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Christians Need to Get Involved

Although there is a strong Muslim influence in Algeria, the Christians of the country should not fear getting involved in the politics of their nation. The leadership of the nation has manipulated the law to stay in power. God will reveal this. The hearts of the young people will revolt against the regime that professes to be democratic but is not.


Change of Leadership

Troops are massing at the borders with war in their hearts. The local population will once again be the people who suffer. The Lord is bringing a change in the leadership of Algeria. The present leaders are arrogant and shouting for war but God will not allow it.


A lot of movement will take place across the borders of Algeria in the next 6 months. Factions within the country are receiving guns and ammunition from an unknown country in the Middle East, to stir up war. These shipments of weapons will be intercepted and sent to a harbour in Europe and destroyed. Thus the war in Algeria will fizzle out.


Cleansing the Land

Initially there might be an uprising and conflict, and leadership will be ousted. But then rain will come and wash the land and cleanse the country. The people in Algeria became numb, but God is awakening the nation. International funds will be released into Algeria for education and literacy in areas where there was no education before.


Economic Focus

The focus of the economy is on oil and gas exports but the Lord will redirect the focus to other sources also to improve the economy. A future growth in the tourism industry will further improve the economy. A vision was seen of different coloured cloths symbolising an increase in trade.


The Favour of God

Because of the many refugees Algeria is receiving, God will give the country favour.


Two Halves

The northern parts of Algeria will have turmoil. In the southern parts there are tribal groups that do not feel part of the rest of Algeria. They feel disconnected to what is happening in the north. They want to go on with life and not be involved in the northern conflict. It is important to include these tribes in nation building and representation. There might be the possibility that, if there is no integration, a similar demand for southern autonomy could happen in Algeria as did with Sudan and southern Sudan.


Women Praying

A vision was seen of women praying for the children of a barren portion of land. Their prayers will cause crops to grow again. There will be a settling towards the second half of 2015. People will again begin to grow the crops to sustain themselves in Algeria. There will be fewer deaths from hunger as they will sustain themselves with their own food.



A vision was seen of Burkina Faso as a diamond, there is a special light that is over the country. God’s cross was seen over it signifying a strong base in Christianity in the country. Not a lot of attention is given to this nation as God has hidden it for a special purpose.


Although Burkina Faso has not been in the spotlight because of the the Ebola outbreak, its proximity to the outbreak will cause more international attention on this nation, and bring more foreign help to Burkina Faso. Pressure will be placed on government to change their ways. God is calling in a new stability and responsible governance into Burkina Faso. Rural development will increase because of outside help especially in agriculture and farming.


Education and health will also receive a lot more aid. The hearts of the people are being prepared to receive outside help, not to depend on it but to use it to position themselves to develop themselves in years to come. The people of Burkina Faso will become an example to other African countries on how to empower your people and how to make use of foreign countries and foreign aid to start up a new economic self-growth and development.


A Safe haven

Burkina Faso is in a region that is surrounded by nations with a spirit of ethnic violence and they have been called by the Lord to be a safe haven for those who are in need. The Lord wants to give this little nation a strategy to be able to dismantle the power of the warring spirit in that region, as it has to be addressed by the people that live under the oppression.


Economic Vision

Though Burkina Faso has the lowest literacy rate in the world, in the coming years there will be major technological advancements. Companies from eastern island nations (perhaps Malaysia or Philippines) will build a technology factory that will manufacture cell phones or iPads. Burkina Faso will export this product to the other African nations. The learned people of Burkina Faso people have received their education in foreign nations. They love their country and they will use what they have learned in their own homeland.


Prayer Movement

There seems to be a large Christian women prayer movement in Burkina Faso. Congregating in these prayer groups has been restricted to a maximum of groups of five. They don’t want to draw attention to themselves. The women are praying for their families and their nation. Because of their prayers the Lord is sending angels to bring a new level of prosperity to the people of Burkina Faso. Surrounding nations will want to learn from them.


A Hidden Leader

It seem to the people of this country that they do not have a choice with regard to leadership. But there is a hidden leader that God has been preparing. When the leader comes into power many changes will take place in government. This new leader might not come into power in the upcoming elections but the next.



