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Dear reader, we are very grateful for the tremendous response to last year’s Prophetic bulletin we sent out as contained in “God Said 2012”. Even more encouraging was the accuracy of the prophecies confirming that our Nation and the Nations are not in the hands of men but the Sovereign hands of our Lord! Once again this year we put together a compilation of Prophetic words and revelations received by several prophets during a special time set apart to seek the Lord for His word and guidance for 2013.

We want to continue to stress that although the words contained in this document were specifically received as we prayed for 2013 they are by no means limited to the year 2013. We believe that much of what was received and started in the previous year will flow over into this coming year but their ultimate fulfilment will happen in the time set by the Lord and is not limited to 2013. We will also “carry over” some prophetic words received 2012 which we feel are still applicable for the 2013. Our Specific goal was to pray and hear what God is saying for the Church and South Africa and the Government of this nation.

Our Layout is as follows;


  • 2013 The Global Church
  • New Leaders – Changing of the Guard
  • Poverty
  • The Prophetic


  • South Africa- General word
  • 2013 The South African Church
  • Corruption
  • Media – Journalists and press
  • Arts and Theatre
  • Finance
  • Investments
  • Mining
  • Government
  • Health
  • Education
  • Sport


  • Various Nations
  • Specific Warnings
  • Addendum: Words Carried over from 2012


2013 The Global Church

The Spirit is starting a world-wide move, a move that will draw the bride closer to Jesus, a move that will influence the earth and the people of the earth and even the beasts of the field. His voice and the light of His voice echoes into the darkness and the darkness have to flee. “Arise my children the time has come. Do not be afraid nor be anxious, I for am your God, friend and leader. I will show you the way in which you shall go. You will not be scattered and the relationships that you are in will be strengthened.”

Over the last three years the Lord has been pruning the church and bringing His bride into His Kingdom order. He is the Lord of the Church and He is divinely positioning her for greater Kingdom impact. During this spiritual season the Lord is revealing Himself as the Lord of Hosts. He is the commander of His army and He has been preparing His people for these days of the great harvest. We are the Army of the Lord and His vehicle in the earth – effectively impacting the nations. The Lord is calling people who were a bit out of place back to take their rightful position.

The Benevolence of God

The next few years will be very specifically characterized by the benevolence of God. There is a benevolence of the Father that will be revealed to the world through His body and His love for the world, to the poor, to the broken, through His body. The Lord is releasing a lot of finance into the church and Kingdom. His plan is for businesses to rise up and step in to fund projects and make themselves available to the church body to help.

A vision was seen of a person walking through the dessert. He was very tired and seemed exhausted from his journey. As he was walking, somebody came from behind him and gave him food and water which refreshed the tired man. The Lord is going to refresh a lot of people this year. There are some people that really have stood for the Lord through tremendous difficulties and testing but God’s faithfulness will come through and in His faithfulness and goodness the Lord will refresh them.

In a second vision a person was seen carrying a heavy back pack. As he was bearing this burden, he grew stronger and stronger and in the end it didn’t even weigh heavy on him anymore, and then the backpack was removed. He was then seen carrying a friend. We find that the meaning of this vision is that the Lord has in the last years grown the church to be able to carry burdens so that we can carry each other. In the next year we will hear of a lot of churches carrying each other and starting to exercise a new form of discipleship which is not going to be program based. Instead it will be based on the individual and Christians will carry other Christians, congregations will start to carry other congregations. The Lord wants to bring the practical love of Jesus into place through believers carrying each other and finding practical solutions in assisting one another. Through the church the benevolence of the Father will be revealed to His people.

Community of Believers

A new vision and energy will be released as the Church starts changing the way she sees herself and her role in society. The church will take a lot of joy in serving and giving. A restoration of love and caring for one another will become important. Training courses will shift from bible knowledge and information to practical involvement in helping one another and utilizing each other’s experience to serve our communities. As the heart of the church moves away from buildings, services and conferences to community, the believers will start opening up their wallets again to back projects and programs. Funds will be increasingly used to practically facilitate change in people’s lives and not for buildings or luxuries. Children’s ministry, community projects to aid children’s education and sporting events will become common. Communities’ relationships with congregations and churches will become stronger. Empowerment of community members will come from the church not government. Many church leaders will be progressively more called into government meetings and been asked for their advice.

Season of Power

 Along with an increase of influence comes the increase of prominence of individual people. Church members will start to focus on what the Lord wants them personally to do. The Lord is going to keep addressing issues of control as far as possible. Heaven itself seems to acknowledge in heaven that the church has moved forward to new freedom in terms of dealing with the controlling spirit.  There is a whole new lease of life coming and the Lord will constantly challenge those who are focused on serving only or solely talking or merely doctrinal issues, because just talking doctrinal issues without the demonstration of power is useless. Our speech and actions need the constituent of the anointing of the Lord in order to be effective at all; otherwise it will put the people in bondage all over again.

In 2013 God is bringing in a balance between the sudden flow of power manifesting like rushing waters and the power that manifests as a constant dripping of water representing stability. In the past mistakes were made hurting people, even cutting off certain ministries because of a misunderstanding of the manifold ways God uses to display His power. God is ordaining a new generation going to be willing to try again the same thing that resulted in a failure on previous occasions, this time resulting in success and substantial impact.

Change in Equipping

There is applied knowledge that the Lord wants to bring into the church. In 2013 teachers are going to emerge who have applied their knowledge in years of experience and are able to focus on solutions in various topics such as finance, personal growth and church management. Churches will rely less on ‘in house’ expertise and bring in professional and business people from various fields that will present courses to the people within the church environment. This will revive and refresh church leadership in their way of thinking, and combine practical understanding with biblical wisdom within church training courses.

 Seed in the ground

There were a lot of people who have put financial seed and spiritual seed in the ground this current season. Those seed are going to start bearing fruit in 2013, and this is going to only be the first wave of fruit. Because of this example of seed bearing fruit others are going to start sowing seed and they are going to start reaping in 2014. People who are, however, not putting the 2013 harvest back into the ground are not continuing in the harvesting.

Family focus

In 2013 there is going to be a strong focus on family. Restoration and foundations need to be laid specifically in the family environments. Value systems are coming back into the family.


There are many promises and plans that God has revealed in His children’s hearts. We need to sort through them with prayer continually keep praying over those promises. People need to be taught how to practically walk in that which God has said.

