to each another. The conflict in Libya is being escalated by the Muslim brotherhood and other factions who use the turmoil for their own personal gain and towards the bigger Muslim plan for the whole of northern Africa and the Middle East. There is a great demand for democracy in many of the civilians in Libya, but it is in conflict with the Muslim extremism that wants to settle itself in Libya. This conflict will not be resolved in 2015.



A new education program will be implemented. Because of the current danger of public places, homebound women and children will begin to implement new home schooling systems. The women will have wisdom to protect their families and warn them of possible danger.



Business, farming, import and export has ground to a halt. The country has become a place of fear. This wall of fear needs to be demolished, but it will take time.


For many years international companies were uninterested in Libya. But God will now put the international business attention on Libya. Selected opportunities and niche markets will open up for foreign investment. This will start to grow the Libyan economy.


A New Openness

Libya will open for outside assistance. The older generation fear foreign influence because of the possible change it will bring. The younger generation is in favour of help from western nations. Governments of western nations, in future, will have a strong influence in Libya and bring stability and ease the conflict between tribal factions.


Prayer for Libya

Because of persecution many Christians are leaving the country. Without the Christians in the country there will be no prayer. This will open up a gap for the enemy to escalate the conflict and the loss of life. A window of God’s grace, hope and help has opened for Libya. Christians need to take hold of this opportunity and use it wisely. Conflicting forces are pulling the nation into different directions. Prayer is needed in this regard.


Peace will come

The military has a strong influence in the country. A vision was seen of hail falling signifying hard times ahead.


A vision was seen of Muslim women wearing traditional clothing, and then taking it off; change will come in the land. The Lord showed an olive branch over the country which means that there will come a season of peace.





Israel is financially strained and struggling to find money. Although some people have been sending money to the country others are convinced withholding the money will end the war.


A Vision was seen of young Israelis getting fed up with the situation in their country and leaving to work elsewhere. They are sending money back into the country to support their parents and families. These young Israelis are losing their faith and their identity in the process. Parents are praying for peace in Israel so that their children will return to their nation and their faith.


Finding Solutions

The Israeli leadership are not looking to God for solutions. Rabbis have tried to counsel the leadership according to scripture. An impasse has been reached between the spiritual leaders and government.

Fuelling the Conflict

There are behind the scene antagonists fuelling the conflict between Hamas and Israel in Gaza. In 2015 the parties involved will be revealed. The media will expose the countries and parties and their involvement in the attacks against Israel. Israel will continue to experience attacks throughout 2015.


A vision was seen of the Israelis laying down their weapons and, in doing so, giving their enemy an opportunity. The Palestinians will put up a deceptive facade of innocence and attack when Israel shows the first sign of weakness.


In public people will say they are not supporting the Palestinians but in secret they will fund the Palestinian military with weapons. Signs of peace and negotiations for peace will take place but no peace will come.


Interceding for Israel

A vision was seen of a serpent or dragon coming out of the Mediterranean Sea and attacking the coast line of Israel. It will be an unexpected attack. In the vision the serpent or dragon seemed to come from the ocean depths and only reveals itself when it reaches the shoreline. Many people that have never before prayed for Israel will be moved to pray and intercede for the country and its people. Conflict will arise in America regarding support for Israel. It will become a contentious issue amongst politicians.


A Nuclear Threat

A nuclear threat against Israel will occur in 2015. This will further threaten the peace and stability in the Middle East. A vision was seen of a tremendous aerial explosion over a greatly populated area of Israel. This explosion will cause terror amongst the people but will have no effect on the ground.


Times and Seasons

2015 will be a very significant year for Israel. People will have to clearly discern the times as the Lord will show His arm concerning the nation.

Scripture God gave for the people of Israel was Zachariah 12:3, “On that day when all the nations of earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations, all that try to move her will injure themselves”.


We will see a lot of other nations join the outcry of Israel against Palestine, especially China and Russia. The alignment to the Palestinian people will cause a global escalation of the crisis. There will not be a quick solution as everybody hopes but ultimately the Lord will show His hand in Israel’s favour and they will not lose the ground that they have taken.



Leadership Vacuum

Iraq has seen a big turnaround of leaders. This trend will continue into the next year. The people are dissatisfied with proposed leaders and cannot find an appropriate candidate. Nobody seems to have a solution for Iraq. There is a lack of proper government, housing, farming, import .
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In 2015 the South African Church will focus on people rather than buildings, vision and purpose. More pastors that love and care for the flock are being raised up. Many churches will evaluate their courses on the grounds of necessity, value and practical benefit.



