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Islam Invading- Raise The Standard Of Prayer

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During the week I had a strong word in my spirit “Islam Invading Nations”. I have been pondering on this and if I should share this but I believe it is important that we discern and pray against the strategies of satan as the Apostle Paul teaches us.

Islam is not a peaceful belief system of certain people but rather an agrresive and demonic system of bondage that satan uses to enslave a large part of humanity. The word Islam means submit and that is the goal of this false religion to bring people into submision to it and control their lives. Over the last few years vast numbers of muslims started emmigrating to Europe, the USA and other Christian and democratic nations with the hidden agenda to terrorize and bring them into submission from within. The whole world calls for tolerance towards people of all faiths and orientations but this has caused Christian nations with steel and clay feet that can never become co-joined and build together



The Holy Spirit is calling the church to pray for our nations that we may live in peace. (1 Tim. 2) Our leaders need to know that the strategy of satan is to invade the nations with Islam and bind them to violence, terror and constant oppresion. There is NO peaceful muslim or Islamic nation on earth, not one!


* Discenrment in the hearts of God’s people and leaders to arise and pray
* Protection over these Christian nations
* Change in legisslation to protect these nations
* Wisdom of God to lead these deceived to Christ!

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