It is now a season for intercession as there are new grounds to be taken. Many people have burned their fingers at various projects but now with the prophetic words as the precursor and the intercession the foundation; God’s anointing power will actually follow and raise people up.

Healthy Boundaries

The Lord is warning us against exhaustion. God is saying that we ought to put healthy boundaries in place. This will protect many from becoming tired and exhausted during this next year.

Return to the Church

Many people that left churches and haven’t joined other congregations will start moving back to churches and congregations. They will not necessarily move back to the same congregations and churches they have been to before. They will join themselves to a structure that shares their heart and their passion for community. The problems in the past causing people to disagree and to walk away from each other will not be important anymore because mindsets and expectations have changed. A lot of forgiveness and restoration will take place in relationships because of it.

Honouring our Leaders

1 Thess.5:12-24. We must honour and respect our leaders in the Lord’s work; we need to love them wholeheartedly. We need to have a commitment to living peacefully with each other. God’s purpose is gained through holiness; leaders are protected by a holy lifestyle. This needs to start in our thoughts, our words and be apparent through our actions and inactions.

God is calling women into more prominent roles as the five-fold ministry was never intended to be gender based but was given to both men and women. It is very important that women stand in the gap and come forward. Women are faced with a glass ceiling, the unseen, seemingly un-breach able barrier that keeps them from rising up into their full position in the kingdom of God regardless of their qualifications or achievements.  But the Lord wants to change this! Women need to be prepared.


There are three groups of people in the Church. We are dealing firstly with the “serving group” or the old school type, where everybody served faithfully but the works and the program became the main focus of the ministry. Secondly there is “the speaking group”, where there has been much teaching, training and equipping. Group three will be those impacted by a new release of God’s power – this “power group” is where the Church is going. Under the wings of divine power the serving and speaking will be there, but it will be with the power and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. People are not influenced by words or serving alone, they want to see an authentic God. Our true God is going to reveal Himself through the authentic voices, the authentic serving and the authentic prophets in His power.

The new leaders will not be focused on what is in the house and how to retain it but what is in the streets and how to mobilize people. Their focus is on how to influence those around them, to be effective where they are. The leadership style of the new guard will call people to stand in boldness and not in works, they will stand in power and not in words, they will be relevant and not religious. The new guard is going to cause people to evaluate who they are. There will be a sifting positioning bold people to move in power.

Release of Many

2013 is the year of the release of many new and young leaders in the church. For many the years of waiting will be over, the time to be revealed and take up the positions that God has for them is at hand. These leaders will not look like, talk like or function likes the old guard, they will be willing to go and do what the old guard would not. The incoming new leaders will refresh many of the old guard. A new ability to be spiritual fathers will come forth from many of the old guard. They will release sons to move forward and excel. Those that refuse to move with these new waves will be marginalized and even disappear from governing bodies and leadership groupings.

Political and Community

Political and community activity will become important for the new leaders. They will not be silent and not apologize and try to be politically correct, but they will understand that the love of God is the essence of their service. A new spirit of co-operation will take place amongst congregations and denominations. Groupings that were arch-enemies in the past will become the closest allies. Communities that were in turmoil and disunity due to corruption, crime and poverty will be united to facilitate great change in their areas. As these people come together in unity God will command a blessing that will go from the church to the surrounding community. Many will stop looking to the government for answers but will turn to the church. Political leaders in the communities will start to develop stronger ties with churches and church leaders. Politicians will increase to attend churches during 2013. A rising number of church leaders will become advisors to politicians. It is important that church leaders function as influencers and not be corrupted and enticed by political agendas into positions of power. There will be attempts to make use of church positions to gain political power. Therefore there needs to be sound counsel and accountability in congregations and churches to prevent the church leadership from becoming a political platform.

Different Style of Leadership

There used to be a generation of church leadership that saw themselves as the ruling body over the church, only allowing the church to receive that what they condoned, keeping the focus of the congregation on themselves. The new leaders will be more approachable personalities people can relate to. It will be the tangible anointing of God’s power that sets them apart, not arrogant mannerisms or human power play.

The old style of leadership was sometimes removed from the people they served; they did not understand the everyday struggles people went through. The Lord wants the new guard and the new leaders to live in a more grounded fashion. Often even the congregations put their leaders on a pedestal removed from daily realities. The congregations have changed; people that come to church are different now. Many people stay away because they have not seen the authenticity of the leaders and are not getting a message that helps them to successfully live their life in the real world. They are hearing wonderful words and lovely teachings, but they can’t apply it in everyday life. The Lord’s focus is on changing the message that comes from the pulpit so it becomes practical in assisting people to manage their lives.


Serving the poor is an important mandate that God gave to the Church, and must not be done in a legalistic manner. In 2013 more people will want to become passionately involved in this area of ministry. The Lord is going to bring new insight in funding and channelling to the church to facilitate this. If the spirit of fear and the spirit of guilt are used to drive people to become involved with the poor, it will corrupt that system even within the church. Outreaches have to be driven by the love of the Lord for people, moving passionately in the hearts of everyone involved.

A vision of a ship’s navigational ball with Matthew 25 as the coordinates was seen. We have to be continually filled with the Holy Spirit and go the distance. We need to be ready for Jesus’ return, to be found working. Focus needs to be on coaching the church to manage our talents as we will be held accountable for how we used them. In this regard, the focus of the King is on the vulnerable, those overlooked and the poor. The more knowledge, power, money and influence are available the more responsibility we have, as servants, to serve this focus group.


Prophetic ministries in local congregations will step up into a new dimension. In the precious season the Lord has been working on credibility, cutting back the prophets a bit in the last few years. But this is the year that the Lord is saying to the prophets: “Take up your place in My army.”A whole new group of leaders are being raised up. The Lord will appoint some over five, some over ten, some over fifty and some over a hundred. The prophetic gifting and dimension will be coming in very strongly in the next season. Clearly being able to hear from God has never been as important as it is now. The Lord is saying to His body to hear Him. An increase in credibility will come from this ability to hear correctly, so that also in governmental levels the Lord will raise up His people to be able to be like Daniel to speak into strategic places. A change in government will be fuelled by the passion in the church; there is a passion that the Lord is reigniting within His body to become part of His army taking the land.

