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As the prophets gathered in July 2020 to hear from the Lord concerning 2021, this is the warning we received regarding flooding Lesotho.

P. 125 GOD SAID 2021

FULFULLMENT: Districts battered by heavy rains

By TheReporter -January 29, 2021

By Kefiloe Kajane and Neo Kolane

Speaking to theReporter, the District Administrator of Mokhotlong Serame Linake said the bucketing torrents experienced since Wednesday had caused massive damage to infrastructure, as four footbridges over the Khubelu River have all been washed away.

Many parts of the country suffered massive flooding and most rivers burst their banks as a result of torrential rains that hit the country this week, as earlier predicted by the Lesotho Metrological Services.

Linake said another footbridge over the Senqu River has also been destroyed by the storms. 

“It has also been reported that Tlhanyaku Clinic has been blooded. Fortunately, no fatalities have been reported so far,” Linake said.

The District Administrator of Thaba-Tseka, Masheane Raphoolo, said he had received reports that the floods had washed away fields while several roads and bridges have also been affected.

Raphoolo was still investigating the full extent of the impact of the downpours, but he said there were no reports of drownings. 

Ndiwuheli Ndlomose, the DA of Leribe confirmed that the Kota vehicle bridge on the Tṧehlanyane road has collapsed.

“We have reported the destruction to the ministry of roads because it falls under that ministry,” Ndlomose said.

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