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A Release of Joy

There will be a lot of infrastructure advancement in the African nations. The Lord is actually changing a lot to facilitate the spreading of the gospel. The African continent will experience seasons of not just release of wealth, but also a release of joy. The Lord is bringing joy. A vision was seen of an African choir singing and in the coming year the Lord is releasing a season of joy over the continent itself that they will be happy doing what they are doing. A lot of the motivation in the past was always monetary based but the Lord is restoring the joy of the African people, and that joy is like a sound that will impact the world.

Our focus must not just be on the negative. There was a lot of corruption and it has been degrading the moral value of a lot of the nations. The Lord is just raising the standards and morals again. Dark faces will become very bright as the Lord says: My people will have shiny faces in these nations, My people will shine. Africa will become radiant like a sun rising. With that rising there is also darkness will be dispelled during the next few years. Storms will be coming and going but the Lord is removing and moving in the nations. Africa should not become despondent or down hearted because the Lord is restoring the root. The gift in the African continent is joy; God is restoring joy to the world.

The Lord says we must start speaking differently over the African continent and strongly address it as the golden continent. The Lord says start speaking differently over the continent as the way you refer to it is important.

There will be a spirit of peace over the SADC nations and Kenya, even though they have a lot of internal turmoil. The Lord is saying that this is because of the mandate of those nations to be a safe haven. There is specific productive purpose for agriculture which is the feeding other nations and helping other nations to stabilize. From this peace will flow a lot of life in an incredible way. This life will be a major thrust that will affect many, many parts of the world. There is a lot of connection between South America and this region of Africa. The Lord is connecting specific people under the radar that will influence both sides making them extremely effective and productive areas, due to the spirit of His peace hovering over these areas.

China in Africa

The leadership of China had a very specific plan with Africa but they totally underestimated the Africans. They felt they could instill and install their plans and ways thereby harnessing Africa for their specific purposes, but they did not take the people of Africa into account. The wheels are coming off the Chinese leadership’s plans within the continent. They are realizing that the honor they are receiving is just lip service. They are presently re-evaluating their whole plan which has come into disarray. The Chinese will be less involved in Africa in the future and they will be more respectful of Africa as the Africa nations move away from dictatorial spirit. They were hoping, due to the dictatorial spirit in Africa, that they could just harness and pocket a few people and then run Africa. Due to the swell of democracy within these nations that has not materialized, they are viewed with suspicion within Africa and this has derailed their entire plan. Where China has been seen as a threat, they will increasingly withdraw from the African continent.

 Dictatorship Ending

Africa has this constant emergence of a dictatorial spirit, which is waning; it is increasingly losing its power. Many dictators are window dressing, or trying to window dress their dictatorship as a democracy, but they are standing on very slippery grounds. The Lord says: “You will let my people go”. It is no longer “let my people go”; it is “you will let my people go”. Over time we will see the winds of change coming over Africa, although not immediately visible. There has been a change in the last decade that will continue. We need to look where we were ten years ago compared to now, so that we don’t get discouraged. The Lord wants to keep sending people that will push forward this mandate for the people of this continent. He wants them to realize who He made them to be. This continent has to take its position within the world system and world economy as it really is meant to be. God is transforming Africa although Africa keeps resisting this transformation by continuing in old traditional ways of violence, especially towards women and children (a rape and pillage mindset). I feel God is changing their mindsets so they can come to a place where they value their own products. It is a continent that must start gathering significance and purpose beyond survival.

 Christian Persecution

 Persecution of Christians in Africa, specifically Northern Africa, will increase. The Lord is warning Christians to be wise where they travel, persecution will increase but the Lord is still sending people to influence in the nations.


 Up to now the focus was on infrastructure between countries in Africa and the world. I see new networks rising and an increase in bandwidth between and within these countries. Many from oversees are investing and I see even more money coming in; putting down better infrastructure. Most of these investments are very good investments and many will see a good return on their investments. God has a mission on His heart to light up “the dark continent.” Technology and Internet will be one of the means by which He will do this.

