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Original Prophecy August 2014:’
Harbour Accidents

Many harbour and boating accidents and disasters were seen: Big container ships, entering harbours having foolish accidents as well as anchor’s breaking as they are dropped and crashing into the side of the dock. A ship going sideways into the harbour. A container being lifted off and being dropped on the side of the ship damaging the ship and causing the ship to topple. Large scale neglect in harbour equipment will cause failure in electric motors, chains and ramps leading to loss of life. Safety regulations need to be revised.

One injured as vessels collide off Cape Point

CAPETIMES / 19 Jan ’16
By: Francesca Villette

THE crew of a Cape Town fishing trawler escaped death after their vessel collided with a 36 333-ton bulk carrier and sank off Cape Point early yesterday morning.

Following the accident, the SA Maritime Safety Agency (Samsa) issued a navigational warning to vessels as the semi-submerged Viking Fishing Company’s trawler Lezandi posed a hazard to sea traffic.

The accident happened 10 nautical miles south-west of Cape Point amid thick fog when Lezandi, which is 20m long and weighs 154 tons, collided with the much larger boat.

The Sunrise Jade, which is 200m long, had departed from the port of St Petersburg in Russia in November last year and was headed for Saldanha Bay.

The collision caused the Lezandi to take on water, forcing the 14-man crew to abandon ship. Thirteen fishers escaped unscathed, but a 26-year-old from Atlantis suffered a fractured jaw and was taken to the Cape Town Mediclinic.

Richards Bay shipping accident leaves two injured


January 24, 2016 • Accidents, Sea, Transport

This afternoon Netcare 911 paramedics flew on board the Port Net helicopter to a vessel about seven miles out to sea off Richards Bay. Reports indicate that two sailors sustained severe burns after an explosion on a ship.

The Netcare 911 paramedics was hoisted down onto the deck of the vessel to stabilise the injured before hoisting them back up to the helicopter. The advanced life support paramedic worked fervently to stabilise the injured in flight to a Richards bay hospital before they were handed over to a specialised trauma team for further treatment.

Richards Bay shipping accident leaves two injured

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