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 A vision was seen of light houses popping up right across north America and the people rising up against the lies that the enemy has placed them under. There is a freedom of Christianity that is starting to move and an old value system that is being re-installed.

A vision was seen of North America standing vertically and the anointing oil dripping down from Canada down to America and I feel it is like a healing anointing and healing revival that is going deep and healing wounds that are not easy to heal like cancers and other diseases that resist. A very deep and solid healing anointing is going to flow freely.


In the foreseeable future the economy of North America will still be the biggest economy in the world. There will be much clambering for all kinds of other markets for the fear of this economy toppling, but that too will subside. People are going to concentrate more on what they have to fix at local levels. The entire economy is going to be very vibrant and retrace its confidence in the next year or two.



 A Return to Christ

There has been a major turn away from Christianity over the last ten years in Canada but there will be a specific event taking place like a public mockery of Christ and Christianity which will result in the hearts of the people turning back to the Lord.

Statistics show that in Canada most Christians don’t attend church anymore, but that there will be a return of the hearts of the people back to the Lord. Catholicism has been the strongest faith group in the nation which will start to change. The Lord is drawing people to know Him and not know religion but know Christ.


Economic difficulties will cause the nation to struggle a bit. New developments in the area of medical research will have a great impact on the economy.


The Lord is raising up an intercessory movement. Intercessory groups will start to rise from small churches. It will become the heart of small churches to stand up and pray for the nation.

Heavy Snow

The Lord is warning the nation of Canada against a harsh winter and to be prepared for record levels of snow.



A vision was seen of the statue of an angel in Central Park, New York. In the vision the statue breaks open and out of the statue comes a real angel. But the real angel that was inside the statue does not look like the angel on the outside. It is the angel of America. The angel was captured in a pre-conceived mould of people’s mindsets: what they think the angel is suppose to be. God is releasing the angel of America to be revealed for who he really is. The angel then rises up into the heavenly realm. He receives his orders from God and starts moving on His command.

Historical information concerning this statue:

According to Wikipedia, the bronze, eight-foot statue, also called the Angel of the Waters in Central Park, New York, depicts a female winged angel touching down upon the top of a fountain. It was designed by Emma Stebbins and unveiled in 1873. This was the only statue in the park called for in the original design. Beneath the angel are four four-foot cherubs representing Temperance, Purity, Health, and Peace. The statue refers to the Gospel of John, Chapter 5 where there is a description of an angel blessing the Pool of Bethesda, giving it healing powers. In 1842 aqueduct terminated in Central Park from where the water was distributed from a reservoir to the Croton Aqueduct opened, providing the city for the first time with a dependable supply of pure water. The city: thus the angel carries a lily in one hand, representing purity, and with the other hand she blesses the water below.

The vision speaks of God wanting to bless America with His hand of health, peace and purity. But the nation of America is moving away from what God wants to give and digging their own wells of supply through such endeavors as the controversial “Obamacare” legislation.

During the next couple of months this controversial healthcare law will cause much difficulty in the American nation. It will seem to get very dark all over America, but the light (of true believers shining) will be revealed in this darkness. The media will show a blatant disregard for the Godly and good during this time. A lot of frustration and hopelessness can creep in because of the darkness that will be seen, but at the same time God will bring hope as the light will get much brighter than it has been. God will provide a way out of this crisis but much intercession will be needed.


In the USA there is a lot of negative prophetic typology, not recognizing their privilege and forgetting to look at the detail of their progress because of their connection to the Lord. I feel America is still in a good place and the doomsday utterances are not going to come about. There is a fiber in the American people that will not allow certain of the things to come about that they are so fearful about and I feel the government will be under increasing pressure to line up with what the American people really want. They want an ethical, moral, solid, functioning, workable government that functions according to Christian ethics. The north and north-eastern parts of America are known to be more liberal but conservatism will come to those areas. What they will call conservatism is really a gospel related move. There will be a huge amount of growth which is already taking place, but there is going to be a shift in the psyche and thinking of the American people and they are going to return to the spirit of their constitution which is based on very godly principles.

New York: Wall Street. There has been a sifting of the rules and the legislation of the Stock Exchange. Also a sifting out of the people/companies that have listed their companies that are not authentic and have illegally plumped up their profits and losses. Some names are being scratched off the board and new names will be added. This is like a revival on Wall Street that is going to filter down to the economy. This will revive businesses and the economy in the whole of America. Big companies coming in will list themselves and prosper. There are prayer warriors walking around the buildings on Wall Street. They are walking up and down. They are walking up and down Wall Street, around the block and speaking life into Wall Street. It has been proclaimed in the spirit and we will see these manifestations in the natural.

There will be many young start-ups. The Lord still wants to father the entrepreneurs but because of the fathers actually exploiting the young entrepreneurs (because of their lack of experience), many young men and women would not be open for input.

Because of this, a slower release of high caliber new technologies and design will be seen except where fatherhood is done right or has been restored. A quicker release will come again. Big innovation in many areas will come, but to bring it to production and get it market ready, will take a few years.

A Warning to the prophets

God is warning the prophetic voice in America not to look at money. God is saying He wants the prophetic voice in America to turn their hearts and their minds and their beings to God, hearing the voice of God clearly. The Lord is giving many warnings to the nations through the American prophetic voice. There are a lot of things been planned against America and many of those plans will be cut off because of the prophets listening and interceding. There are lots of warnings that have to go out from them and in order to do that; they need to be separate from government and separate from any financial influence. They must speak what God is saying. If the prophetic voice is entangled in government in some way or another, God is warning them to get out of there in order to be able to speak. It is important not to be “entangled” with anything on the inside, because God is going to create a new thing through the prophetic in America.

