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We revise on that which has been our focus this past week:

Continue to pray pressing into the throne room, petitioning for  AMCU.  Continue to pray for South Africa and its people’s to turn to God, dedicating our country back to God. Continue to pray and petition against all forms of witchcraft, sorcery and shamanism, disarming principalities, making an open show of them!!!!


Did you know that many years ago before miners went on call, down the Shafts,  each shaft was covered with prayer.  Consider the statistics of the production of minerals then and now, South Africa is way behind in world markets…..Many years ago, the land at Marikana, was dedicated by German Missionaries. The members of the Royal Family in the North West,  the  Royal Bafokeng Nation, are Born Again and Spirit filled, they need our PRAYERS at this time!

One of our students, in warfare last evening, saw a vision, which is as follows:
There were balls of fire coming from heaven. Again God reminded me about the judgment the Israelites received in the desert. They had built a golden calf and were very ungrateful towards God for His divine provision. As a nation we are being judged and we need to stay vigilant in prayer.  Seeking Gods forgiveness for our sins through His Son. Only the righteous will stand at the end.

Continue to pray for our land, the effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man, avails much!  James 5:16

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  1. Magda Meyer says:

    Andries, dankie dat jy ons lei in gebed. As dit vir julle betekenis het in die situasie, wil ek net laat weet dat Vader vir my gewys het dat ons deure oopgemaak het vir die korrupsie en val van ons ekonomie, deur ‘greed’ en ‘discontentment’ . Ons wil net meer en meer he en dompel ons self in skuld om te kry wat ons wil he in plaas van om te wag op God om te voorsien op Sy tyd. Ons is almal skuldig daaraan en het n slegte voorbeeld gestel. Ons het God nie toegelaat om finansieel te regeer oor die hele bevolking van Suid Afrika nie. Alles het gegaan oor ons self en ons eie opheffing. Dit is tyd dat ons werklik vir God toelaat om God te wees in ons eie lewe en in ons land. Mag ons in eenheid die wortel soek by Vader, dit verwyder en bid vir Sy vergifnis en genade.
    Magda Meyer.

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