The prophetic must be used to build peace, never to continue to add to conflict. We need to warn those who are lazy, because the Day of Judgment for those who are unrepentant is indeed waiting, and for those that are saved, it is the day of appraisal where they are going to have to give an account of what they have done with what they have been given. We have to encourage those who are timid. The five-fold ministry needs to be encouraged to lead. Those who are apostolic, prophetic, evangelists, pastors, and teachers need to stand, serve and lead. They must be functional. We must use the prophetic voice to speak out against being rooted in fear of man, fear of rejection and fear of failure. Fear is the enemy of faith. We need to be a voice that takes tender care of those who are weak. We need to move away from celebrating strengths and successes as if they are commodities that can be bought; we need to be careful of projected power which is a substitute for holiness and character.

Older Ministries Renewed

God is feeding the roots of old trees that have been cut off and pruned. God will feed the roots of the older ministries that have experienced stagnation in the last years, thus God is bringing forth new and young branches. New unique programs will emerge from their own midst, not something that is just recycled from somebody else’s ideas. This will allow individuals to be able to express their own calling. The individual projects might not necessarily be big and impressive but many small things together will extend life to many areas. Their experience in ministry will give them much greater capacity to bring life in a myriad of ways. This will increase the ability of the church to move in the Spirit because the young branches can move easily in the wind but the old branches resisted the wind.


God is saying to South Africa He is the Morning Star. Dawn is almost here, we just have to be encouraged and move on as we are doing right now. It does not matter what things seem like, dawn is coming.

In a very strange way, even though it is our daily reality and relevant to us, South Africa is totally hidden to the rest of the world. There is a great purpose in that. With all these challenges we are experiencing it is as though the Lord has a staying hand on South Africa. Even though we are struggling with crime and corruption among other things, South Africa is going to be a safe haven. It is not going to be targeted by terrorists while terrorism will be a major problem worldwide. But we are going to skip right past it which will be noticed and many people will want to come down to South Africa. It is as if the Lord is purposefully not putting us too much centre stage; we are on the stage, but He is not going to let the floodlights shine on us, because it is a way of protecting us and all the people that He wants to protect through us.

2013 is going to be the beginning of an exodus from South Africa by its intellectuals without exiting. This is very important because it is the plan of the Lord that they should have the exodus out of South Africa and establish themselves especially in other African nations without ever leaving this nation. It is a two edged sword – we have to maintain what we have here, but at the same time our need to pioneer in us must be satisfied by establishing new things in other nations. This will initially be in the SADC countries, but there will be a spill over to the eastern African countries, influencing the other African nations and eventually resulting in global impact. We have been prepared through many prophetic words regarding this for years and we are finally getting into motion now. Some people might experience initial difficulty because they have heard the words for years and never actually considered taking the uncomfortable step and start moving into those specific nations. The conditions in other African nations are not nearly as comfortable as here in South Africa.

There are a lot of South Africans that will respond to the call to get involved in Zambia. In 2013 there will be a greater flow of people between the two countries resulting in additional flights being implemented. The South African connection will gradually increase its influence and open doors for the access of people from other nations. But the core influence will be from South Africa.


The church in South Africa has in its entire history never been as active, exciting, moving and mobilized as it is at the moment, and 2013 will see it exponentially eclipsing that. People will be, on individual basis, taking up the responsibilities of their callings that the Lord has put in their hearts. They are now tired of waiting for it to somehow happen and suddenly realize that God’s plan is not going to just happen by itself. Therefore they are going to start getting involved on a voluntary basis as never ever before. This involves the church in the broader sense of the word, both what we call the structural church and the informal church. Men made divisions are not even going to figure in the future because the individual involvement is going across boundaries.

Just as much we see affliction on the government side for the coming couple of years we will see the church exponentially increasing in its influence, increasing in its the ability to help, increasing in the way that the Lord’s glory is being shared onto this earth. We are one of the most exciting nations on the face earth as far as Church is concerned. The worldwide church will increasingly start looking to the church in South Africa, because we had to face difficult issues, and we faced them. We haven’t run away from them but we sought the Lord because we really want to be centred in His will. The South African church is going to facilitate a harvest worldwide. African leaders will be coming to South Africa to learn from what is happening in SA.

Some Warnings

Leaders who are deceiving people will be exposed. The Lord has been protecting what the people received from these leaders. It was like a filter around the auditorium to protect what the listeners were taking in. Deceivers will be exposed for who they really are.

A major big church/denomination will break apart in 2013. There will be a lot of prominent, negative publicity in the media. Many people will use this as ammunition to speak negatively about church. They will accuse the church of being similar to corrupt and inept institutions like the government. The bad publicity will, however, not have a negative effect in the public’s view of Christians and the church. It will, however, change people’s opinions of what an inspiring church or denomination should look like. Previous notions of how success is measured in church life will change.

A vision was showing a whirlwind – a “vortex of pride”. There is a danger of being so caught-up, that one can’t get out, in that vortex there is tremendous destruction of a life’s work. This is a warning to be careful! The Lord is saying that we must not push on to the church that which should be done in the home. God is expecting us to have an altar in our homes where we are called to find a place of devotion and structure and rhythm and routine. This allows for daily cleansing in the Holy Spirit. We must not fail in the home and then be critical of the church. We need to be successful in the home. We need to trust God. Because of the pressures that we are under and the times that we are in, our children can be engulfed by a demonic fog. We need to be able to have a daily devotional routine, a discipleship structure, and a rhythm of grace in our homes. We also need to be attentive to the area of “stewardship”.

Unwise Christians will try to find out for themselves what is real and test certain boundaries. Out of this testing many mistakes will come and life lessons will be learned. We need to have grace with them.

Leaders with a lot of experiences in the gospel and church life must be careful of preaching out of hurt or hardened hearts. Scripture needs to be the basis of all instruction.


A vision was seen of a geyser valve blowing signifying that corruption is at boiling point in South Africa. This is going to put the current president and government under a lot of pressure at the end of the year. Corruption will play a major role and deciding factor in the next election for the presidency.

The exposing of corruption will rise to unbearable levels. People will be so saturated with news of corruption that it will cause two things: some people will get aggressive on the one hand and on the other a new need for morality will come forth even among non-Christians. In 2013 attention will be put on the lawlessness of our individual lives. Christians need to stop making excuses for “slightly” breaking the law such as speeding, traffic laws, tax laws, etc… What was acceptable until now will not be acceptable anymore. During 2013 new strict traffic laws will take effect.