The prophetic ministry in America is going to speak into the economy; God is going to bless businesses people and raise up prophets in the business area in America. Business is going to start to function in a totally different way. That is part of the reason why the prophetic ministry should not focus on money, so that they are able to discern God’s will in the business area. Prophets can and will be involved with business, but it must not be their sole focus, otherwise it will not work. The prophetic voice will have an influence on Wall Street. Some people at Wall Street are prophets. God placed them there and through their prophetic words and actions Wall Street will be changed “from the inside”.

A vision was seen of national prophetic and Christian leaders starting to come together and creating a national forum giving credibility but also speaking to the hearts of the nation. Many of the prophetic words released over the nation have been laying there as potential and must be taken in. The Lord is calling leaders to stand together and declare those words but also encourage the nation. The nation is discouraged and the Lord wants to encourage them to put their trust in Him.


The Lord wants to honor a really strong group of the intercessory movement within the United States of America. He wants to start bringing it into the public arena, even though they are quite prepared to keep working behind closed doors without recognition. This is not a small movement – but thousands upon thousands of people in America. They tap into what the Lord wants and speak those words of life. This is not done just for their own nation but for all the nations around the world. They really endeavor to hear the Lords voice and to speak exactly as He says into those revealed areas. I see those things are going to start manifesting a lot faster than they ever thought it would. The Lord is honoring prayers over decades, not just prayers of several years, prayers that this goodness of the Lord will flood the earth. They have been pushing into the spirit about the goodness of God. The Lord wants to honor them for the really good, hidden work and to motivate them.

Areas of Revival

The Bible belt is going to change. It was always the southern part of America. God has earmarked another area that is going to become very powerful in the Spirit. There is going to be a mini revival in this new area. It is a long straight stretch of cities and towns. The whole area will become the “new” Bible belt. People will come from other nations to see what God is doing there. It is something different. It will not be the same as past revivals. Not a Spirit revival but a revival of the Word, the Bible. People will learn to speak and quote scripture. Something very unique is going to happen that has never been before. This will be a real revival of the Word. There will be Bible schools that are going to start teaching the word. Church leaders have run away from the Bible school element of church and they will once again go back to having Bible Schools.

A reviving movement is going to start on the west coast of America. There is a blessing of God over this area because of so many foreigners having been received there and getting their revelation and training and equipping from God through various ministries. Not just foreigners will be blessed by this move but the unsaved and lost in the cities and areas will be moved by a touch from God stretching from California to Washington State. This will be an area of Gods great light.


In 2014 there will be a renewed focus on space and NASA. NASA and the space program will be a lot in the news.

The Current Presidency

The American Presidency will be continually humiliated in the next couple of months. Although there will be an active program to lift Barak Obama’s image through media programs like Oprah, character flaws will have a crippling effect on decision making in the nation.

Barack Obama will retain a lot of support but the dissatisfaction amongst the people will increase. Negative publicity against Obama will increase. A lot of eyes are already looking past Barack Obama’s tenure. There is a leadership void and seemingly no suitable person to take up the baton after Obama. This void will persist in the people’s minds for the next two years. People will start looking at alternative ideas in decision making and leadership and the power invested into leaders. This period of void is to be a wakeup call for Christians to stand up and start praying for the new leader to be found.

 Don’t wait for the election time to start praying for a new leader. Pray now.

 Christian Media

The Christian media is like a knife cutting through the nation and touching areas which have previously not been touched, specifically abortions and abortion clinics. Through media hard hearts will become open to the gospel.


 There will be breakthroughs in the medical field especially in the area of heart research. Integrity will return in the medical community where doctors are placing boundaries on what they are willing to allow in the operating theater. There are policies on what is seen as necessary and unnecessary being written and this will lead to great change in the near future.

Racial Tension

There will be pockets of racial conflicts arising which will cause instability inside the US at a point it will become a major difficulty to handle.


Before 9/11 a specific vision of an angel of death passing the USA was seen, a similar vision was seen again. The Lord is warning the American people against another 9/11, specific prayer and intercession is crucial and will be needed to bind the strategies of satan against the people of the USA. There are some terrorist threats which are not being taken seriously. Pray that the authorities will take them serious before it is too late. There is a serious onslaught that is coming and the nation has to be proactive in resisting it, through proactive prayer, proactive measures, it is not like something that has happened before. The Lord is specifically warning the US in that regard.


 Illegal Immigration is a big threat to the USA. There will be laws and legislation being placed around America, like a belt, encircling them and tightening up the borders and stopping the influx of people who come and take the resources that are there. The American people are an extremely generous people, willing to give and share and because of that they have been taken advantage of. Now they are closing the doors on those who have taken advantage of them. There will be a paper drawn and when that paper stamped with a seal it will be effective in stopping the influx and stealing of resources. Many visitors are not grateful and do not leave a good footprint. They come in to take and to steal. Because of the generosity of the Americans hearts the Lord does not want that for them. There is still a very large Christian population that trusts the Lord for a turnabout. God has heard their cry. More of them are for God than those who are against God and because of that He has heard their cry and is going to bring a turnabout.


 New discoveries will be made in terms of resources in Alaska. Specific discoveries will draw attention from the US. This state will experience s wide range of environmental and climate changes, changes in the seasons of winter and summer, changes in the environment which will affect agriculture, and they will need help.

A vision of new church buildings was seen; the Lord is sending ministries; new areas will be taken in by the gospel.

The tourism industry will be rapidly increasing in this region and the true value of this state will become known across the USA.


God’s Spirit is hovering over the island; He is waiting to move over that state. The Lord is warning the people of Hawaii to move away from their idolatry. A vision was seen of crops being trimmed- the Lord is pruning this nation.

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