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 Agriculture will play a low-key role and there are certain strategic reasons for that. The Lord is putting a low-key plan in place and he is using a number of individuals jointly to start doing that. He is also using our farming skills and expertise in other nations in Africa. The national agricultural strategists will find this alarming. They are not sure how we are going to provide for food security in the nation. The Lord has a greater plan for South Africa in the long run in terms of the development in the other nations, so we mustn’t be alarmed by it. We must allow what the Lord is doing so that He can ensure a basket and a security for a greater area. The strategy is much greater than South Africa, and much greater regional area like SADC is to be impacted. We will not be able to impact here in SA as much as we will do across the borders. This will finally flow back into much greater food security for the entire region.

There are going to be entree level programs being developed in order to attend to the physical ground that has been neglected. These programs will be implemented in other African countries as well. There will be a five year program of this entree level programs being implemented in Zimbabwe in future

Land Claims

The Lord is putting His finger on agriculture in South Africa and is addressing the whole land claim issue which has been lingering and is actually harming the nation. After the next election the Lord is bringing closure because it is keeping the nation from fulfilling its mandate. There are people involved who just want to keep the land claim issue open and the Lord is moving people who are actually standing in the way of finishing it up. This issue will be closing.


 There has been lot of pressure on businesses to survive. The next year will be a breathing gap; there will be a release of the financial pressure that has driven businesses to the bone as the Lord is giving them grace. God helping businesses to catch their breath and although the year will not be soaring in profits they will go through it unharmed.

People specializing in their respective fields will have gain a new sense of pride, so much so that the business sector will start asking advice from government leaders – tapping into their expertise. Many in the business sector have fallen behind in their expertise since there was an expectation that government will not make it due to BEE. Since many in these BEE positions have had to work hard to make it all work, they have actually grown and sharpened their abilities. I see that in business word many have to stop slacking off and start actively sharpen their tools again.

  New Ideas

 There is a reservoir in heaven full of ideas for those who want to come and get it. God is bringing about new opportunities. At first there will not be an experiential framework to show how one should deal with these new opportunities. When these new opportunities come God will provide the inspiration, creativity and answers.

Building industry

 The Building industry will have difficult times ahead. After finishing a job people will be laying down their tools and not be sure what the next job will be.


Mining will have another difficult time in South Africa. There needs to be a focus on investing into workers conditions. There is an unhealthy dependence on many of the mines from the extended families of mine workers. Because of the difficulties the mines are facing, many families of mine workers will have to let go of their dependence on the mine workers and find jobs for themselves. Housing improvements will start to happen in 2014 for mineworkers as well as infrastructure around compounds of mine workers. Government will have positive partnerships with mines in helping with this development.

The Banking Industry

 The Banking industry will have a positive year in 2014. Debt will however have to be addressed amongst the public. People will struggle with their high debt and there will be many that will not be able to pay their debt in 2014. A drive to motivate South Africans to save money will get traction.


The economy, like last year, is going to stay on a very stable course; there won’t be any fiddling with it. The general direction is going stay the same. Equality and leveling off between the different people groups within the nation will increasingly become more visible. Excesses will be addressed in all groups and all people. That means that some people will have to prepare themselves for tightening of their belts, whilst the lower income groups and poor will receive marginally more. Some initiative is going to come into the unemployed sector, helping to remedy the unemployment situation. The percentages will not be huge but at least it is being addressed. This situation has deteriorated but now there is going to be forward motion through practical intervention. It will speak to the heart of the nation and over time bring a quietness and stillness into the nation. Economically there will be lot of opportunity – but the opportunities need to be broader based. There will be a lot more cooperative movement. The economy is not going to funnel to the individual as easily as in the past, yet it will still flow into areas of joint cooperation in terms of finances and skills. Lone rangers will have an increasingly difficult time and will have to learn to share their wealth and expertise resulting in greater equality and much greater reward.


 There will not be in increase or explosion of human trafficking but there is a raise in female prostitution. Women will knowingly going into the sex trade, motivated by poverty as they need money for their children. The surrounding nations are letting them leave, knowingly and willingly. These countries they come from have no social grant. Pray that poverty is addressed in the neighbouring nations so that the women don’t have to take these steps to look after their children.

Election 2014

Next years’ election will have some surprises in store for people but I believe there will not be a major government change. There are new faces coming in and with the new faces there are new changes as well, for the better. Thabo Mbeki’s face is quite prominent behind the scenes and things are happening because of his influence.

There have been many pacts made between different Government parties and different people and also with the unions. There comes a time of regretting these pacts because people and parties are now stuck with what was said. They are almost trapped in the unlawful covenants they made.  Now is the time where they will be drawing a line in the sand saying: Change must come, we cannot walk together anymore. This will happen during the next year, probably just before the election. There is going to be a blow up and some things are going to be uncovered. It will be splashed on the front pages of the papers. People will see the face of the person and gasp for air because it is such a shock. We do not expect that person to be busy with this kind of deal. What happens in the dark will be uncovered and God is going to shout it from the rooftops.

