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Last year’s (2014) warning about air travel to the Middle-East still stands and it will stand for the foreseeable future including 2015. Flights that hub through the Middle-East should be checked with the Lord.


African Airways

In the next few years to come air travel in Africa will substantially increase. There is a hold up in the growth of aircraft industry in Africa because of political wrangling and monopolies. More airlines should have been in the air by now but because of the wrangling it was postponed. These problems will get sorted out and a whole new opportunity for airlines to do business in Africa will start opening up that will cause many airlines to take their place in Africa. Most of this travel will take place not from the African continent to other continents but between African countries. New routes and connections will become possible.



Aircraft maintenance has not been up to the excellent standard that it should be. Sub-standard products are being used and repairs are being pushed through too fast. Aircraft mechanics are being re-trained, new suppliers of parts are looked at and a new fuel mixture will be used in the running of the aircraft. The use of sub-standard product will be eliminated. Simple changes will make a big difference in the aircraft safety.



NASA is developing new technology for airplanes. A lot of this technology is actually warfare focused and new warfare planes are being developed. A very large airplane, with a big capacity to transport passengers will be manufactured. The design was originally meant for warfare purposes. It will be used to relocate large amounts of people from one place to another.


New Flight paths

New flight paths will be developed as near accidents have frequently occurred on busy routs. Some of the overcrowded flight paths are going to be trimmed and new flight paths will be implemented.


Much less disastrous air accidents will occur than the past year. The aviation industry will spend the year investigating the recent disasters. The world aviation authorities will increase safety procedures that will lead to the decommissioning of aircraft that are older than 20 years of age. This applies specifically to the jet engine planes and less so to the prop engines.


Some changes in policies need to be done on how to effectively manage pilots and their flight schedules. Many of the accidents were caused by human error because of an over utilisation of human resource and pilots.


With the economic meltdown Airlines are trying to save costs and taking risks on people. This will have to be re-addressed to prevent future human error.



A more efficient aircraft engine with less air pollution will be implemented into some aircraft this coming year.



There will be major terrorist attempts on airplanes and a lot of wisdom will be needed from the national governments on how to combat it.



Because of a shortage many pilots have been rushed and pushed through the system. A condensed program is used that is not sufficient. They need to go back to yearlong training to complete the necessary requirements. There will be a slowdown in air travel. People will be thinking twice before booking a flight. Because of the competition between airlines for more flights and passengers, the standard of services has declined. During the slowing down period the quality of services and products in the airline industry needs to be reviewed and improved upon.


A outbreak of an infectious disease (similar to the Ebola scare) will cause flight limitations between countries. This will lead to new products and advancements in preventative measures for these kinds of situations.




There is a great expectation for growth of digital books in SA but the growth will not be as rapid as predicted. Printed books will sell more in SA than other parts of the world. In America and Europe the e-platform will continue its growth.

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