Corrupted Systems

Isaiah 3:10-11 “Say to the righteous that it shall be well with them for they shall eat the fruit of their doings. Woe unto the wicked! It shall be ill with him: for the reward of his hands shall be given him.”

Those who are practicing corruption think they are in an ideal system as some of them have been very successful in it for many years. The Lord is declaring degradation of corruption systems. Those who are exposed will be left out of their previous work and relationship circles.

There are people involved in periphery corruption that are slowly moving out as they have been promised a return on investment but do not get what they expect. It seems like we are entering a time where it will become a prestige item to blow the whistle on senior government officials. It often will be retaliation for long outstanding gripes. Some of the truths that are being revealed at the moment are just a diversion for the real corruption that is happening. The Lord says regarding corruption we can expect a few Watergate revelations.

There will be sharp cuts into the matrix of corruption in the nation; three or four major expositions of corruptions will take place that are going to really cut into the whole culture of corruption. God is going to increase the rate that corruption is being dealt with.

Whistle Blowers

Corruption is being exposed in unique ways; the whistle blowers are finding new ways to expose corruption without being fired or being blackmailed into resigning. The public exposure of destruction of school books and dumping of the medical waste is owed to whistle blowers exposing corruption in certain departments. Corruption up until now has become the way business is done. Because of the exposure of corruption, people are finding they did not realize that they were committing corruption. They are only now finding out that they used corrupt methods and now they are correcting their methods.

When the whistle is blown about corruption, even though it is just a short term solution at times, there is an actual result to be shown. There will not necessarily be long-term solutions, but rather a movement in government against corruption. When we hear whistle blowers we shouldn’t be afraid.

Keeping the right Focus

Godly people will not become blind to corruption but will easily wade through the corruption to do what they are responsible for. The focus on corruption stifles your activity and productivity, draining your energy. Although the corruption will still be there and will seem to become more, Children of God will learn not to allow it to affect their productivity and distract them from what they should focus on.

There is a strength and robustness in systems that do not practice corruption.

God is placing an exceptional anointing on people who are doing business an honest without corruption. This is going to be an example for the people around them on how to function in God’s blessing. This is going to have a big impact on business principles and how people will step out of corruption. God is going to start increasing the influence of honest business people to get into government and into national spheres.

God will close doors for big international groups and companies that drive corrupt processes in South Africa within government and other sectors, and then God will open opportunities for groups within Africa that have integrity as their business culture.

South Africa used to be very isolated. This caused us to do things our own way, ignoring international standards. Because we are now increasingly dealing outside Africa we need to step up and have our systems in order. Our paperwork, tax affairs and business procedures need to be impeccable when it comes to international imports and exports. We have to have correct business practices which we are busy implementing and getting in order.

Government & Corruption

In government and in the ANC, a dividing line will be drawn. A grouping in the ANC will start up a new movement of being responsible, ethical and opposing corruption. This new movement or fraction in the ANC will be strong, although it will be a small grouping. It will have a great influence and win support amongst the public. Business and industry will likewise mobilize itself in creating well-branded associations that stands for anti-corruption practices and ethical behaviour. Voluntarily membership to such an association will show the public that a business or industry chooses to be held accountable for their actions, behaviour and practices. These associations will be similarly branded like the ‘Proudly South African’ mark. Many business people will join this cause in 2013.

Government themselves will be getting more fed-up with corruption. God is exposing corrupt hearts but He is still busy in a process of giving opportunities for correction. A vision showed a hand facing down and then suddenly facing up. There is a change in government coming as God is busy exposing things. Do not grow despondent, but actually be happy about God’s process of healing the wound – for that is His aim.

God’s Process

There will be a reformation process started that will take place in the following three years. A lot of very effective people will find themselves sidelined, because effective people get in the way of people who want to be corrupt. Unfortunately through their efficiency they unwittingly covered up a lot of the corruption and only now that they are being sidelined or even removed the inefficiency and the total ineptness of the corrupt systems will be blatantly visible. Again this is a process that has already started, will continue in 2013 probably throughout 2014 and 2015. It will be really coming to a head from 2018 when we have an election again. It will be a long process for improvement and the progress. Often we tend to fight the sidelining because there is a lot of suspension of really good people. We should not get too concerned because it is all part of the divine process. The suspension of people of integrity will promote the exposure of the corruptness of the system and God will see to it that huge doors open for the upright somewhere else; they will not be without income.

A Smoke Screen

The government’s concentration on the poor is a smoke screen to cover up corrupt practices. . The emphasis of government agendas has to change radically – we have to be very aware of people who use the poor as a shield for their own political gain, because there is a lot of scheming behind the scenes. Their motivation is driven fear and guilt, and because of that will be ineffective to alleviate any poverty in our nation.


New Integrity

The media has become very cyclical as they are constantly reporting local problems. Reporters have become very lazy, because all that they have to do is to follow a popular figure for front page news. There is a new integrity coming into the media where reporters will actually take time to research the story properly, and follow it through with the correct facts. Currently they are just passing on stories to each other, with no real good journalism coming through. The publishers are buying the stories because they are able to sell the papers in any case. There has been a surge of digital reporting and a lot of news coming onto the media. A new media course and degree is being developed at one of the major universities. This will be a new journalism degree which will separate cutting edge journalism from opinionated and often untruthful writing with an unprofessional approach. It is going to take two or three years until a definite new level of journalism will emerge.

There is a perfection coming in the journalistic style in Southern Africa that will make it sought after in the rest of the world. Some of the journalists that will be recruited for overseas will not even be expected to leave the country but will be able to stay in the country while working for external employers. The new emerging style will be blatantly honest reporting taking place. This of course is going to unsettle many people in the country. Up till now sentiment reporting has dominated many a scene – stories written to make someone look good or bad, skewing and not revealing the facts. It feels like the journalistic fraternity is saying that they have had enough of playing around and are ready to get serious.

Social Media increasing

There will be an increase in the use of twitter, blogging and face book as news media used by the fraternity to spread news. Someone will start to render a verification service on social media news environments. The service will corroborate the validity of the news on social media. Social media will increasingly be used as a news platform for instant news but also as a stage for alternative views and revealing news not covered by the major news sources.


