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GOD SAID 2015 has just published on our blog. To get this whole new version in the God Said series as well as all the others, containing cutting edge prophecies for South Africa and many other nations each as its own book click the link at the bottom and get it from Amazon.

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Prophetic Impact




Bicycle Accident

A vision was seen of cycling accidents in South Africa: A car clipped a bicycle during a cycle race and a truck ploughed into many cyclist because of brake failure. Please pray against this.


A vision was seen of large plots of land and city office blocks burning.

Harbour Accidents

Many harbour disasters were seen: Big container ships, entering harbours having foolish accidents as well as anchor’s breaking as they are dropped and crashing into the side of the dock. A ship going sideways into the harbour. A container being lifted off and being dropped on the side of the ship damaging the ship and causing the ship to topple. Large scale neglect in harbour equipment will cause failure in electric motors, chains and ramps leading to loss of life. Safety regulations need to be revised.

Nuclear Threat

There will be…

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