Foreign aid

 Foreign aid and money coming through NGO’s into Africa will decrease. Much more thought will go into what money is given to whom, for what and how effective the aid is. The need to address the abuse of money will increase. African governments will be forced to take action against corruption. At the same time more attention and focus will be placed on foreign investment rather that foreign aid. Because of this a lot of investment from European and other countries will increase in African countries. Economic growth will become one of the most important factors in the elections and in government spending.

The African countries that always relied on outside finances to help relieve poverty will be forced to become self-sufficient since foreign finances will no longer be available. Nations that have previously relied heavily on being rescued are developing a pride in self-reliance. There are educated people returning back to their countries using their knowledge to the benefit of their own nations. There is a focus on crops that are being produced; resulting in a massive source of exports, where previously these countries were relying on welfare they are now providing welfare to others.

Imports and Exports

Eastern Africa will experience an economic surge because of the discovery of oil and other commodities. Then trade amongst the eastern African countries will increase. The transport between these countries will also increase. The needs that were always met through import will now be met by countries themselves. Neighboring countries will share in the wealth of each other’s resources. This will cause big parts of Africa to become independent from imports and foreign products. Through these changes economic growth will be boosted and put Africa on a path of prosperity.

The dependency on foreign investments will decrease. God is starting this process through the unlocking of certain resources in the eastern side of Africa. A lot of activity and trade will start to happen between the nations from eastern Africa down to the southern nations of Africa. Instead of putting goods and products on ships and sending it to China and other places, trade will increase between neighboring countries and boost the African economy.

God is placing a responsibility on the African nations as being the supplier of major resources for the rest of the world and pressure is being placed to step up into their supplier role. A vision was seen of plant seed banks making investments into countries to start developing crops and doing the research to advance crop production.

The word breadbasket was heard. God is really calling Africa to be the breadbasket to the world, to produce and to be fruitful again. With this calling there is going to be favor to export, and to take it to the ends of the world.


 For the north of Africa the words turmoil and more turmoil were heard, but there are also areas and spots of hope and peace. Turmoil in the northern parts of Africa will seem to be increasing. It looks like it is coming from the outside as well and not only from inside the countries themselves. The enemy’s plan is to flood the turmoil down into Africa, but it is going to be stopped. I see God sending down His angels into Africa.

A lot of people will be moving; a lot of displacement of people will happen in this African region crossing back and forth across borders. Draught in the northern African nation will become extreme this year and I feel that a lot of food aid is going to be necessary.

A Lying Spirit

Towards the nations north of the Equator there is a lying spirit that has been let loose and has been there for years. It is seen as clever to lie and scheme and deceive people for monetary gain. The Lord is addressing this and people are looking at themselves and are having guilty feelings about lying. They have seen that the fruit of their lies has not been good and now there is a new move to be truthful and face the consequences of the truth. They always thought the truth would cause them problems and would not give them what they wanted. The lies never got them what they wanted for in any case and the Lord is addressing that lying spirit in the people.


 The southern part of Africa will be more stable. A lot of mentoring initiatives from South Africa into Africa will take place. Leaders in SA, specifically business leaders, will be connecting with different parts of the world in order to secure finance to mentor Africa. The finance will first come to SA; and there will be a South African “flavor” going up into Africa. God is saying that “Christian countries” or countries with a strong Christian influence will be stable. He will bring stability to areas where Christians gather in Africa. The mentoring initiatives into Africa will be accompanied by evangelism. The mentoring will take place on governmental and economical level and through that God will send His evangelists to Africa.

The Southern African nations are all looking at the mines and resources instead of the grace God has given the southern nations in agriculture. As soon as they would focus on that there will be a great wealth release over the nations. There is such a release from God in that area and there are people that willfully resist this and I feel the Lord is going to deal with this.

