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Please Continue To Pray for India

God Said 2017

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On the 12th of April the Lord gave specific warnings concerning India(Click on 12 April on calender). Some of which has happened and others not. I sensed an urgency from the Holy Spirit over this nation and felt that many more natural disasters and man made tradgedies-specifically a bus exploding killing some which in the vision looked like central India. Some of these natural “disasters” will almost seem supernatural as satan plans to kill, steal and destroy these people.

I also saw another storm hit the northern side of India causing damage and loss of life.

I saw a seperate vision of severe flooding in eastern India killing hundreds-this was a specific vision and I sensed a strong urgency. I believe in this will happen very shortly unless the children of God pray. 

In a Third vision I saw a Airplane crash in the southern part of India. Similar to the Polish crash it was close to land and then fell on the ther side of the runway into a valley. It was a horriffic accident.

Please continue to pray for:

  • The salvation of the Nation of India, that they will turn to Christ and be saved
  • The people who are in danger for protection
  • The lives of people to be spared.

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