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During the last couple of years the Lord has been pruning His body bringing us to the season we are entering now. 2013 will be year of divine change. The church and believers have been prepared for this great and exciting season.

During 2013 we will se the Church coming forth like never before. We will start to see the Church taking up the place it is called to be, the Body of Jesus in this world. Bold, holy and filled with the power and glory of the Risen Christ. As the head so will the body be! As the Lord of the body the voice of the Lord will become more prevalent than what was known before as the Lord speaks His words of life to His body- restoring the wounded, broken and captives. He is calling each part and member of His body to come into place, like an general assembling an army the Lord of Hosts are assembling His.This entails that everyone of us take responsibility for our calling and do it!  

A renewed focus on the word and the Holy Spirit will become prevalent in the true believers in this time. They will have a strong focus on the Spirit of wisdom and revelation and will flow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit in their homes, churches and workplaces. Not controlled by fear but by the intense desire to be used by God and to be Spirit led.  

For the Lord is saying to His people:”See I have put My Spirit in you, the Spirit of excelence. And My Spirit will raise you up to a new standard; like Daniel I am calling you to rise up to a place of excelence in Me. In your workplace, in your homes, in you kitchens, in your gym, everywhere you go let My Spirit rise within you! I have called you to live with Me in high places not the low places. I take the weak and make them strong, the poor and may them rich, the foolish and make them wise I will use you no matter where you come from or who you are for My Spirit will raise you up. Allow My Spirit to lift you to a new standard! Those who trust in Me shall never fail, they shall rise and show My. love and power to those around them! They shall have nothing to fear,no intimidation from others, for I am with them. No threats, no lack, no sickness, no opposition shall be efective against them for I am with them, I am with you! So when you get up to go to work, get ready to work with My Spirit of excellence, for when you start the annointing I have placed upon yiu will break every burden. Get up, get ready! Many believers have felt like their lives have been on hold for a number of years; and they didn’t know how to move into the plan of God for their lives. The Lord is saying that now is the time to step out in faith and take hold of the promises He has made to them and the dreams He has already placed inside of their hearts.  

Many believers are going to step into their callings by moving out in faith. It will be paramount that believers walk in the Spirit of revelation this coming time. Revelation is a divine empowerment much like grace and mercy; revelation will empower us and activiate our  faith to accomplish what the Lord has placed in our hearts from the beginning either through prophetic words, dreams or personal revelation. Many believers have been waiting for God to tell them what to do, when in reality God has already placed His desires within them and they need the Spirit of revelation to illuminate it so they can understand it is not their own desires but the will of God for them.  

Our prayer in this time should be that of the Apostle Paul in the book of Ephesians.  

Ephesians 1:18 :”I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people,” NIV

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