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Flooding on the East Coast of the US-New England and Germany

God Said 2017

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I saw a vision in which the eastern coast of the United States was under water. As I prayed about it I heard the Holy Spirit say that the whole New England area is under threat of severe flooding causing much damage. It was a very strong warning and I please ask all of you to pray with us.

In a seperate vision I saw cities which looked like Europe specifically Germany. The cities looked a lot like some cities I have been in the southern part of Bavaria called Passau and Munich and even some others in my wife’s home province of Thuringen like the city of Jenna. The major cause seemed to be large amounts of rain, water were running through the streets and houses were under water because of it. Different from the eastern coast of America where  I felt that there will be severe snow this winter causing flooding as it melts but the flooding in Germany was due to heavy rains please pray!

Pray For:

  • God’s Protection for the people living there; their lives and proper
  • This natural disaster to be averted.
  • The US for wisdom in dealing with  the large amounts of snow.
  • Germany for God’s protection and help with the large amounts of rain.

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