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The current social media and national trend under the #Zumamustfall is gaining momentum. This was one of the words prophesied in the God Said 2015 prophetic bulletin.


In August 2014 the following was prophesied in regard to the South African President:



Zuma Must Fall: Thousands protest in South Africa to demand President Jacob Zuma’s resignation
By Priyanka Mogul
December 16, 2015 11:06 GMT

Twitter hashtag #ZumaMustFallMarch was trending at number one in South Africa on Wednesday (16 December) as thousands took to the streets to demand that President Jacob Zuma resign from his post. The ANC, Zuma’s ruling political party, has come out in defence of the president.

The anti-Zuma protest was led by the Unite Against Corruption group, who also led the#FeesMustFall campaign in October. People in Pretoria, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg took to the streets, insisting thatcorruption has worsened in South Africa since Zuma came to power in 2009. The march coincides with the public holiday, Day of Reconciliation, which is to encourage national unity.


#ZumaMustFall marches gain momentum in Gauteng
Barry Bateman, Masego Rahlaga & Siyabonga Sesant

PRETORIA – As the ‘Zuma Must Fall’ marches gain momentum in different cities, demonstrators have started gathering in Pretoria.

Nearly 2,000 demonstrators are prepared to take part in a march to the Union Buildings, demanding President Jacob Zuma’s removal from office.

The demonstration is one of many being organised in several South African cities in reaction to the president’s decisions related to the finance minister.

Last week, Zuma fired Nhlanhla Nene and replaced him with Des van Rooyen, but replaced him with Pravin Gordhan after several days of public uproar and a turbulent market reaction.

The fine drizzle that has blanketed the capital city this morning hasn’t deterred hundreds of people from gathering to express their dissatisfaction with Zuma.

A small group of police are keeping an eye on the peaceful demonstrators.

A tent has been setup where many of the demonstrators are signing a petition calling for Zuma to ‘fall’.


  1. Jaluza says:

    Zuma does not hide the fact that he is a God hater. I recall a prophocey from Harold Weitz in 2010 where he said God gave Jacob 7 months to get this country right. Or else the calamity we see today will happen. As we all know jacob did the opposit and absolutly everything to the point of Harolds warning came to pass.
    I was just wondering how long God was going to take before He starts to act against corupt evil poletisions for I know manny churches has been praying for years that corupt poletisions must turn from their wicket ways or looses their position of power. However I have of yet not seen this. Instead I feel like the opposite has happen. Churchers inviting these satanast behind their pulpits and allow them to plant their evil in their comunities.
    I would like to understand why? Is it God lead or mans?
    I also believe God gave us common sense and thus says we have the ability to make wise choices especially those we choose to have rule over us. Yet I see church leaders defend the evil goverment using Rom 12:1-2 as their defense.
    Now I have read from varius prophets that we must pray for Jacob Zuma to be removed as presedent and well you dont need to be a prohet to know this has to be done. If we dont we will have a total colaps of society, a race war and lots of innocent blood.
    Why then are Christians so hell bend on difending goverment evil officials using scripture to proof their point. If thats true we should justify apartheid, natzi and starlin.
    I would like to hear your point of view thanks

    • Dear J Please send me your email adress and I will correspond with you concerning the questions ypu asked. One thing I can say is that religion ties us down but the Spirit of the Lord sets free. When the Lord Himself appointed David over Saul only Samuel the Prophet heard it and understood it but all of the soldiers in Israel did not and they suffered for Saul. Persecuting their own hero and general for 16 years. Thus when we get a prophetic word we have a choice to embrace the word or to hold on to the status quo in terms of scripture it means to take one portion and abuse it.

      None of the religous leaders could discern Jesus, only the prophet John the Baptist. So it is not very clear to all but only to those who have their hearts attuned to the Lord’s will.

      God bless you J

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