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Janet Brann

Janet Brann is a well-recognized prophet locally and internationally. Janet is known for her in-depth teaching ministry and her accurate prophetic revelation. Janet’s ministry specializes in establishing men and woman from around the world in their prophetic calling to build up the body of Christ.

 Their calling as a couple is to provide a place of equipping and training for men and woman to walk in their calling. Janet & Bill have a prophetic and apostolic calling on their lives, having served in their various callings for 20 years with many signs following.


Pastor Joe van den Berg has been called to Hatfield Christian Church in January 1988, where he started ministering as a shepherd pastor. Since 1990 he has been ministering prophetically all over the South Africa. He has recently been ministering in the USA, Canada, England, Holland and Europe and is very well known for his ministry at various women and men’s camps across South Africa.

 As district pastor in Hatfield Church, Joe is currently responsible for overseeing five pastors and their congregations. Joe feels that his calling is primarily to South Africa. He has been a friend of our Church for more than a decade and we are happy to have him once again!

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