The Lord is actually addressing SA and the southern African nations to sort out their agricultural problems. We will see a lot of politicians die because of their resistance. The Lord has placed a burden on SA and the southern African nations to produce for the people of the north to relieve their suffering. There are going to be scientific studies proving that pollution is directly responsible for droughts. This will cause the Southern African nations to reform their strategies in regards to the pollution they are causing.


 A warning for Kenya and Uganda: I see them with their heads together plotting against the Asian people. They must not touch them. They have brought wealth to these countries along with their expertise. They must not try to oust the Chinese either because they are bringing progress to this middle belt of nations in Africa. The root is the spirit of greed which must be dealt with.

We need to pray specifically against the warning in regard to oil and bloodshed in the Angolan and Democratic Republic of Congo region. It is a word of warning and we should pray in the purposes of God so that this may never come to pass. Specifically pray for the northern areas of Angola into the DRC and Brazzaville, Congo.

The DRC, Central African Republic, Uganda and Rwanda will experience further instability and fighting that will spill over their borders. Mediation will continue through 2014. A problematic faction in some of these conflicts will be dealt a serious blow.



The nation of Angola seems to struggle with the proper utilization of their resources. Because of the wealth of their natural resources, there have been numerous abuses of human rights and funds. Large scale theft has exploited the whole nation except the capital city, enriching Luanda whilst bereaving the rest of the nation. The Lord is going to use His church to address this problem. The church is going to start speaking and praying against the apparent curse on resources. Its root is a spirit of greed that needs to be dealt with. True repentance from greed will bring forth a change in this nation.

The nation of Angola has a lot of hunger and a desire for the things of God, but there is also a lot of corruption. God is going to infiltrate the government with wise leaders and people of integrity. There will be these pillars of people being raised up in Angola because He has put a lot of resources in that nation to benefit His Kingdom.


God is establishing a very good foundation and a good new work in Botswana. Botswana is going to be a place of great stability. An anointing for teaching is given to Botswana. Strong congregations and churches will be established there, grounded in the Word. People from many African nations will come to Botswana to get sound teaching and training and take it back to their countries. Botswana is going to become a type of university for many of the African nations, not just in Christian things but also in science, economy, politics etc. God wants Botswana to be a hospitable nation to equip and train people from all over.


 In the country of Cameroon a revival will take place resulting in many people coming to the Lord.


More attention will be placed on the military rulers and their intentions. Many saw the military as friends of the people but that will change. In 2014 power struggles will continue. It will take a while for peace to return and mediation will be necessary to get all parties to agree but peace will come in the end. Egypt is going to be a bit of a battle ground, not just for Egypt itself, but for the way Muslim and secular society functions together. Egypt will be a testing and battle ground. Tourism and the economy are going to suffer because of this.

A leader is emerging and a vision was seen of an olive branch for peace, peace that will come over that country. Instigators like the Muslim brotherhood and others will have their mouths be taped shut, so these people will be silenced and that will help with the peace process that will come in Egypt.


The Lord showed ground that was dry and is now becoming fertile; there is water and growth in that country, a turn around, green fields, new shoots and new things happening.


The Lord is releasing a spirit of productivity and they need to take up this gift and move away from simply exporting raw material to develop own industry allowing them to produce more refined goods.


Kenya will experience lot of disharmony in 2014. Dissatisfaction amongst the people will increase and government will do blame shifting (blaming the colonial time) for issues. Tribal tensions will be stirred up by some to try and consolidate their power in the country. Witchcraft will take place to try and reach these means. Some bad things will happen to remind people of previous dictators and what people went through because of these dictators’ actions. This will spur on a new move for change in liberation amongst the people that will spread to other countries. It will even be called the African spring.