People are being challenged to push beyond their present limits to become community-minded and lay down their lives for others. Due to this, borders and boundaries will be crossed while churches will be established as “lights on the hill”.


Not only rural churches, but also city churches will start to impact their surrounding communities in more practical ways. Because of the plight of the less fortunate, churches will use their resources to assist those in need. The desire and compassion to help have developed because of a new influx of the pastoral anointing into the church. The emphasis falls no longer only on apostolic and church planting ministries. Churches will not measure their importance on how many branches they have but will instead be concentrating on integration with the community. It is not about numbers anymore but about reaching out to people that the Lord has placed around them. Bigger churches will extend their ministries to support smaller ones, similar to an umbrella covering them.



Although churches seem to be in a healthy financial state, households are experiencing financial constraints. Many churches have taken the warnings of the last two years seriously and placed a restraint on spending. Because of this they are now able to help struggling congregants in practical ways i.e. compiling and distributing food parcels. Instead of using finance for grand publicity, the church is utilizing what they have in a more humble way by helping the flock. Church leaders and congregants are in agreement; murmuring and complaints have changed into appreciation. The Lord is putting compassion into the leaders’ hearts. Many building projects, garden maintenance and hiring of new staff will be put on hold. The Lord said, “you need to tread water for a while, keep things afloat and first look after the people in need.”


Competition between churches has almost come to an end due to a realization that they do not have to compete with one another. This will have a stabilizing effect on the church environment. Churches will start to focus on their unique character. Identity will in general become a focal point, congregations will talk about who you are and God’s unique view of who He made you to be with regards to individual qualities. Local ministries will minister to their unique communities, leading to a new understanding of who the communities are and what they need. They will receive Godly input and direction on how to minister to their communities. Networks of churches will still exist but they will not build organisations. They will rather build up God’s people.



The government will reach out to the church in SA for counselling and advice. This will lead to a sharp increase in moral conscience. Political leaders will become active church members without VIP status. The Lord is making the importance of following Jesus public. Certain political parties will become active followers of Jesus and lead others in following Christ. It will become evident that parties’ members pray and seek God. This will not only happen in Christian political parties, but also in those not known to be Christian. Prayer rallies will accompany this.


A vision was seen of churches taking responsibility for public parks and the maintenance thereof. This will become a way by which the church will minister to families and communities. The Lord is saying: “You have been faithful in the past and I am entrusting you with more”. He has raised the level maturity of the church so that communities can be influenced. Municipalities and communities alike will welcome this strong community move as people are hoping that someone will take a stand. Municipalities will place parks under churches’ direction and fund children’s ministry in these parks. The Lord is opening doors that were previously shut.



Movement of leadership in the church will cause new congregations and church groups to be formed. Positive networking between different leadership and groups will increase. Even though many will leave large churches for smaller groupings, large churches will still increase in numbers. Many individuals will be involved in activities in more than one congregation at the same time. New emphasis will be placed on Bible knowledge and understanding, accompanied by a greater degree of Holy Spirit-revelation. Old teachings will return, accompanied with greater revelation and understanding.


Theology will come alive; emphasis will be placed on the practical application of Bible knowledge. Leaders walking with their people will advance very quickly, but those dominating their people will experience more difficulty. Churches have to be frugal with their finances in this season to come, even if a lot comes in.


Prepare yourselves for the next season that is to come. More church leadership will connect with businesses. Youth development will become increasingly important for the prosperity of congregations. Elderly care will become a great concern in communities and the public and churches will be expected to fill the need for caring for the elderly. Normal settings for the church will be re-invented in SA and unconventional places will be used. Great pressure will be placed on morality, leading to conflict in church. A choice to stay true to the Word and not to compromise will be required.




People in church will help leaders to “carry the light”. A vision was seen of a dim light that illuminates the path just enough for other people to be drawn onto it.

In the past church structures have not accommodated the youth; causing a generation gap. This has led to some leaders becoming discouraged. There are 30 or 40 leaders that wish to exit in the next few months, saying: “I had enough, I cannot continue with this, I am getting out”. God is encouraging them to not give up. He is saying: “I am raising a generation that will break out of their boundaries to help you to cover missing ground. Just hold on.”



