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MASS Action and Strikes

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During our time of Intercession yesterday I had a vision of a serious mass demonstration going wrong.

In the vision I saw extreme violence occuring with protesters killing people in the streets and burning down buildings. The police had to use deadly force in many instances and even deploy the military.

Please take time and pray with us against the spirit stirring violence and anger! Urgent prayer will be necasary!


  1. Hannelie says:

    Intercessors, please start to pray against this. It will bring more glory to God when His people humble themselves in prayer and God moves His Migfhty Hand to prevent this. Remember that God uses His prophets to warn against danger. Our work is to stop the plans of the enemy. That is true prophetic intercession. Please take hands with the prophets and pray God’s intervention against the enemy. In Jesus Name!

  2. Amanda Bruwer says:


    Ons het gisteraand by ons sel reeds hierteen gebid en vandag sien ek nou jou boodskap. Ek sal verseker saam intree teen hierdie.

    Blessings Amanda

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