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Last night I had a very clear prophetic dream, I have been hesitant to share this dream but after I spoke to some Prophetic friends in the US earlier tonight I feel the Lord is saying that I should release this word for the time is at hand!

I had a dream in wich I and tele evangelist Billy Graham were walking through a wheatfield ready to sprout its heads of seed. As we were walking Billy Graham stopped and told me to look at the sky. I looked up and saw an angel writing in white on a pure blue open heaven the followng words:”

The season is changing the end of time is at hand”

As I read these words I became very excited in the dream, I also noticed darkness approaching from the horizon then i woke up.

Pondering on the dream in my spirit a few things resonated;

  • We need to discern that the time is at hand for Christ our Lord’s return and not be so caught up with living that we miss His call.
  •  There is an divine angelic release for the great harvest which is at hand and we need to be ready to flow in this supernatural evangelistic move of the Spirit whill will facilitate the greatest harvest ever.
  • We need to be careful to follow the Holy Spirit’s direction, more so now than ever before!
  • As the time approaches there will also be an increase in darkness coming over the earth which speak about demonic onslaughts and strategies to steal, kill and destroy the human race and we need to be vigilant in prayer!

Get ready! Watch and Pray!


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