In the previous season church members have grown in maturity. The Lord is going to use this development to influence the nation. He has strategically planted his church in different areas – for example politics, business and other spheres of life. Due to a reshuffling over the last years, we will this year start to see fruit coming forth from people’s lives in their jobs, business, and in government offices.


People in the nation are maturing and thinking for themselves. People are starting to take responsibility for their own growth on an individual level. They are spirit driven in their choice of church rather than being led by ulterior motives. Within the church in general there is a greater desire for accuracy versus visibility; people are seeking God’s blue print for their lives. Their specific calling is becoming far more important than competing with that which neighbouring churches are busy with. Churches will be mature enough to realize that each congregation should follow their unique calling from God.



A vision was received of churches that take hands with the media, especially Christian media. The Christian media sector will start networking. Although they previously have been rather reluctant to join hands because of competition; they will be reaching out to each other. This will create platforms in the Christian media where it is possible to come together and seek God’s will regarding further moves.

2015 will see a lot of media development within churches, by which very close relationships will be built with local media. We will see a lot of new churches on television and churches will become involved with radio productions. This will establish great worship events comparable to the “Huisgenoot Skouspel”. High quality Christian media events will draw even international Christian artists to come and perform. This will be similar to Angus Buchan’s mighty men conferences; huge crowds will be drawn to convention centers. Because of an overwhelming response these events will have to run multiple nights to accommodate all the people.


Local churches will be making powerful movies, based on real life stories. These movies will make a big impact on screen. Churches will bring many true heartfelt stories through this medium to the nation. A lot of training with regard to media will be required in churches. There has been training before but it happened on a very small scale and has by far not met the level of need in churches. Media will play a major role in the next year.



Networks between churches and church organizations will start to develop around themes, focusing on objectives such as the youth, feeding the hungry etc. Churches and organizations will come together in order to try and combat these issues and give hope.



Many outreaches will be planned with the aim to help people with regard to certain areas like becoming self-sufficient, going back to basics and teaching God’s word in a simple manner.


A vision was seen of a church that wanted to start with outreaches but it seemed that nobody was willing to go. God is saying: “I have put people in place, the passion is birthed in their hearts and they will be available to move when you call.”



In 2015 very mature and recognized prophets from across the world will pronounce prophetic words over the church of SA and Southern Africa. These will be strategic words of confirmation about what God is doing and planning. God is preparing a whole new move that will spread beyond Southern Africa. Many more congregations that, in the past, were not open to the prophetic ministry or hearing God’s voice will open up to that. Even the most traditional congregations and denominations will become open to receive the prophetic word.


There will be a greater demand for the ability to hear the Lord and therefore raising up prophetic people will become important. Initially there may be great resistance but churches will soon realize that they need to have these prophetic voices. Due to a waning resistance towards the prophetic, an increase in the maturity of the prophetic should occur. Present prophetic voices will still work hard, but there should be a definite increase in the number of disciples. This will put pressure on people who do not want to hear His voice because they will be constantly confronted with it. Prophetic people will, as a result of the maturing process, be displaying a pleasant boldness. A new wave of deliverance and supernatural healing will occur. The power ministry will be of greater importance than the need for information and teaching. People need to experience God’s Word; therefore Words need to be understood. As a result of moving with boldness in God’s power, local traditional tribes will be delivered from witchcraft and deviousness. This will happen in areas all around the country.



There will be a theme of hope springing up from churches, spilling over into the nation. The nation will start to see the church as a place of hope. God is saying to this country that He wants to bring hope back to this land and this hope will bring forth the faith that we need. Because of that faith the church environment will have an impact on the economy and government. People in church will start to have hope and faith, which will inspire them to take action.



More churches are developing a strong social conscience. Programs that do not help communities will be discontinued. Instead of focusing on building, pastors will be looking after the flock and developing social programs. Churches will provide aids like clothes for nursery schools. They will also get involved with schools, police stations and other community service points.



A vision was seen of a movement in the spiritual atmosphere opening up in Soweto. People will start to stream to churches in Soweto. God is going to open up doors in Soweto which will have a huge impact, almost comparable to the move when people started streaming to Nigeria. Soweto is going to start to become a focal point of what God is doing in the South African church. Drug addicts will start to go to church because God is planting people there who will be able to help them. Instead of using drugs, they will be going to church expecting to be touched by God’s Holy Spirit. They are going to be turned around and will pull other people into church.