There are a lot of issues going on in Kenya that are not being addressed. The left hand is not telling the right hand what it is doing. There is much distress and poverty that the leaders seem to be unaware of. People are moving from Kenya to Uganda and from Uganda to Kenya. They are checking over the border with bundles of clothes. They seem to be stuck and not able of moving forward. There is a young innovative leader rising up in Kenya but for now he is being constantly silenced. Over the next two or three years he is going to make his voice heard. He comes from a spiritual background, but not from a church, he is in government. For now they feel he is too young, so they are silencing him. They are not going to be able to silence him for much longer. He is going to speak up and start communicating with those Nations surrounding Kenya. There are five nations around Kenya and they are going to come to an agreement. The middle ‘belt’ of Africa is going to have peace and the northern parts are not going to be able to enter Kenya.  They will try to come in and destabilize Kenya, but because of this young man and the plan that he has, the five Nations are going to stand with him and honor the agreement.

A vision was seen of water being pumped from deep underground. It is a new discovery or something like that in the area where there will be new resources found, but it will be deep in the ground, it will not be something that is normal in the nation.


Despite resistance and factional friction, there will be a steady progress made in rebuilding the nation and getting the economy on track. Government will take action to assure that natural resources will not be dominated by international companies or groups but that it will bring value back to the people. The Muslim government will have an understanding for functioning in a non Muslim world. Libya will become an example for other Muslim countries of how they can operate. Although there will still be little wars and civil strife, God is going to do something good in Libya.


More production will be coming out of Madagascar, industries and manufactures like weaving will create more local job opportunities. The tourism industry will be developing positively in the island nation. As once a French colony the French flag was seen there again, France will start to contribute more to its previous colony.


 A drive to make Muslim extremism the predominant belief in Mali will take place. Timbuktu will be at the center again of these fights. To the surprise of the rebels and the extremist the surrounding countries will stand up against them again and stop the advance. The northern parts will experience the most turmoil.


The Lord keeps on saying the word Rabat, which is the capital of Morocco. A vision was seen of a whirlwind coming out of Rabat and that will affect the neighboring countries. This speaks of drastic changes happening in the nation of Morocco.


The spirit of civil war will try to stand up in Mozambique again; this will cause old wounds to be remembered and old divisions to appear again. Good friendships of the past ten years will be broken up because of people choosing old divisions again. Good relationships in politics will be severed because of old divisions reappearing. God does not want this. Prayer and Godly input are needed. The influence of Christian leaders will help to bring it back to a place of peace.


A vision was seen of hands stretching out towards Namibia- there is a food crisis at the moment in Namibia and the Lord is speaking to the neighbors to help.

A vision was seen of oil pumping out of the ground and then turning into blood. There will be an oil resource that will cause a major conflict after being discovered. The discovery of this resource will need to b handled with a lot of wisdom.


 There is peace coming over the nation. There is a lot of prayer going over that country and a lot of intercession for the nation. A lot more churches will be planted within Nigeria.


A warning to the government

South African farmers have been moving from South Arica up into Africa – also to Botswana and Zambia. Because of the farm murders in South Africa many farmers will sell and have sold their land and move elsewhere in Africa. They are not leaving Africa. There is also a warning in that: Because of the fact that government is ignoring the farm murders, it is as if a hole has been left in South Africa that must be filled. God is telling the government to “turn back”, acknowledge the farm murders and do something about it, otherwise there will be a hole in South Africa. The country needs the farmers and their knowledge to produce food to send out into the rest of Africa. The South African knowledge in farming will spread into Africa and South African farmers will bring knowledge and new technology to the rest of the continent; especially in Botswana. New ways of farming are constantly developing, with the people taking the new technology and applying it to their own country.


A stalemate will occur between these two countries bringing no solutions to their problems. South Sudan will open its borders towards other neighbors and develop other trade routes independent from Sudan.


A vision was seen of people dancing and waving flags including the Zimbabwean flag and they seemed very happy. But as the vision started to focus in on the people they were all suffering from malnutrition and they were all having these big bellies and thin arms. Zimbabwe is giving everybody the idea that they are doing well and that all is well with the nation, but in fact the humanitarian problem is going to become very prevalent next year, it will almost reach epidemic proportions.

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