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CBS NEWS:  Its estimated 29,000 children under the age of five have died in the famine already.

Here, mothers or grandmothers lie all day with children who have wasted to the minimum that life requires. The sickest child was Hammad. He’s six months old. His mother, Abdia Ali, told us there is no hope for him but God.

Hawa Hassan fled the famine and walked 21 days in the desert with 11 children – five of her own and six others. She told us her girl is getting better. Her name is Faiza – which means “victory.”


On the 21st of July last year I had a very specific vision of an African boy about six years old standing in front of me begging for food. He was suffering from severe malnutrition, had a bloated belly and his face was downcast with big brown eyes and a look of desperation in them.

I felt that the Holy Spirit is calling us to pray for the suffering children on the African continent, specificaly Ethiopia, Niger, Somalia and Chad.

Please Continue To Pray for:

  • Food for the Children
  • The Gospel to reach these people
  • a Good rain season so that there will be a good harvest

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