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Recent events around ESKOM has reminded me of the word of the Lord regarding Eskom as published by the Prophets Round Table in God Said 2015.


GOD SAID 2015 (AUGUST 2014):” The power regulator ESCOM will be in the news a lot. People will not so easily accept the new approved higher rates. This will become a debate. Concessions will be made by the government, especially to local business in this regard.”

Cape Town – Eskom is looking for a 9.58% price adjustment for electricity in addition to the already announced 12.69% imposed in the 2015-16 financial year, reports the City of Cape Town.

This emerges from a City of Cape Town mayoral committee meeting on Thursday when deputy mayor and finance mayoral committee member Ian Neilson reported that the city had on Wednesday received correspondence from Eskom “with respect of their reopening of the MYPD 3 (multi-year price) determination in an application to the National Energy Regulator.

If Eskom’s application was approved, the city noted, this would result in “a staggering 22.27% increase in bulk electricity tariffs in just one financial year, which the city will have no option but to pass on to our own customers”.

In a statement on Thursday afternoon, the city’s marketing department reported that the city was “very concerned” that this application had come so late in the process for the drafting of budgets by municipalities.

“Our draft budget to be tabled next week, including the city’s electricity tariffs, is based on the approved 12.69% increase,” it reported.

Increase unaffordable

“The size of the proposed increase may be unaffordable to many of our electricity customers, particularly the residential users,” the city said.

“We apologise to our customers in advance that we will have to proceed with a budget announcement on electricity tariffs that will likely increase even more than tabled, but this is not of our own making.”

The Nersa process would involve public participation and any increase is likely to take months to implement.


News: Eskom scrambles after downgrade
March 20, 2015 at 12:35pm
By Louise Flanagan

Johannesburg – On Friday, there’s yet another crisis meeting on Eskom as the embattled utility deals with a credit rating downgrade to junk status, a near-crash of the grid, and another week of not enough power.

Eskom has been downgraded by Standard & Poor’s as it struggles to keep the lights on. File photo: Dean Hutton(Credit: BLOOMBERG)

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa summoned business leaders to the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Friday morning to discuss the Eskom problem.

The Presidency said Ramaphosa would brief the business sector on the government’s interventions to turn Eskom around, arising from his cabinet mandate.

“The meeting will also be attended by various government ministers, technical experts based at the government’s war room, as well as members of the Eskom advisory panel appointed by deputy president Ramaphosa to advise him on challenges facing Eskom,” said the Presidency.




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