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Prov.13:22b:”and the wealth of the sinner [finds its way eventually] into the hands of the righteous, for whom it was laid up.” AMP

During this time wherein the Lord is calling us to cross over I believe we will see the fulfillment of this text above. Get ready for a divine transfer of wealth!


It is a the purpose of God that we as believers will prosper and posess the land and the promises of God. It is not the promise that honours God but the Lord is honoured in the fulfillment of His word and promises!  

Money is part of our daily lives and can be used to greatly extend the kingdom of our God. Many say money is evil but that is not what scripture teaches.

1 Tim. 6:10:” For the love of money is a root of all evils; it is through this craving that some have been led astray and have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves through with many acute [mental] pangs.” NIV

The love of money is the issue here, when we chase and love money we are allowing a root of evil in our lives. But when our hearts are free from the love of money we become vessels  of honour to God whom He can entrust with the transfer of the funds as He promised.


Now is the time to “cross over” the hindrances keeping us from the full and abundant life available to us in Christ Jesus; it honours Him when we live our lives to the full in Godly abundance!

Get ready for a Divine Transfer of Wealth to You!

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