International media has a big influence on the news broadcast in our nation and international news companies are trying to get more influence, but their traction will not grow much. It is as if our nation is covered on its surface so that outside influencers cannot get the exact grip that they desire, but their aggression will be visible as they are trying. God will release resources that will greatly improve opportunities for righteous elements wanting to bring in more pure entertainment, programs and movies. God will bless programs that build up and don’t pollute or break down. This tendency will not be limited to the Christian media sector but will be a societal move. A significant number of citizens will be fed up with trash, even secular companies and production groups will have the desire bring a positive contribution to society. God says that SA has many stories to tell that will encourage the world and that God will create those opportunities for them to be told.

TV, internet and satellite entertainment will expand significantly in 2013. An increase in South African reality TV will happen and become more popular among the general population. Even other countries will take an interest in some of the reality programs produced in South Africa. There is a huge opportunity coming for Christian media to come in main stream and it is going to start opening up in this coming year.

Government and the media

Great conflict will continue between government and media. Media will become more aggressive towards government corruption and in response government will be aggressive towards the media. Government’s legitimate complaint against the media will be justified and the general public will take note. Media and especially news media will be curtailed. It will cause growing pains in the industry but the end result will be a stronger media. The Lord is addressing the manipulation in the country on news and media.

There will be a strong drive from government to try and make use of media to propagate their own view points, they will try to do this in obscure and sly ways so that people will not realize that the information that they are getting is propagated by government.

Government will be challenged by business and media about corrupt legislation that stifles innovation and technological progress. The public will become involved in the debate and add pressure to government to change legislation to open up for more variety and competition in the market.

There is a tendency by the media industry to try and centralize. Christian media would like to follow suit. This is not the Lord’s plan. Smaller publications will pop up in many places; many of them will be digital and will form part of many voices speaking out that cannot be stopped. Diversification will mean that some Christian journalists and Christian publishers will get involved with the mainstream media, changing them from within. Although there are rumours about legislation becoming stricter on the media, the media will continue to flourish albeit in an unconventional manner.


An Awakening

A greater awakening will take place among school children and the youth with regards to the music scene. A lot of new groups and individuals will be inspired to put themselves ‘out there’. A platform in South Africa will be developed for upcoming artist to get exposure and develop a following. It will be completely driven and integrated with social media and the digital world. Many new acts will become famous through this platform. The public will start pushing new acts forward and not wait for big record companies to introduce the next big thing.

More money will be invested in the classical arts and it will become a focus among the younger generation and the children.

There will be a hunger in people to articulate their seeking after God, or seeking after true meaning. The seeking for something that has substance will express itself in many flavours. Superficial expressions will become less and many creative demonstrations of seeking and paying a price for what has meaning will be stirred.

The Church and Arts

Arts and Theatre have long held a role as prophets of the world. They have pointed the way, but for now their creativity has dried up. There is nothing new coming out of Hollywood. Nothing new coming out of the theatre and God is expecting us as the church to begin to set the pace and set the tone and become a prophetic voice that shows the way forward. The ones with the loudest voice are being heard and we have left it to Hollywood and those already prominent in the arts and theatre to voice their opinions. But a lot financing in the secular arts has dried up. There won’t be money to put on a lot of shows anymore. God is earnest about getting creativity back into the church. We have allowed the world to show us the pace. The church has a place to influence the arts and theatre and we are not doing that. We will reclaim the arts and reclaim the theatre with a new creativity, putting on honest and upright shows.

Government & Arts

Mismanagement of funds that was budgeted for Arts and Culture will be revealed in the media and cause changes and shuffling in government structures. The government will however expand its involvement and support for the filming industry in South Africa. Great growth will take place and international recognition will be shown to South African produced films. It will be a very good year in the SA filming industry.

Despite bad government support for other areas of the arts in South Africa, it will be a good year for the arts as artists will use innovative ways to produce and be active. Artists will develop a stronger sense of confidence in their ability to link with one another and accomplish much. The artist themselves will fulfil the mandate the Department of Arts and Culture actually has and does not fulfil.

Greater recognition and air time will be given to South African artist that will be accompanied by a reawakening and appreciation for home-grown actors, musicians and artists. People will start to recognize that the South African artists are on par with famous international artist.


The economy of the country is like a Boeing that has reached cruising altitude, it might fly a bit lower or a bit higher but it will not change direction and it won’t be forced to land. A time will come where there is a lot of noise in the country and we are entering that time now until election 2014; it is a lot of noise. Out of the noise many strategies and unique ideas will be birthed in different areas of social and economic environments.

Many are panicking about the financial situation, but it is not going to go as badly in South Africa as predicted. There will be a slight flattening off, but a lot of very wealthy individuals are going to increase on an individual level. We have to be extremely wary of bad mouthing that, because it is part and parcel of God’s financial plan and gearing for the continent. Sometimes we use platforms just to bad mouth certain things without knowing the full story. Years ago the “faith movement” was prominent and it was about “you name it, claim it, and frame it” and we joke about it now. The Lord is reminding us of those years and that those weren’t false doctrines, it was actually a basis of things that were to come. We should not be guilt driven but instead learn to allow people to reach their maximum in terms of finances. These might not be necessarily exciting times for corporate finances, definitely not for governmental finances and mining as they are going to go through a really slow period, but somehow the pioneering spirit in SA is going inspire a lot of people on individual level to bring funds into the country. They are going to increase and be effectively utilized, because the Lord is going to even give them wisdom to circumvent a lot of the messy government structures and be able to channel those funds effectively into the places where they are needed. This is part of a whole new strategy that does not rely on government but relies on something fresh the Lord is bringing.

New Business and industries

South Africa is an incredibly diverse multicultural nation. This diversity is a blessing from the Lord and reflects our design and destiny as a nation. In fact, as we have more foreigners coming into SA, that diversity is going to be more and more enriched. Because this is a blessing Satan has always used this as a pressure point as reflected historically through apartheid and more recently through xenophobia. We need to see the problems that we have as opportunities to demonstrate God’s creativity, solutions and plans, in order to demonstrate Kingdom principles. Instead of being afraid of problems we ought to rather embrace them. Innovation is important, new ideas can be commercialized and marketed. God is birthing new ideas.