Botswana is a model of African development. The people and government are very close together. It is a far richer nation than anyone anticipates – an oasis in the desert. It is a very important platform for southern African development and for launching into other southern African nations. A vision was seen of the Lord as the Lion of Judah that has stepped into this nation and make it flourish.

Previously, the nation did everything in their own strength, but God will change that. He has placed Botswana strategically so they can help the nations around them.


Botswana Banks

Illegal trading will be exposed Botswana banks. They will stop this by implementing new policies. Business people from other nations in southern Africa are hiding their money in the countries’ banks.



A vision was seen of high rise buildings going up signifying growth in the country and increased investments and business ventures.


A car building factory will be put up in Botswana. Heads of German companies are deliberating the advantages of constructing a factory in Botswana. This new factory will not be located in a big city. The Botswana economy will be diversifying to more than just diamonds and mining in order to employ the population and thus alleviate poverty and decrease state dependence. Investment in the country will be simplified. A diverse range of factories will arise; from car factories, bottling plants and boxing factories etc.


Mining and power generation will increase. Infrastructure will develop much faster in Botswana than the countries around them.


Green field energy projects like wind power will be expanded. A vision of wind turbines covering the landscape was seen.



Developments in media and telecommunications will take place in Botswana. There will be great investment in cell phone technologies developing new services in the industry.


A Tertiary Hub

Intellectuals and well educated individuals will emerge in Botswana. The Lord is setting Botswana as a new tertiary educational hub in southern Africa. Economic development will continue.



Most of Cameroon’s huge oil reserves have not yet been documented or seen. The Lord is keeping His hand over this nation and its oil reserves because He wants it to be discovered by the people that He designated it to. Nothing will be found until the right person or the right groupings come along.



A big emphasis is placed on the agriculture and the export of produce from Cameroon. Good trade will take place between Cameroon and the European Union that will open up the export market for produce. High production of maize will come from the fields.


Fashion industry

Growth in the fashion industry and its export will occur. New fabrics and fabric patterns will be developed that is unique to the country. The country has been underestimated. God is ushering in a new season of prosperity. He will place His creativity and uniqueness on the people.


Cameroon has had a turnaround policy which will bear major fruit in their nation. The economy of this country has been downplayed. But God will bless the Cameroonian economy to be an example to Africa. Development and foreign investments will increase significantly in the years to come. Gods heart for Cameroon is to make it a hub for stability in the region.

The small and informal businesses will become prosperous. Informal shops and stores will move into solid structures. Well educated people will be produced by Cameroon.



Stability is coming in the government. God is placing His servants in key places and key roles in this country. Very stable economic development will take place over the next few years that will go unnoticed by many other countries. God is protective over foreign businesses that are allowed into Cameroon. New mining ventures will open up. The government will handle mining investments with wisdom for the benefit of the people of Cameroon.


Intercession for the unborn babies

The church has to pray for the protection of unborn babies, babies and children.



Sport development will take place in Cameroon. Sports training facilities will be built to attract European sport clubs. International athletes and especially soccer players will make use of newly built facilities, stadiums and sports venues. A prominent tennis player will come out of Cameroon. He will have a multi-coloured background and attract a diverse following. This sports star will restore the pride of Cameroon.



Hopelessness has settled over Libya. New laws will be written to restore hope to the people. Heads of state will come together and discuss a new constitution. But implementation of the new constitution will take time.


There was a lot of potential for progress and change after the old government was taken out in Libya. Many people were excited and full of hope, but it seems that the opposite is happening from what everybody had hoped would occur.


Many dissatisfied groups, who were living under fear and could not voice their demands and needs, have now, for the first time, taken the courage to speak out and make their needs known and fight for their right and position in the country.


A new equilibrium amongst the people groups in Libya and a new spirit of nation building needs to come forth. This will happen through dialogue between the different groupings. They need to understand their position in the country and their relation to each another. The conflict in Libya is being escalated by the Muslim brotherhood and other factions who use the turmoil for their own personal gain and towards the bigger Muslim plan for the whole of northern Africa and the Middle East. There is a great demand for democracy in many of the civilians in Libya, but it is in conflict with the Muslim extremism that wants to settle itself in Libya. This conflict will not be resolved in 2015.



