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The current economic crisis we are in and entering in more depth has been warned about in the time of prayer and waiting on God for the coming year by the Prophets. We received some words which are hard to palate. Especially concerning the economy and financial crash currently happening because of the negative financial and investor policies of the President and the ANC.

These words were published concerning the Government and Finance:





We need as Christians prepare and take note of what the Lord is saying. That being said I believe that we should pray for our economy.

The sacking of Finance minister Nhlanlha Nene by President Jacob Zuma was a  clear political move for personal gain as Nene did was not a minion in the Zuma Brigade.


FIN24:Cape Town – Economists believe Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene was abruptly removed from his post on Wednesday for political reasons.

This includes his reluctance to fund the R1trn nuclear programme, his inquiry into the squandering of funds at the SABC and his ruling against SAA in negotiations with Airbus, said Citi Research economist Gina Schoeman.

She said Nene was viewed as fiscally prudent and in her view the move was politically motivated. She sees it as negative for sentiment.

Her views were echoed by Nomura International’s emerging markets economist Peter Attard Montalto, who reckoned Nene was removed over disagreements over nuclear affordability and shareholder oversight of SAA.

We need to start praying for our economy and for our nation. In 2015 we received this word regarding the President:



Prophecy is the Testimony of Jesus Christ in a specific situation. 

Rev. 19:10:”Worship God! For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” NKJV

Thus the testimony of Jesus Christ in regards to Jacob Zume is that he needs to be stopped from continuing in the presidency. It is imperative that we understand that prophecy reveals the will of God in a given situation. In this situation  the Lord is saying the people of South Africa need to pray for Jacob Zuma be removed as the president.

EPH. 6:13″:For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places” NKJV

We are not fighting a man but the spirit that works through him. It is clear that the fruit of Jacob Zuma’s time as president has been tat of destruction, selfish gain and wickedness. The level of corruption and lawlessness is only parallel by Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and his co-horts.

It is imperative that we as Christians intercede and declare God’s will over our nation and economy! Business  in South Africa are the biggest investor after China and America in the continent of Africa investing close to $30 billion per year into the continent.

Satan hates people and wants to still, kill and destroy, therfore when we judge the fruit of the current presidency we have to say it is destructive and thus satanic.

Jesus said:” I have come that you may have life and have it in abundance” John 10:10.



* The removal of Jacob Zuma as president of South Africa.
* Godly leaders to step up to the call.
* Godly intervention  in Parliament and Government
* The economy of South Africa. New Godly leaders to come to the front!
* Godly intervention in the moral fibre of our nation!

Andries van Heerden


The view and opiniom expressed in this post are solely my own. They are not that of Emmuel Christian Church nor that of the group of Prophets that gather yearly as the Prophets Round Table printing the God Said books annually. 


  1. dirk coetzee says:

    Good day, will there be a God Said 2017?

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