Social entrepreneurship is very important. The whole realm of creating care products and services around needs and social justice is going to create a stimulus for the local economy. Social enterprises will develop and knowledge integration will take place. Professions such as engineers are going to function as social scientists to facilitate measurable success in churches and non profit organizations. In the coming year there will be a lot of birth of businesses and business ideas. The individual will prosper with own initiative and ideas.

The different professional domains reflect God’s character and through integrating knowledge God is using people to do new things. In Exodus God anointed craftsmen with different skills and talents, to work in bronze, gold and wood in order to build the tabernacle. Today God is also anointing specific people with skills and craftsmanship in order not to work with the tabernacle but with the temple of Christ, which is the body of Christ, which consists of ordinary people. There is a shift from using our natural resources, mining and mineral resources to human resources. The richness of our gold and diamonds is merely symbolism of the richness of our people…

Exports Increasing

The Export market will increase dramatically. Africa has been exporting lots of raw materials but not finished products, due to a lack of know how. This is going to change.

South African Banking sector

New technological, innovative and simple banking solutions will grow in leaps and bounds in 2013. Banks will struggle if they are not willing to innovate. Diversification of banking solutions from well known banks and new banks will appear. SA will lead the way in the world for this innovative banking and it will especially become popular in Africa.

Discernment is Crucial

We are going to have to place the focus on discernment in terms of what we are going to get involved in. It is going to be easier to open the door to a trickle than to close a door to the flood. So we need to be certain that what we are getting involved in is from God because things are going to turn very quickly in 2013.


God is going to really network infrastructure in South Africa, as much was invested to do the undersea cables for Africa, and it is time that God wants to focus on building networks in the nation.

Being Productive

The financial situation is God’s plan to rid the nation of unproductive branches. There will be steady growth in businesses that desires to fulfil a bigger vision then to just make money.


There is an investment scare within the nation which will slow down things down, but as in the past it makes us turn to our resourcefulness. Initially that resourcefulness is going to be initiated on individual level –a lot of prosperity will be coming on individuals. It is a season of vision to be released in the business realm. People will discover new ways of doing things, because what was the well travelled path previously will not be able to sustain and provide for them. There will be a move to invest into improving people’s lives and facilitating opportunities to realize own dreams and callings. The investment season will not be attractive to outsiders. God wants to help people to take initiative and find and make a way for what is in their hearts. God wants to use this situation to heal the entitlement attitude, and cure us of looking to others to fix our own problems. People will wake up to working out their own salvation and taking initiative.

Pinpointed Investing

Investment is going to become much more pinpointed. People previously invested and looked for stewardship from government but now investors are going to identify individuals and channel their investment and funding through individuals where they know there is good stewardship. The basic economy of the country will still function sufficiently and things will move ahead, but the channelling of funds will not come through government. There will not be an investment flight out of South Africa.


SA’s Investment outlook will improve in the last part of 2013. The economic environment will still remain difficult for some time. South African industries and businesses will increasingly have to start investing and doing business in other African countries. Stronger, steadier streams of commerce must develop between the African countries. An increased focus on small business will become crucial.

New Connections

Poland: a business connection between SA and the Polish people; more specifically in the fashion industry. There will be a lot of ideas going backwards and forwards. Imports and exports to and from Poland will abound. Polish people will be coming here to investigate the market. A major businessman is going to start investigating other markets other than what the family is in for now. He has got a huge amount of capital coming loose and he wants to re-invest it into something where it will be of use. He has got a very strong social conscience and he has a vision to build. He will be laying out a township and he does not want his name on it, and he won’t want the suburb or any of the streets named after him. He will engineer and manage this project himself.

A new road will be built, a western highway. For now it is difficult to go from SA up the west side. It will be aimed at reaching Ghana. Ghana has a lot of wealth and a lot of products that we need here in S.A. We have much expertise to give to a country like Ghana, and there is no way to get up and down quickly and to bring products down by road, so a road and rail-link will be planned and implemented by South Africa.

There will be investment in co-operation in developing people- centred technologies between South Africa and India. Part of the money for investment into research comes from overseas; there will be research in other areas like hydraulic fracturing “fracking”.


Mining will remain strong in SA but, for a time, new ventures in SA will not be so prevalent. Most new ventures will be in neighbouring countries but will be part of local companies’ portfolio. So the reach of mining companies will flow over the borders of SA to other countries. Many South Africans will take up high ranking positions in mines and mining companies in other African countries.

There is a real slow down in progress although there are a lot of new mines opening. Theminingindustry will have a lot of different fall outs over the next couple of months. There will be some more strikes in the industry, but then individuals will be taking up their tools again which will encourage others around them to do the same.

Fathers Arising

Individuals will be released into mines to make a difference. ‘Fathers’ will be released into the industry. Where many people left the industry there will be individuals with specific skills that will return, including people and involvement from academic institutions. Some of the ‘fathers’ in the academic will be ‘fathers’ in the mining industry as well. God is releasing many ‘fathers’ in there because there is a spirit of orphanage in the industry. There will still be bad news of mines, but God will release a Sprit of Adoption into the mining industry. Individuals with highly strategic minds and bright ideas, as well as single companies, will get involved in the industry on the sideline. They will form part of the ‘fathers’.

Government & Mining

Government will expect much more from the mining industry in 2013. Greater investment into mine workers and their living conditions, ploughing money back into the country and the mining community, will be demanded by government. Government will bring corrective legislation which will cause the people working for the mines to have a bigger stake in them- taking shared-ownership in the sense of shared responsibility.

Changes in the industry

God is taking the mining out of the grip of a very strong hand and a grip of a small group of people that could do in the past as they pleased. They will have to flow in a provided channel from now on. It will not stifle them but benefit the industry. It will not limit them to do what they are supposed to do, but it will create a greater measure of success. Ultimately it will create a greater measure of righteousness.

De Beers will take leadership in community mining where it provides schooling, health, infrastructure that the mine pays for. The families of the miners will be able to stay at the mine where everything is taken care of.


Being Disillusioned

People will continue to be disillusioned by government. There will be pressure on government to deliver and satisfy. The cry from the people will become overwhelming. Burnout and unexpected resignations because of health and personal reasons will become common in 2013. Urgent revisiting of conditions and practices will take place in government. The importance of good administration and able people will override previous guidelines.

A lot of the government initiative will not bear the fruit that it was planned for, but small businesses and small enterprise will find 2013 much easier than 2012 and will experience a lot of favour and grace from God to grow.

