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Please continue to pray for the nation of Yemen.  Recent events reminds us of the prophetic words over Yemen.

In the news: US and UK close Yemen embassies after rebels seize control of Sana’a.

Washington could ask Turkish or Algerian embassies to look after US interests in Yemen after decision to shut down mission.

The United States and Britain are closing their embassies in Yemen, amid deteriorating security conditions after a rebel group seized control of the capital, embassy employees and a US official in Washington said on Tuesday.



God is sending many missionaries to Yemen. Previously many women have gone out to prepare the fields and have done an excellent job and now God will be sending many men. Much prayer over Yemen is soon to be answered. God is also sending angels to physically appear to influencers who are not necessarily leaders, whose hearts have hardened in this country. There will be an uprising of women which will cause blood to flow in the streets. This first wave will be a horrendous sight which will bring exposure and awareness. A second uprising will start to bring about the necessary changes. God has been speaking to the country, but it does not hear because of pride. Those who are hearing God’s voice are the women who have very little pride in their hearts.

Please pray with us for the fulfilment of God’s word over Yemen!

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