Testimonies in the form of ‘story telling’ will become popular in churches and communities. This move will especially become pronounced in the African churches. ‘Story telling’ will create better understanding. Through this people will be equipped, similar to the way Jesus equipped people by using parables. A lot of poetry is coming particularly out of the African churches. New poetry books will be published out of the church and Christian environment.



A season of refreshing is on its way. The Lord is saying He is breathing a fresh breath over churches; it is as if the dust has been blown off, refreshing the hearts of His people. Acts 2 says that times of refreshing will come from the presence of the Lord. All over we will hear of churches that entered a season of revival, flowing in the Holy Spirit and manifesting His touch. People will fall over, roll, laugh and lie on the floor.



Church leaders will work with the people and resources they have available instead of searching for professional musicians. The focus will fall on teaching the church audience about worship and how to do it. A new influx of worship music will develop in the church arena, but not necessarily within the congregations.


Worship bands will take part in art festivals such as “Oppi-koppi” and “KKNK”. Youth bands are going to become exceptionally popular. They will not compromise and will draw both young and old audiences. Even elderly people attending the art festivals will love it and throw away their walking sticks as God touches and heals them during the shows. Secular artists are going to be touched by this. This will add fuel to the fire because even these artists will want to flow in this “product”. The Lord wants this to touch the rest of the world because of the radical nature of these people.


The Worship bands will receive a lot of exposure on television. Music programs and TV interviews will introduce them to the rest of SA, even secular music shows on television will have interviews with these bands because of their popularity.



Big youth festivals will take place that will expose SA youth to new worship. This will not be merely nice Christian entertainment but challenge the youth to become radical Christians.


God is warning to not try to keep the youth bound to specific congregations. Congregations should not try to grow their “numbers” by focusing on the youth. The youth will not be told what their preferences should be. They are going to move between congregations and be equipped by various churches. At times there will be a total mix with them visiting more than one church in a week, to be equipped through the various ‘gifts’ in which the different churches flow. They will not visit churches because these churches look good – they will be after true spiritual growth. Churches will be chosen on the grounds of how they are perceived in the spirit and not on a ‘pretty picture’.



A vision was seen of churches that were collapsing, it looks like the whole building is imploding. They did not have a strong foundation to keep the building together. Make sure to adhere to building regulations.

Young leaders, which God has selected will be boosted into higher positions quite quickly. The older leaders should not feel rejected or upset but work together with those who have a specific calling.


More prayer is necessary for senior pastors and their families’ lives. Specific groups are called to pray for the senior pastor and the family surrounding them and they must take this call seriously.



New denominations will be created by the mixing together of traditional type of churches and the Pentecostal/Charismatic in a manner not seen before in SA. A greater emphasis will be placed on the pastoral and teaching gifts in this next season and less emphasis on the apostolic and evangelism anointing. Prophetic prayer, intersession and worship will be popular areas of development; this will create a future platform for stronger evangelism. The stronger evangelism platform in turn will create a new platform for the apostolic.


There will also be a stronger connection between the Christian and Jewish communities. The importance of baptism will come to the fore again. A John the Baptist type of anointing will come forth, where saved people will rededicate themselves to God with visible actions and signs.



Traditional churches still have value in the nation, because they have solid rules that have kept them to a high moral standard. A lot of them don’t agree with divorce, a lot of them have the Ten Commandments constantly before them. The followers of the traditional churches have a very strong moral fibre that is very important to the country. They have a much bigger following than we realise and they need to know that they are important in the nation.


Barriers Melting

There will be a melting of the barriers between the traditional church and all the others. Many of them are coming together already. There have been forums that are non-threatening and the traditional churches have begun to attend these forums. Although the traditional churches will still remain traditional, they will look different in their services, in their attitudes and the people that are their members. The previous generations have been accommodating but have dwindled and their voices are weak. Traditional churches will have a brief service for the traditional folk but then have another service for everyone else.


National Leader Changed

There is a strong traditional leader that had an encounter with the Lord. He has been known to have refused the manifestations of the Holy Spirit in services and baptism in the churches, but he had an encounter with the Lord and now he has changed his heart. God is busy giving him a strategy to address these issues. There will be an announcement coming in February/March 2015 where this leader is going to announce what has happened to him. He is a very strong man of prayer. He is wearing the traditional black toga signifying that he stems from within one of three traditional Afrikaans denominations. The Lord is touching him first and then this renewal will spill over to the congregations.


