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The recent SONA wherein Jacob Zuma again made some serious controversial announcements regarding the Land Distribution program. I felt it necasary to republish this word from the God Said 2015 Prophets Round Table in regards to the Land Issue.


Farmers have been coming together for discussions because they don’t know the way forward. The future is vague and they are insecure. Some government announcements have made them nervous. The Lord is going to protect the landowners. The food security of SA will not be compromised. The world is watching SA with regard to the issue of land.

Ultimately the government will not allow land grabs. They will find a way to give the people the land if they want it and develop areas where people can own their own land, rather than to take land that has already been utilized.

Let us hold on to this word and not let our hearts be too burdened by politicians who want to create controversy to keep the focus of from themselves because of their criminal activities.


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