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Prophecy Fulfilled- Resurging conflict in Nigeria 2010

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Original Prophecy 16 April 2010:” I Heard the Lord warn against resurging conflict in Somalia and Nigeria. I felt that there will be a onslought from Muslims against the Somalian Government and villages as well as Christians in Nigeria.

The Nigerian city of Jos will be central in this conflict and the plan of satan is a full scale muslim war against Christians– much intercession is neccasary!


Four-day bloodbath in Nigeria

Nigeria (ODM/MNN) — Boko Haram, the insurgent terrorist group bearing down on Nigeria, has attacked again. This time, officials say, the militant Islamist group hit three villages Wednesday, not far from where they took hundreds of schoolgirl’s hostage.

It’s not even 24 hours after a twin bombing in Jos, which killed 118 Tuesday. On Sunday, a suicide bombing rattled nerves in Sabon Gari, Kano State.

The tactics point to a new terror technique by the insurgent group: the use of random attacks and explosives in a deadly sequence. It means they’re no longer a small insurgency. The United Nations has linked them to another menace.

Jerry Dykstra, a spokesman for Open Doors USA, echoes those concerns. “They’re being empowered by other terrorist groups like al-Qaeda. [sic] It’s disturbing, and we as Christians need to pay attention because [Nigeria is] the most populace Christian country in all of Africa.”

Please continue to pray!



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