No More Theology

The words “stop your studies” were heard. Many of the students in theological seminary, are going to stop their studies because God is calling them to be authentic. Because of this the boundaries between charismatic and traditional churches will blur as people are looking for solid answers. Theology by itself, and experience by itself is not be enough anymore. There will have to be co-operation between the two flows in ministry to get answers to speak to the people’s hearts with the true word of God.


Renewal vs. Revival

Revival does not equal renewal. Renewal alone will not be enough anymore, revival is what God wants to bring into the churches. He is going to bring revival into the traditional churches, first on a small scale but it will just increase and spread among traditional churches. God is warning against renewal in terms of trying to shake things up a bit and simply adding a more modern approach. God wants to bring genuine revival.



The Word

A strong movement in the traditional church towards life in the word will occur, but there will be a small faction that will try to protect their customs, cultures and traditions. This faction will break away from the bigger traditional movement and start their own movement. This movement will be marginalised in rural areas and very conservative places. Their buildings will run empty. Because of the renewal in the previously traditional denominations some charismatic churches that have not been open to revival will become the “new traditional” church stuck in customs and traditions.


A Warning

A vision was seen of the traditional church. A big church building was seen standing on the edge of a cliff with a landslide taking place and the both the foundation of the church and the church itself came crashing down. There is a moving away from the strong foundations of the church beliefs. This is putting the traditional church at risk, and the Lord wants to remind them of the true values of His Word and not the dogma. Traditional churches that are built on the true values of God will stand in this coming season, but those who focus on dogma will fall by the way side. Every church including the traditional churches are called to uphold His word in society. The frustration growing in the hearts of the members of the traditional church will cause people to want to get out, and a small action towards commitment to God’s word in the church will have an immense positive impact on their lives.


The Vatican

There will be some rather peculiar shakings surrounding the Pope. This will have Catholicism spinning and turning on its head. A lot is happening behind the scenes that will be brought to light and this will cause cracks and division in the Vatican and again in Catholicism.









A New Move

There has been a slowing down and stagnation in the Pentecostal Church. For many years there has been no progress. The leaders are coming together at an annual forum with their agenda. They will put this agenda aside and wait on the Holy Spirit to reveal the next phase of the plan for the Pentecostal churches. Revival will visit the hearts of the leaders. Many traditions they developed and held dear will be addressed and removed. The people in the pews will be shaken by the new things that are going to be implemented and by revival coming into the churches. Many of the Pentecostal leaders are so set in their ways and unable to break out of the mould they created for themselves. They are too conscious of what the people will say about them to allow themselves to grab hold of the new. Those that don’t embrace the changes will have empty churches.


Closed Circle

The Pentecostal groups have tried to close the circle and lock it so that no one else can get in. This is a futile exercise as the Lord will keep breaking those doors down. He will keep sending people deemed unnecessary to disturb them and prohibit them from forming a closed group.


God’s Discipline

The Lord is disciplining the Pentecostal church saying: “I have called you to make disciples and not to cage people in”. Instead of discipling them the church has held on to people. In this next season there will be a whole strong focus from God for a discipling process in Pentecostal churches. Where leaders have held onto a shepherding function instead of a discipling function, and the Lord said is calling leaders back to disciple their people. A lot of Pentecostal churches will run empty, people will join other Pentecostal churches because of their focus on shepherding people instead of discipling them. Unless there is a clear strategic move of discipling these churches will lose purpose and the people will move away.




The Plan

The plans of the Pentecostal churches’ counsels will be shaken during the next move. These churches have followed their own rigid set of rules for a long time. But God is saying: “No more! These are not My plans and not My commandments.” The slate is clean, all own agendas will be removed.


A constitutional change will take place in many Pentecostal denominations; for some it is only a partial constitutional change but it will transform their church environment.


A prominent Pentecostal leader

God will increasingly use people like Dr. Izak Burger and other prominent Pentecostal leaders in a public capacity to speak against atrocities and corruption on government level. He will be a regular feature in the media.




First Love

Many charismatic leaders are old and worn out. They have forgotten the original intent of their calling. The only way that they are going to revive themselves is by waiting on the Lord. The responsibilities of keeping the ministry running caused many pastors not to have the time to wait on the Lord. There will come a renewed realisation of their need to spend time with God. He wants to revive them by rekindling their first love. Then revival will spread to the rest of their church. These churches have gone into maintenance mode where people have become inactive and dissatisfied with nowhere else to go. The leaders have fraternised with friends in high level positions and lost their love for the ministry and the people. It is time for these leaders to get back to the things that inspired them originally.


