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Warning from the South African Weather Service Heavy rain & flooding expected for the Western Cape

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Disaster Management officials are on high alert as an intense cold front batters the Cape Peninsula.

There were heavy downpours overnight, accompanied by strong wind and cold temperatures. Snowfall is also expected in some parts of the province. Weather forecaster Henning Grobbler says the Cape is in for the chilliest weekend so far this winter.

“The cold front has gone through from last night and there’s been a fair amount of rain. Cloudy and cold weather be expected today for the Cape Town region and there may still be some showers during the course of this morning, including this afternoon.”

Cape Town – The South African Weather Service has warned of disruptive weekend snowfall over mountain passes in the South, Central and North Eastern parts of the Western and Eastern Cape. Parts of the Western Cape can expect Heavy Rains & Flooding throughout the weekend!

The Eastern Cape can expect a 30% chance of rain except along the coast where a 60% chance of rain can be expected. The Northern Cape can expect a 30% chance for rainfall in the south-western parts and a 60% chance in the areas surrounding Sutherland and Calvinia.

The entire Western Cape can expect rainfall and an 80% chance of rain is expected in the western parts of the province as a cold front makes its way from the south-west.

This as a cold front is set to sweep over the Western and Eastern Cape from Friday, followed by a ridging high pressure system that will result in a deep layer of moisture, with low-freezing levels expected over the Eastern Cape.

The SA weather service forecasts showers can be expected in places on Friday, together with snowfall over the high terrain expected from mid-morning on Friday.

Meanwhile a cold front is expected to hit the Gauteng this weekend. Temperatures in Gauteng will reach their lowest on Sunday with temperatures between 16 and 17 degrees.

Forecaster Jan Vermeulen says the cold front is only expected to clear up by Tuesday. “It will become cold on Sunday and we have a cold front coming in on Sunday, but we don’t expect any rain.”


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