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‘Injustices were done to white farmers’: Zim agriculture minister – AS PROPHESIED IN GOD SAID 2017

Zimbabwe La d Restitution

Prophecy from GOD SAID 2017

‘Injustices were done to white farmers’: Zim agriculture minister

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During the time the Prophets gathered together the Lord revealed specific strategies of the enemy concerning our nation. Here as in an important Prayer directive for South Africa in this coming time!

  • Pray for our military generals who will be drawn into a struggle for political power in this country. Pray for these military leaders to have God’s wisdom and not be swept away by emotions.

As the ANC elective conference approaches please pray for the following in regards to South Africa and this crucial time!


  • Pray that government will face the many challenges, instead of being concerned with maintaining their own power base. 
  • Pray that the spirit of dictatorship that is over much of Africa will not creep over the borders of South Africa. 
  • Earnestly pray and seek the Lord that the efforts to oust Jacob Zuma will not cause discord, riots, burning of buildings and upheaval. Pray that in this very crucial time, one bad leader will not be replaced with another. 
  • Pray for Pretoria and the people of the city. Pray that the discord between factions will not escalate in the streets.
  • Pray that people will not be swayed by the feminist or any other movement during the next election, but be open to see what God’s heart is for the nation.
  • Pray against civil war in some locations in the country. Pray against Taxi violence in the big cities. 
  • Pray against the increase of the Muslim voice in South Africa and in the government. 
  • Pray concerning a possible flood of refugees from Africa into South Africa and the problems that it may cause. 
  • Pray for the remnant group of people that have been in government over the years that have been faithful in their duties. Pray that God will encourage them to continue. 
  • Pray against buildings being burnt and shops being looted during riots that may take place because of government being in turmoil. 
  • Pray for the land reform issue. Pray against people who want to disown white land and steal government land. Pray that it will not cause panic, stress and worry. 
  • Pray that the church will step forward to protect and harbour the displaced people. 
  • Pray against murders and assassinations amongst ANC councillors and officials. 
  • Pray against death threats and attacks against clergymen. 
  • Pray for Frank Chikane. Pray that he will heed Gods call to be a voice that will shift the nation. 
  • Pray for Cyril Ramaphosa. Pray that God will use him to unify members from different parties with the same Christian values. 
  • Pray for our military generals who will be drawn into a struggle for political power in this country. Pray for these military leaders to have God’s wisdom and not be swept away by emotions.
  • Pray against the Russian influence on the government and military in South Africa.


joyful-girl1Early this week as I was waiting on the Lord and praying in the Spirit I saw a vision of many people standing in front of a mighty torrent of ugly dirty and murky waters. Apart from the deep and mighty force of the water the abhorrent dirt and murkiness there were several large crocodiles and many other dangerous creatures in the water that had prohibited any to cross.

The faces of the people stanCrocodils_Rivers-610x407ding and needing to cross these waters were somber they looked obviously tired and filled with despair. The land behind them was grey and scorched, it seemed to be impossible to stay and live there. The people were despondent from being stuck in a desperate place with no possibility of escape. Like refugees longing to escape from danger and death they were looking at the land across the river.

It was a totally different picture from where they were; luscious green forests of trees and fruits and vegetation. There were well watered gardens and fields of wheat…a living paradise it seemed.


As I looked at this situation I felt the Lord saying that there are truly many who are facing obstacles to living in His promised abundant life; obstacles that seem impossible to overcome. And they are right. If anyone would try to cross this dirty river they would be swept away by the strong current of the water- these obstacles will not be easily overcome even with a boat it would be risky. As I looked at this picture my heart sank as the obvious seemingly impossibility facing these people.

But then I heard the Lord say to this uncross-able river:”Dry up”.

It was as if immediately this once mighty river with its strong mass torrent of water became a little stream and in the end there was no water left in it. The entire river and all the stench and dirt and water was immediately started disappearing and on seconds were gone and dried up.

The previously somber and exhausted people seemed like they had received new life as they saw the river dissipating right in front of them. They cautiously started over the dry riverbed and then burst out dancing and jumping and singing as they realized the way to the land of plenty were open. They looked like a whole different group of people from what I saw before. Their joy was restored, their health was restored, and their lives were restored. They did not have these dark and distant faces full of the signs of hardship and difficulty anymore but rather looked renewed and refreshed- completely rejuvenated.Joyous-run-930x576

They crossed from the side of dark and gray and slump like area into a valley of life filled with beautiful green and luscious trees and fields, and it was done with such ease and joy, no hard labor or stress was involved for anyone crossing the dry river bed it was almost effortless. The Lord had taken them “through” the murky river on dry land!

Many of us are looking to our promises and future but it seems unobtainable. There is a blockage. A Murky dirty river…whether it be circumstances or fear or sickness; that was not the issue. The issue was that the Lord had a great desire for you and me to get out of the place of death, depression and darkness into the life that He is and has for us! I believe that the Lord is speaking to the barriers in the lives if His people today to dry up! Barriers that keep us in sin, depression and poverty whilst He gas come that we may have life and that life abundantly. So from sickness to health; depression to joy; poverty to wealth and all the promises of God which are yes and amen in Jesus Christ. Jesus has opened the way- He has made it possible to cross– Today the Lord is speaking to the obstacles in your life to move– as we agree with Him we will see a supernatural manifestation of this!

Zech. 4:6-7:” So he said to me, “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty. “What are you, mighty mountain? Before Zerubbabel you will become level ground. Then he will bring out the capstone to shouts of ‘God bless it! God bless it!’” NIV

If you are facing an obstacle today or in this week- speak God’s word to it as Zerubabbel to his obstacle the mighty mountain. God’s Spirit will make the way before you and you will walk in it!

‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty.

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