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Come near to God- Preparing for 2012!

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During this special season and time of year it is so easy to be drawn away from what is really important. The whole focus on  everything but Christ is exactly the plan of satan to occupy many believers with everything but what is truly important- getting to the Lord!

Jam. 4:8a:” Come near to God and He will come near to you.” NIV

Drawing near to God is the most basic and greatest step any person and especially child of God can take. By far the first and primary area of preparation for every child of God is intensely relating to God in the Spirit. Of course, this should have always been our priority.

As we step into 2012 we must realize that all other preparations will be of little or no value if we are not truly seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness FIRST in our lives. Intimately relating to God in the Spirit and becoming one with Him will release the authority of heaven within us to supernaturally accomplish the will and plan of God. When our focus is to be close to Him, we will receive clear direction from God. This direction will come through praying in the Spirit and hearing in our spirit, it will enable us to walk through turbulent times without fear.

Through the life of God in us, we shall overcome the enemy by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony. Whether we live a long life or a short time in this body, we are the Lord’s and will never be apart from Him. Our great desire is to fully serve Him and to accomplish all He has given us to be and to do in this life.

Secondly we Must realize that we are very important to one another and closely knit together in Him as each joint supplies its part. This will be more acutely seen and experienced in the seasons of devastation ahead for this world and the glorious season of experiencing the deepest river of His love filling us with His life and flowing the glory of the kingdom to one another. The glorious kingdom lifestyle is at the door.

Get Ready!




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