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It is with great expectation and joy that we bring you “God Said 2018”! 

The Lord has once again been faithful in giving us great words of encouragement, wisdom and clear warnings for South Africa and the nations. 

Over the nine years we have been gathering, we have seen the prophetic word of the Lord accurately coming to pass and impact people. The testimonies of the words over nations have been a wonderful blessing. 

These prophetic words were received during the month of July 2017 as various prophets gathered to seek the Lord for the coming season and year. We gathered together with the desire to bring clear, significant and accurate prophetic direction and guidance. Our desire is that these prophetic words will help believers and the body of Christ prepare for the coming season and to bring people into a closer walk with Christ. 

It is with this heart and prayer that we submit this word to you and we believe it will direct you to pray for South Africa and the nations according to the will of God. As we said in our previous books, we believe that though the words were received for 2018, they are by no means limited to the year 2018. The ultimate fulfilment of these words will be in the time purposed for them by the Lord. 

Our prayer is that the words of this book will encourage, direct and protect you. May they draw you closer to the Living Christ who is the Spirit of Prophecy. May you be blessed as you step into this new season fully living for God as you read the word of the Lord in “God Said 2018.”

For the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy.” Rev. 19: 10b (NKJV) 

Prophets Round Table 2018

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