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Recently as we Intercede for the Nations the Holy Spirit warned that there will be increased terror attacks coming around the wordl inn this next part of 2011. The Specific Warning was for Europe and more especially Germany. I felt that much prayer is needee in this regard as satan’s strategy is the deaths of many people. In a specific vision I saw a ferry on what seemd like a river or  large lake explode with many casualties.

I feel that not just the airports and trainstations are under threat but busy intersections, shops and even holiday destinations are targets.

Please pray for:

  • The Threat to be exposed and police catch th purpetrators bfore any attack realises.
  • The lives of those under threat. Godly protection and salvation.
  • All the strategies and plans of those planning these crimes be exposed and their lives be saved as well.  


  1. theseer1959 says:

    In prayer..

  2. Reblogged this on God is talking and commented:

    CNN) — Six men have pleaded guilty to planning a terror attack against a right-wing group’s rally in the United Kingdom last year — a plan police say failed because the would-be attackers arrived after the event ended — authorities said Tuesday.

    The men, all from the West Midlands in England and in their 20s, planned to attack an English Defence League rally in Dewsbury with guns, knives and an explosive made from fireworks packed with nails and ball bearings, West Midlands police said.

    The six — Omar Khan, Zohaib Ahmed, Mohammed Hasseen, Mohammed Saud, Anzal Hussain and Jewel Uddin — pleaded guilty this month to preparing for terrorism.

    Police said five of the men traveled with the weapons to a rally of the EDL — known for criticizing Islamic extremism — in late June. But by the time they arrived, the rally had dispersed, police said.

    A police officer later stopped one of their two vehicles, concerned that it was in poor condition, and seized it because it appeared to have no insurance. A subsequent search of the vehicle revealed two shotguns, kitchen knives, machetes and an explosive device with shrapnel, police said.

    Also in the vehicle was a note addressed to the “enemies of Islam,” Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister David Cameron, police said.

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