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Rick Joyner- God’s Time for South Africa

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We have been so priveledged to gather together and hear God’s purpose for nation with Rick Joyner! The last few days have been tremendous!! God is so faithful. He does see and hear the call and prayer of His people!

The Lord spoke over South Africa specifically concerning South Africa’s roleip in the world and specifically Africa.

Will post a more detailed post on the prophetic words later!



  1. mike koyd says:

    Hello Andries-where is your report re Rick Joyner prophecy re South Africa URGENT PLEASE-we need the GOOD NEWS!!

  2. Juan says:

    Very excited to hear what was said about South Africa.Believe it must be a mighty positive word for us Amen God bless

  3. Fabulous, what a blog it is! This webpage gives valuable facts to us,
    keep it up.

    • says:

      Dear Andries

      The senior prophets in USA, Rick Joyner,Terry Bennett and Australian Neville Johnson and Indian Sahdu Selvaraj are prophesying WAR coming to America- first a civil war AND then an invasion of America.

      I quite AGREE.

      In April 2001 at noon on Sunday 22nd April God visited me and gave me audibly that same word to give to USA ministers in visiting PE…….I was refusing totally and utterly saying “impossible” and “I can’t” “it is not possible-I will look like a fool” to his audible voice. He said they would have to flee their country with their children and grandchildren… Port Elizabeth SA.

      I eventually delivered the word of God that same night!

      9/11 was the start of WAR coming to America…in Sept that same year…2001


      In 2010 I had a dream in which ex President Mbeki asked me over public loudspeakers to come to him.

      We turned the car around got to where he was……they took me into a room…..He and his wife were very smartly dressed SITTING on the FLOOR WITH THEIR BACKS AGAINST THE WALL!

      I knelt down near his feet and these words came out..”Mr Mbeki THEY removed you as President, THEY are removing the ANC!”

      I got such a SHOCK what I heard myself proclaiming to him.


      The Lord said the ANC was no longer able to stand and had their backs to the wall…….

      Julius Malema in 2013(3 years after my dream) said he and the ANC youth league had Mbeki removed as President.

      One year later(2012) I had another dream-Minister Tokyo Sexwale was talking to me in PE-I told him something that GALVANIZED him into action…..he asked me to fly IMMEDIATELY to Durban to meet with Pravin Gordhan..

      We flew.

      As I approached him I said boldly (Just like I spoke to ex President Mbeki) ” Mr Gordhan-if the ANC does not change and change QUICKLY- WAR(civil) is coming to this nation!!”

      He clutched his heart with his hand and exclaimed in great anguish and sorrow”Oh noooo!”

      The next day he gave his first budget speech in Parliament on TV!

      I believe this country needs to WAKE UP……..satan has a plan to mess up this country economically- its working- the anc is slipping…….politically the left is gaining the high ground and the far left growing in its reach.

      Tony Leon wrote a article in the Business Day 10 days ago lamenting the DA in Parliament and their lack of zeal and direction……!!!

      Christians abhor war……but FIGHT we MIGHT have to…….to stand up for what is right…..We are a lazy,indifferent, racist,prideful and arrogant church in SA with a weak spiritual veneer……generally speaking…

      We need to draw the line…….we stand at the cross roads……JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS or compromise and cowardice……..

      Can the governmental-insight prophets please stand up……..?

      What did Rick Joyner say about SA In 2004 on his first visit he said 3 things!!!!!

      1. Psalm 23 in the scripture for SA

      2. From the President down the WHOLE NATION will follow Jesus

      3.God is VERY UNHAPPY with the Church in SA and He is coming to change it…..

      Again I ask what did Rick Joyner say about SA this time around?


      Mike Koyd Port Elizabeth
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  4. Brutus Sibusiso Cele says:

    Amen Prophets of God. I am Brutus Sibusiso Cele from Durban,South Africa. I wish you to send me my personal prophecy about anything concerning me.

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