Change will Come

The government will see-saw, struggling to decide, they will be searching for direction and by the end of next year they will settle for a direction. This will stop the flip-flopping between two opposites.

Instability in South Africa regarding government, politics, crime and social unrest will continue for the next few years. But the people of South Africa will rise up and start shining, not just in the country but also outside the borders of the country. This will be a pre-cursor to how the country is going to turn and improve in the season that will follow up. The people will become positive and an example of success in what they are doing, not just in South Africa but in the rest of the world. Only after this occurs, the new season of overall improvement will come. The change will come from the bottom up. There will be a development towards responsible citizenship. The water of change will slowly flood the planes of the country: first the soil will become wet, then the grass, the bush and then the trees. The change will lastly reach the top structures: government will follow suit and start portraying the change that has already happened amongst the people.

In the next year we will see changes in leadership and specifically a diversification of specific ministerial positions so that it will become more effective.


The armed forces, the Army, Navy and Air Force will experience lot of growth. Government will invest lot of money into the military. Development of weapons and better structures will be implemented.


During 2013 we will see Transnet go into a phase of transitioning and revamping, starting 2013 a lot of the rail networks will be restored. There will be a major upgrade of the people carrying coaches as a renewed focus on railway travel will commence.

South African Airways (SAA)

There will be a lot of moving and shaking within the SAA airline. During 2013 there will also be talks of replacing SAA with another carrier. A new International and national airline carrier will be entering the South African market which will be bringing some much needed competition improving the services rendered to the consumer.

Protecting the Borders

Border patrol and security need to tighten for the influx into South Africa. There are huge gaps and the nation is not protected. There is still time to close these gaps for the enemy not to take the gate regarding slavery and human trafficking. We should rise up and pray and not keep quiet and alert those around to step into it and start to pray. As other countries start clamping down on this South Africa stands to become more and more a target market.

Infrastructure Investment

There will be major investment into infrastructure in the country which will change rural communities to give them access to technology that cities have. Changes will happen quickly and in turn will change education in our country.

Faithful Servants

God wants to honour certain people in government. Not everything is bad in cabinet and bad in government, we need to honour where honour is due. There are several ministers that have a real passion and heart for the nation, and a huge dedication towards the Lord, and that is why they are there. The Lord is telling them to stay, and as a nation we must always lift them up and respect them for that background work they are doing in the decision making places within government. Not all is corrupt, there are many areas that are functioning really well, and the Lord is wants to strategically place an increasing number of skilled people into government positions.



A Vision was seen of the farmers in the rural areas, and God’s angels protecting those that trust in the Lord. It is very important that farmers take more safety pre-cautions as this is a specific warning concerning safety on farms.


Agriculture in SA will continue to grow in 2013 and experience a change of season. There will be a lot of favour on farmers, where in the past agriculture was looked down upon agriculture will be looked up at. The Lord is raising agriculture up to a level of excellence. Even government and commercial companies will start looking into investing in a much broader sense.


In education we find an increasing number of home schooling, more small groups and more private schools. God is preparing the youth for the future to produce innovative ideas necessary for the country to flourish. He is raising up a new generation of innovative thinkers, who are going to think totally outside the box. It is almost like the few leaders in the field of innovation’s ‘children’ will bring in a wave of innovation (triggered by unusual educational systems) but it will take time.

This will produce prosperity, new blessing for the country and new economy. Some of these children are being raised in specific educational institutions to acquire lots of wisdom, knowledge and skills that will enable them to work anywhere in the world. They will travel a lot and ‘export’ their skills and products. Because they will establish various kinds of business overseas their ventures will bring money into South Africa. This generation’s heart will be turned towards South Africa. Wherever they go they will plough back into South Africa.


Some of the sports that performed poorly in 2012 will redeem themselves in 2013. Specifically one sports body will still go through lot of turmoil next year; to such an extent that it will seem that it is broken down right to the foundations before it is build up again. In 2013 a general growth path will kick in all aspects and disciplines of sports that will sustain growth for many years to come. Development of sports and sportsmen will accompany the success in sports in the coming years, causing South Africa to be noticed in areas of sports where they haven’t really been noticed before, climbing in the international rankings.


North Africa and the Middle East

The Muslim and specifically Arab countries will see a lot of instability and will cause great problems for the western countries. Extremism will increase and start dominating some countries. This will not represent the people of the nation but oppress them. The US and other western countries will cut ties with many of these countries.

Saudi Arabia

This nation is going to be in the news again. God wants to remove their ability to hide and be unnoticed, God is taking off the cloak, and the reality of what is going on will be played out in the eyes of the world.


A new leader will be coming forth in the nation of Canada, and through this leader this country will become a stronger and greater power, economically as well. This will eventually help strengthening the economy of the United States through Canada.


There is a great influx of refugees coming in from the east, and as a warning to the European leaders, more control on their borders will have to be taken as people are moving across to them.

European Union

 Greater disagreement and instability will continue in 2013. Countries that struggle financially will not merely follow the austerity demands obediently but will lift their voices. This will cause political conflict affecting the whole EU. Some countries might look at adopting double currencies in their economy to safeguard their own economy in case the Euro does not succeed. A new need will come up amongst the countries of the EU to have more autonomy within their own borders. This will go against the EU’s attempt of centralization. The EU dream will dissipate in many of the European people’s minds. Legitimate alternatives will start to find traction amongst the EU members. There will be fractions and strong oppositions for some of these notions. A greater sense of taking personal responsibility will start growing amongst the population.

The Scandinavian countries will stand out as stable countries and economies in 2013. Immigration legislation in these countries will become strict in order to prevent mass immigration because of their stability; they will however not be harsh and totally closed up to immigrants. The environment in Europe will be difficult socially and economically but will be conducive to Christian influence.


The economy will be difficult. People will have to scale down spending and live with less. God is teaching His children to learn to live in faith and not be dependent on the strength of their government or their jobs to supply in their needs. They will learn to live in faith towards God for their needs. As the children of God start living this faith they will become the hope and the support for the rest of the population, because the peoples’ hearts will open up for the gospel like it hasn’t happened for centuries. Christian community projects to support and help people will become prevalent.