A new education program will be implemented. Because of the current danger of public places, homebound women and children will begin to implement new home schooling systems. The women will have wisdom to protect their families and warn them of possible danger.



Business, farming, import and export has ground to a halt. The country has become a place of fear. This wall of fear needs to be demolished, but it will take time.


For many years international companies were uninterested in Libya. But God will now put the international business attention on Libya. Selected opportunities and niche markets will open up for foreign investment. This will start to grow the Libyan economy.


A New Openness

Libya will open for outside assistance. The older generation fear foreign influence because of the possible change it will bring. The younger generation is in favour of help from western nations. Governments of western nations, in future, will have a strong influence in Libya and bring stability and ease the conflict between tribal factions.


Prayer for Libya

Because of persecution many Christians are leaving the country. Without the Christians in the country there will be no prayer. This will open up a gap for the enemy to escalate the conflict and the loss of life. A window of God’s grace, hope and help has opened for Libya. Christians need to take hold of this opportunity and use it wisely. Conflicting forces are pulling the nation into different directions. Prayer is needed in this regard.


Peace will come

The military has a strong influence in the country. A vision was seen of hail falling signifying hard times ahead.


A vision was seen of Muslim women wearing traditional clothing, and then taking it off; change will come in the land. The Lord showed an olive branch over the country which means that there will come a season of peace.





Israel is financially strained and struggling to find money. Although some people have been sending money to the country others are convinced withholding the money will end the war.


A Vision was seen of young Israelis getting fed up with the situation in their country and leaving to work elsewhere. They are sending money back into the country to support their parents and families. These young Israelis are losing their faith and their identity in the process. Parents are praying for peace in Israel so that their children will return to their nation and their faith.


Finding Solutions

The Israeli leadership are not looking to God for solutions. Rabbis have tried to counsel the leadership according to scripture. An impasse has been reached between the spiritual leaders and government.

Fuelling the Conflict

There are behind the scene antagonists fuelling the conflict between Hamas and Israel in Gaza. In 2015 the parties involved will be revealed. The media will expose the countries and parties and their involvement in the attacks against Israel. Israel will continue to experience attacks throughout 2015.


A vision was seen of the Israelis laying down their weapons and, in doing so, giving their enemy an opportunity. The Palestinians will put up a deceptive facade of innocence and attack when Israel shows the first sign of weakness.


In public people will say they are not supporting the Palestinians but in secret they will fund the Palestinian military with weapons. Signs of peace and negotiations for peace will take place but no peace will come.


Interceding for Israel

A vision was seen of a serpent or dragon coming out of the Mediterranean Sea and attacking the coast line of Israel. It will be an unexpected attack. In the vision the serpent or dragon seemed to come from the ocean depths and only reveals itself when it reaches the shoreline. Many people that have never before prayed for Israel will be moved to pray and intercede for the country and its people. Conflict will arise in America regarding support for Israel. It will become a contentious issue amongst politicians.


A Nuclear Threat

A nuclear threat against Israel will occur in 2015. This will further threaten the peace and stability in the Middle East. A vision was seen of a tremendous aerial explosion over a greatly populated area of Israel. This explosion will cause terror amongst the people but will have no effect on the ground.


Times and Seasons

2015 will be a very significant year for Israel. People will have to clearly discern the times as the Lord will show His arm concerning the nation.

Scripture God gave for the people of Israel was Zachariah 12:3, “On that day when all the nations of earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations, all that try to move her will injure themselves”.


We will see a lot of other nations join the outcry of Israel against Palestine, especially China and Russia. The alignment to the Palestinian people will cause a global escalation of the crisis. There will not be a quick solution as everybody hopes but ultimately the Lord will show His hand in Israel’s favour and they will not lose the ground that they have taken.



Leadership Vacuum

Iraq has seen a big turnaround of leaders. This trend will continue into the next year. The people are dissatisfied with proposed leaders and cannot find an appropriate candidate. Nobody seems to have a solution for Iraq. There is a lack of proper government, housing, farming, import .
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