Some provinces in South Africa will shine in 2014. There is coming a change for the better in Limpopo province and a project to rebuild what was torn down the past few years will take effect. Kwa-Zulu Natal will become a hotspot again before the 2014 elections. There will be a lot of tension and violence with a lot of accusations between political parties. The North West province will explode with scandals of corruption and waste of money and power play, similar to that of Limpopo two years ago. The turnaround will go much smoother than it has been in Limpopo and many responsible for crime and corruption will be relieved of their duties, many heads will roll. The ANC will show itself merciless against some of its members. A lot of propaganda will fly around before the elections. The people will however not make their choices according to the propaganda. They are looking at it and listening to the propaganda and they get motivated by it, but the motivation quickly subsides, and their driving factor will be the feeling they have about their daily lives.

A warning

There will be some conspiring during the elections. A vision was seen of different tick boxes on the voting forms, but in the background, they are actually connected somehow and are an attempt to fool the public.

With the election there will also be a women’s movement, women will be taking more prominent places in government.

 A New Leader

A woman will rise up in the Eastern Cape, energetic like Helen Zille and she is going to shape up the whole Eastern Cape. She will become the Premier and bring changes and tighten things up. It is a very big ship to turn, so it will only turn slowly. When we see this woman elected, we must be positive and supportive in prayer because she is going to be very radical and not favored by everybody. She will be aggressive like Malema and aggravate everyone, get under everyone’s skin but she is going to get the job done.

After the Election

After the election the government will start pushing South Africa to make the amount of provinces less. There is a change coming in our whole provincial situation and the government will try to consolidate. This will create a lot of retaliation in the hearts of the people who will feel they are forced into groupings they do not like. It is important that change be embraced; the Lord is actually addressing some mismanagement of funds this way. We must not throw the whole thing out. It is maybe not acceptable from the beginning but we must stay open to receive what God actually wants to do. There is change necessary in the way provinces are managed, but it is how it is done that is the issue.

Window Dressing Ends

South Africa is tapering towards the end of a period of window dressing by the government. In 2014 a phase will be entered whereby things will be less sinister. We will not have to ask what the ulterior motives are. The motive behind reducing the number of provinces will not be a sinister motive to gain votes; it will be a very practical thing. We should caution the citizens not to prematurely bad mouth things that are happening, but to firstly discern what the Lord is doing. Following the next election there will be an increase in people who have Godly motives in government. Some of them are current political figures, but a number of them, apparently a slightly younger generation, are waiting in the wings; it. It is a very slow start to a restorative process in our nation, but that does not mean that we must hold back from the mandates the Lord has given this nation in terms of Africa. There is a lot more going on behind the scenes than anybody thinks and a lot of good, much more strategic planning and much more inclusiveness, is happening.


The Department of Education will be under scrutiny. There will be pressure to deliver on what was promised and fix the problems of the past years. Improvements in the educational results and statistics will start taking place from the lower grades upwards. Social issues in schools such as teen pregnancy, child abuse, violence and drugs will be in the news in 2014. There is an educational fraternity that has a heart to see the South Africa’s educational standards bettered and even placed on international standards from grade 1 up to post graduate qualifications. 2014 will be the year of ideation (the process of creating new ideas) and strategic development to give this fraternity the power and capacity to effect the change.

There will be a new breed of inspectors: Inspectors were stopped from going into schools to do check-ups but a new group is being brought in to inspect the schools. They are not going to be well received. They will be stoned and chased. The school gates will be locked. The pressure from the Education Department is going to get the breakthrough because of the need for schools to be inspected and overseen. Many people who should be out inspecting are sitting behind desks trying to just make phone calls and send e-mails. They are going to get out from behind their desks and have a visual look at what they should be inspecting. They are going to be given an increase in their salaries, risk money for what they do. That will make them field inspectors which are not going to be a popular job but it is going to be worthwhile and necessary.

There is a change coming in terms of the minister of education, after the election she will be redeployed to another department. The system has lost hope and the teachers have lost hope but the Lord is bringing in someone that will be able to lead and inspire. The people of our nation lost hope in the education system. We saw a vision of the Lord standing and blowing like a mighty wind over sails of ships which are all down. As He blows over them the sails are full, significant of new motivation that will arise and teachers being encouraged. They will receive new hope and will move forward again.

A vision was seen of many churches starting schools. Many of the smaller churches in the rural communities will also be starting schools.


Clashes between the unions and the government will become more severe and corrective legislation will be brought in. Labor costs and disagreements are spiraling a bit out of control so that in the coming year we are going to experience a boiling point where the strikes between the government and unions will become excessive. This will leave the Government with no other option but to take decisive action and intervene.


Unions are painting themselves into a corner with the decisions they have made. Because of their unwise past decisions they will lose favor with government and their members. This will lessen the union power considerably. There will be a lot of wheeling and dealing to try and get power back, but the union model is growing old and is losing its substance.