The Lord showed another wave coming, another Tsunami coming over Japan with a lot of deaths. God is warning people to be on guard and prepared, their focus is still on their idols and their pagan ways, but there are people in the country that are seeking for more. Because of those hardships people will start to look for supernatural hope.

Great attention is going to be placed on Japans’ fishing industry and their dominance in this area. Great emphasis is going to be placed on the threat of over-fishing and depleting fishing stock. Japan will be the greatest obstacle to reforming this industry.


There will be a lot of internal fighting in central and northern African nations. Wars will be fought and continue in these nations, causing a lot of missionaries to be caught in this cross-fire. A lot of refugees will move south. Our government must stand strong, especially on the borders into our country, as influx of refugees will become a problem for South Africa.

There is a golden thread that runs between Africa and Europe that has faded over the years. Up to the present it has had monetary value, but now it is as though the Lord wants it to have human capital value. He wants to use the expertise of those that come in to revitalize. European experts will find a place to use their expertise. It is as if the Lord has this cauldron of Africa at their disposal, to come and live out their dreams and to come and do what they really need to do. There is a very, very strong connection, this time without colonialism. It is a very strong connection and this will always remain strong between Europe and Africa.

More oil fields will open up in Africa in 2013.


In Bangladesh the Lord walks through the streets trying to touch the people who are going about their business tending to their daily lives. He is trying to reach the people of this country, but they are completely oblivious and blind. The Lord walking amongst them with a lot of sadness in His eyes for those people because they refuse to turn and they refuse to listen.

United Kingdom

The banking system in the UK will get a great injection in 2013. It will seem like the economy is readying itself for a growth spurt but this will be temporary. Great change will be forced on the UK in years to come, bringing forth the biggest change and challenge that the UK has seen since Margaret Thatcher was in power.

There is a big turmoil that will hit the UK. It is almost like the storm building up for a long time and it brings uneasiness in the financial world and the political arena. In the next year the UK will face a lot of turmoil but the Lords hand is holding it. Although there will be a shaking it will not be to the point of a collapse.


Great opportunity for growth will take place in Turkey and neighbouring countries because of changes in the EU. Turkey is not going to put all its hope in the EU for its future. It will path a new way that will benefit economic partners and countries around them. Turkey will become a new economic hub, as of old when Constantinople was a great centre of commerce. It will open up markets and business opportunities that will stretch far and wide. Turkey will be pressured to give in to the Muslim life as the Muslim brotherhood has enforced in other Muslim countries, but it will not succumb to it. Trade between African countries and Turkey will increase.


Australia will strengthen its boundaries in the economy to hedge it from the instabilities in the other areas of the world. They will flourish in times when other parts of the world will suffer. The Australian dollar will strengthen considerably.


God is speaking about Myanmar (Burma). While other nations have done little to see this nation come to freedom God wants to bring a cleansing and freedom to the people of that nation in 2013. The strength of the wicked will be broken. The ungodly systems will not be able to withstand the pressure being placed on them and they will succumb to it.



Terrorism is a major threat that will escalate in 2013 as there will be many bombing attacks. A major step up in security will become necessary, not just for American embassies, but also for a lot of other democratic nation’s embassies. Many nations will have to start re-assessing their safety and security protocol. When travelling, people should be wise and use godly discernment regarding their scheduled timing.

Human Trafficking

Women and children being traded as stock is an abomination before the Lord. This is a priority issue for the Lord and not a peripheral to the body of Christ. It is a central issue, and as such needs attention.

Human trafficking will increase from Thailand and especially the Bangkok area. Effective policing by the government of South Africa will result in ringleaders being captured. This will scare off other potential human traffickers. There will have to be a strong focus on fighting human trafficking by the police forces in South Africa.



Although we believe that the words from 2012 are all still applicable and active as we enter 2013 here some crucial words we felt to add to this word as it will have a great impact on 2013.


A vision of a three lane highway becoming a two way highway, one lane forked off from the main highway was seen. We believe it represents the current Government coalition. The current government coalition ANC, SACP and COSATU, will come under increasing stress ultimately there will be a breaking away from one of these parties from the current coalition which will create a lot of pressure.

There is going to be turmoil in the next election. Discouragement will be among the people; every time they choose a leader they try to remedy the situation. There is going to be a lot of movement and turmoil in politics, and much will change for the people in SA. It will seem that people are disciplined but they just later re-appear in a different function, they are just being shuffled around. There will be a lot of shuffling but it will have no extreme effect. We need to pray specifically for the level of corruption that God wants to expose so that people are able to make decisions.

People are making wrong decisions because they are not effectively informed, and we should specifically pray that the Lord will bring the works of darkness to light, within the current political system. That is the heart of the Father to expose the works of Satan to make it powerless.

Key Leaders from the Church:

God is raising up governmental leaders in the church of Jesus Christ. He is raising up people that will speak into governmental structures and they will bring leadership. The Lord is setting up SA for a very specific phase which will accommodate and facilitate a harvest of a lot of souls. The unrighteousness of the past apartheid system could not facilitate God’s Glory, and so the Lord had to first bring freedom and we are now in that process where it is coming into balance, then we will see God’s Glory.

A Vision was seen of people standing in the parliament buildings and praying, they were not ministers but others interceding in the facility, and God has seen the prayer of His people, and His light is coming into the parliament buildings as they gather and that is because of the people praying. God sees the nation and He sees the disarray and He brings His leadership in and so we will see a lot of key leaders in the nation coming from the church, a lot of men and women coming from the church background.

Safety and Security

We will need to be wise and continue to be vigilant. People still need to be vigilant in the year 2012. Make sure that you have good security systems; God is going to give people really good ideas on how to secure their places. So you cannot, you cannot go and say oh the Lord will protect me and God gives you a very functional way of putting an electric fence around your house and you are not obedient to that because God is going to protect you. He is trying to protect you but in a very practical way, so we need to really hear in terms of that.

Pray for our Children:

In this next year the Lord is specifically warning the church to pray and take care of her children. There is an onslaught of the enemy on the generation coming up. Parents watch and pray for your children, are very vigilant and watch over them. Violence against children will be a strategy of Satan to destroy young lives and families.


Housing will become a major issue in the next year as the Government did not deliver on their promises. There will be an escalation of violence surrounding the housing issue that will step into a whole new level next year. Next year the housing problem in SA will become a major crisis. It will become a headache for the government that they will have to address with serious consequences.



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