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In 2010 I received the following warning concerning the current fires in Greece.

I saw a serious heat wave and dry spell causing fires in Greece. It seemed like a drought and with that great fires around Athens. In the vision it looked like a mirage you find in the desert over a city which I felt is Athens in Greece. I saw buildings burning and people seemed to be panicked and trying to get out of the way of the blaze. Many of them looked like tourists

I believe that there will be a dry season coming in Greece with serious fire danger. People’s lives will be at extreme risk in this season especially tourists. I saw some badly burnt bodies, some of them beyond recognition. Also that people suffering of heatstroke to the point of losing their lives, especially amongst the elderly. When the dry season comes take care of where you are going.

Pray for:

  • Rain
  • No fires to happen in Greece during the season of this prophecy
  • People be timely warned and prepared
  • Tourists safety


Greece wildfires kill over 70, including 26 huddled near beach outside of Athens

Travis Fedschun By |

Fox News

A firestorm that swept through a seaside resort town near the Greek capital killed at least 70 people, including families with children found clasped in a last embrace near a beach as they tried to flee the flames, officials said.

The two largest wildfires — one 20 miles northeast of Athens near Rafina, the other 30 miles west of the capital in Kineta — broke out Monday during hot, dry summer conditions.

Fanned by gale-force winds that frequently changed direction, the flames spread rapidly into populated seaside towns — too fast for many who were in their cars or homes to flee, fire department spokeswoman Stavroula Malliri said. The Greek fire brigade said the death toll has risen to 74 as of Tuesday.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras declared a three-day national mourning period for those killed in the wildfires, Sky News reported.

Click on the following link to get directed to the new sarticle.

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