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A Word Over Farmers in Limpopo Province

God Said 2017

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The Lord says :’

“My hand is upon the province of Limpopo. I am prospering the lands and farms in this province and those who work it shall be astounded by it’s produce. Though it might be the poorest province in South Africa but I will lift it up says the Lord. I will greatlly bless those who honor Me, and they will be blessed. I am releasing My angels to protect those working the lands, and many shall testify of My protection and Blessing. Satan has ravaged much in this province and witchcraft has deceived many but My light will bring many to righteousness and they will see My hand over those that follow Me and will come with them to the light of My love”

In a vision the Lord showed a Sugar Cane farm, this was confirmed when in our intercession group as we were praying another vision of a newly planted sugar cane farm was seen. We clearly felt the Lord says  there will be producers of sugar cane starting in this province that will bring  great blessing to many.   The 2010/2011 season will be a season as has not yet been seen or experienced for thse farming the land, for the Lord says get ready to plant for I will bless your harvest!

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