A new modern union will take form and it will be started by the younger generation. This new union will be strong although it will be small in the beginning. It will grow very big in the next ten years. This new union will open the gates for new modern unions to appear in the future. They are going to be totally different from the present unions: their branding, the way they carry themselves, the way they handle negotiations. They will make the old unions look like they are archaic.


Next year ESKOM will draw a lot of focus and attention in the media again, not so much with the price hike but they will not be able to supply the electricity that is necessary.


There are sticky areas in government that people previously couldn’t do anything about; these will be influenced by intercession similar to people walking around Jericho and walls tumbling down. Some of the areas in government will crumble and tumble down because of the intercession of people. Churches will also intercede through worship, which will influence those sticky areas in government.


God is moving many things about in government departments; He will bring a split in certain departments so that more will get done. Now there will be two groups bringing about change and not just one. Where government wants to find new levels of favor with the people, there are new levels of transparency that need to be worked at. This will bring forth a new sense of patriotism which will bring solutions to the table for issues such as toll gate fees.


Regarding the police a vision was seen of the stripes on their uniforms being stripped off and the police members sticking together. The Chief the police is slamming her hands on the table and saying this is enough. The police force will be cleaned up, there is a lot of corruption happening that has to stop.

Social Grant

The government social grant given to low income families will be revised. This will have a huge effect on the social care and Social Development department in South Africa; especially in regards to teen pregnancies and those depending on the grant.


The government will be appointing a lot of new game rangers including people who were involved in the past getting involved again. There was some training that was done in the past and not used. It was put aside because white people were involved. The program will be embraced and used and become very effective. This approach is not a new program but rather embracing what already exists. The right people are sitting on the side line and waiting and the Lord is saying: Get involved! I have given in your heart a strategy. You have worked with this before and now it will be revamped.


 Electric cars

There is a breakthrough coming in the whole fuel cell industry. At the moment it is not quite there yet, but there is momentum coming that will push it forward so that electric cars can move. The industry will be moving even beyond fuel cells.

Electric cars will come onto the market. There are a few around and the inventor of this electric car has made one that will work well in South Africa. There was a development called the Jewel electric car in South Africa that had everybody very excited. It started with a prototype and the company wanted investors. In a news article in the newspaper on 8 August 2012 it said this project was mothballed because it couldn’t get investors and because of various other problems. This was the potential of an electric car built in South Africa, creating a lot of jobs and with the potential of being very successful the international market. This is going to start up again and become successful. It is part of the plan that God has in this economy for South Africa.


Railway lines are going to be revamped with new carriages coming. Trains will be transporting people a lot more. This will be implemented quicker than a five year plan or a ten year plan. That is too far away, transport needs to be addressed now.

Attention is going to be placed on the railway system in South Africa next year. Great investments will happen. A new company or new brand will be created, that will be government supported and fulfill the need for rail transport specifically for goods. A new rail industry will be created for South Africa that will create a lot of new jobs. This new rail industry includes building of trains, maintenance, etc. that will create many new jobs. Great plans for the transport of people will also start developing in 2014, especially with railways systems to places like Durban, Cape Town.

A private company is going to be allowed to launch a railway line. There will be a stop at each country bordering South Africa. This way they will go to Botswana and just inside the border they will have a station. The train will just go into Mozambique and have a station there. Also, up to Zimbabwe and have a station there. That is how Africa is going to be opened up to trade, with these railway lines and the people traffic going first. There is going to be a semi-privatization to the railway system which will give it a new drive.


Research funders are re-evaluating their funding models. There is a real understanding of how important it is for this nation, so funds will be reallocated to this area and in a sense this will be an area of prosperity. Basic research and even applied research will have far more money available.

Research into gas driven vehicles– all the technology is in place for this research. There should be caution in using this technology because of misuse and abuse. Methods are being put in place to thoroughly protect this technology.

Pollution- New solutions will be found with regard to sound pollution in air travel. New ways of air travel are coming up. It is almost like a hot air balloon, but with an engine. It is something weird that people will be able to use to travel with from city to city and from suburb to suburb. It is something totally different from to the norm. It will be applicable to short distances, not long distances.

Specific research will come to the foreground in dealing effectively with garbage like rubbish dumps. This will be used to generate electricity in a viable way. It will start to be implemented on a small scale as a test first and then it will be implemented largely around South Africa.


In the middle of South Africa, in parts of the Karoo, up towards the Free State, there is a group of farmers meeting together. They are planning something that is not good. The farmers are saying “we will shoot, we will look after ourselves”. That it is not a God-made plan, it is a man made plan and it will be a disaster.

There is a prominent African leader housed in SA now. He is not in his own country presently but in South Africa. He will end up in a wheelchair because of disobedience. He has been warned but he is stubborn, so he is going to end up in a wheelchair, as an example to himself and others that he did not listen to the warning.

In 2014 there will be many quite severe storms even in South Africa, storms that we are not used to. Especially people in the Free State will experience severe storms. Horrible winds like gushes of wind.

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