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Urgent Prayer Needed- The Children Of Africa

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I posted yesterday a call from the Holy Spirit for specific prayer for the children. I read this morning an article on this subject that I would like to post to you. Please Intercede for the children of Africa, Pray for rain so that there can be a harvest!

CNN-“The drought in Niger is an unfolding catastrophe for millions of people and we are struggling against time to scale up quickly enough to reach the escalating number of hungry,” said Josette Sheeran, executive director for the U.N. agency.

Sheeran traveled to Niger to see the crisis for herself and saw a landlocked, drought-prone nation where hunger has been growing steadily since the last harvest in September 2009.

Earlier this month, 10 leading international aid agencies had called for a surge in the humanitarian response to the hunger crisis across the Sahel region of west and central Africa — 2 million more people are threatened in Chad and thousands others in Mali, Mauritania, parts of Burkina Faso and northern Nigeria.”

Please read te article and let us pray for the little ones.


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