Home Groups

God is saying: “Feed My sheep, feed My people”. Some charismatic church members will move out of the church to home churches. God is firstly going to feed the leaders so that they can come to a place where they can lead again. The Lord is using the assistant leaders in the church to feed the sheep in the home groups, in the home cells and in the home churches. This will happen for a season and then God will call the people back. Those who have gone out of the charismatic movement will come back again with new vision and determination. A new connection with the leaders will take place. Some home groups will bring new ideas and a new flavour. This will be seen as the new charismatic.


Letting Go

A vision was seen of a big bus with a driver in the bus. The bus represents the charismatic congregation and the driver represents the leader or pastor. This bus started off on a highway where it was able to travel quickly for long distances with high speed. But the charismatic road has changed into a winding road that goes up a mountain pass which is precarious and dangerous. The driver of the bus is holding onto the steering wheel trying very hard to steer the bus. God is saying: “Let go of the steering wheel and fall back in trust and depend and rely on Me”. The moment the driver lets go of the steering wheel the bus leaves the road and starts flying. God says: “I will be in control now. It will not be what you understand through human endeavour and knowledge.” God wants to take control and take the charismatic church to a place where it’s never been before.



There are many charismatic leaders that have become proud and arrogant in what they have accomplished. They have removed themselves from the people and set themselves above others. Because of this the flock cannot associate with their leadership anymore. Pride comes before the fall. God wants these leaders to repent and add themselves once again to the rest of the body. The traditional leaders will start to become mentors and teachers to the charismatic leaders in humility, in serving and in having a heart for the flock.


A Show

A vision was seen of pastors on television especially in America where a big X was drawn over them in order to cancel them. There are shows which are doing more harm than good. Christian media is called to be genuine and true and not puffed up.

Moving On

The Charismatic movement is old and needs to move on. How will that be done? Leaders need to connect to those who have moved on but have been rejected. Through the support of the previously rejected pioneers, the entire direction of the charismatic move will be changed and renewed. The Lord wants a new momentum to get people out of stagnation. The process of finding those who have been criticised before will facilitate this.


Release of Finance

A Vision of a huge river with a dry riverbed being flooded was seen. The Lord is saying that for those who have been really working and labouring hard there is a great release of finance coming like a mighty river. The Lord is going to enable many churches to carry a lot of projects and other ministries along. Churches will have a big influence in areas where there are great needs.


Refreshing of Hearts

The Lord is going to refresh the hearts of His tired people. Many have been pulling and working very hard but have neglected some of the basic principles that brought them to a new life. God is calling us not to bind ourselves to a movement but to bind ourselves to Him. He will renew is from day to day. His mercy is new every morning. Instead of connecting to a movement, we must connect to a God that continually moves. The Lord is saying to the charismatic movement: “I want to move with you, move with Me and do not be bound to what you know as charismatic but be bound to Me and you will be continuously renewed.”


Taking Hands

There will be a refocus on leadership and taking of hands. This will produce a different team dimension not only in team leadership but team strategy as well as pulpit ministry. Team ministry will increase.


The Fire of God

A vision of a huge fire was seen and as the fire subsided, it looked like the fire was extinguished. But the burning embers remained and became prevalent. God will do a secret work in the hearts of the people that will carry a fire across the nation. The Lord has used the leaders to ignite the fires. God will raise up specific people that will still infuse flames but coals are important. The coals still contain warmth and the fire of God. These coals within the hearts of the charismatic people will continue to burn and make big impact on the people.




The Lord is much busier than anyone could fathom and the church throughout the world is not going to fall apart. The Lord has appointed and identified people in every region and nation and He is convicting, convincing and bringing them in. Often the church might not resemble your own model of what church should be, but it is still church in the Lords eyes. The fact that we may not always see it does means that we have to trust Him with His church. The Holy Spirit wants to lift people to a higher place in order to have Gods perspective over the world. The church and individuals have lost some perspective and the Lord wants to change the focus away from all the crises; not looking at the things below, but to look at what He is currently doing in order to have the correct insight.


The church globally is far healthier than it’s ever been and is increasing in the Kingdom dimension. A young group of people will start to see these things happening under the world’s radar and they will start to document it. This documentation will bring a whole new release of life into the Body of Christ worldwide. The western church has been very vocal and very prominent whilst the eastern and African churches have been quiet and community focused. Through this documentation a balance will come and we should stand in awe of what the Lord has done as His glory covers the earth.

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